Unmapped Country

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I love Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, and Unmapped Country was the first what if story I’ve read about it.

I bought my kindle just so that could read this book (only available on kindle at the time) and I do not regret it.

Unmapped Country creates an what if story starting with Margaret moving back to Milton after making her business proposition to Mr. Thornthon. The storyline is plausible and interesting, the characters are faithful to the ones Gaskell created and the author didn’t need to use sexual scenes to keep the love story appealing and to show the intensity of the feelings the characters had for one another. I believe Miss Gaskell would be proud of this book.

I’ve read this book twice and the first time I read it I felt everything about it was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.
The second time I read it, I felt a bit disappointed as I could not feel the same intensity I felt the first time, but it might have happen because it was no longer new to me and I had read some other fan fiction books of North and South by that time.

I still hope the author writes more of these books! I can not get enough of John and Margareth.


Unmapped Country is available at:

Amazon.com Unmapped Country

Amazon.co.uk – Unmapped Country: the story of North & South continues

Amazon.fr – Unmapped Country: the story of North & South continues (English Edition)

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