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Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife

mr darcy takes a wife1 star

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife was the first JAFF book I’ve read. The title caught my attention at amazon and that was the moment I discovered the wonderful world of fan fiction.

My life would forever be altered! I discovered a whole new world full of fascinating books that would give me so much joy throughout the years, I met amazing people who like these books just as much as I do, and I created this blog that keeps me busy most of the days, but also fills me with happiness and fulfilment. It gives me the opportunity to get in contact with others who like me are obsessed with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Thornton, and for that I’m incredibly grateful.


That is how much I owe to Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. Unfortunately, I cannot say I liked this book and I’m glad I did not give up on JAFF after reading it. I have now come to understand that this is a very controversial book. I think there are those who love it and those who truly dislike it.


This book was not at all what I was expecting, especially as it was the first JAFF book I was reading, but now that I’ve read much more, I believe that there are those who might actually enjoy this book.

I explained in my first post that I’m not very fond of sequels or books that are not “clean”, meaning that I don’t enjoy books with many intimate scenes. Well, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife is a sequel in which the first 30 or 40 pages are sex scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Considering the type of Jane Austen Fan Fiction I prefer, it was obvious I would not enjoy this one very much.


I could not relate to the characters or the period (the plot and scenes seemed more appropriate to the 21st century) and I didn’t feel these were my Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, so I did not enjoy the book. However I know some people like this book, so if the sex scenes are not something readers dislike, they might have a different opinion than me.


Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife is available at: – Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife – Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues (Pride & Prejudice Continues) – Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues

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The Trouble with Horses

the trouble with horses4 stars

I don’t usually buy Novelas, even if the premise is interesting, I always prefer to read longer books than a short story. But I had just finished Compromised by J. Dawn King, and the excerpt of The Trouble with Horses was in the end of the book, so I gave it a try.

Truth is, I really loved the excerpt and the premise! And once more I was proven wrong when it comes to “rejecting” something in JAFF! I should know by now that even if there are genres I prefer, I should not exclude anything in JAFF! The Trouble with Horses proved me I cannot deny novellas, as I may end up loving them as much as I love a longer book.

The novella starts with Elizabeth finding a lost horse that leads her to an injured Mr. Darcy in the middle of the forest and surrounded with snakes. Obviously, our heroine will scare off the snakes and get help for the unknown gentleman who is then taken to Longbourn for recovery.

You may imagine how the stories goes from here 🙂

Mary’s character was a surprise in this book. I liked how the author was able to give more importance to this character by making her the love interest of another much loved hero :).

Mary is one of those characters I always like to see developed. I think that Austen’s character was not meant to be very interesting, but I also feel there is a lot of potential in her to be developed in JAFF.

There was a detail I particularly liked in this story, and I know the Portuguese readers will like it as much as I did  🙂 The author quoted a part Sir Walter Scott’s The Vision of Don Roderick that mentions Portugal. A small detail, I know, but it always makes me smile.

I also liked the scenarios and how the story evolved. I was just sorry that this book was indeed very short and could be read in a couple of hours. I think it has all the potential to be a great longer book, and I wish the author will consider developing this book in the future by adding more scenes to it. I would enjoy reading more scenes of Elizabeth taking care of Darcy after the accident, more interactions between them in Hertfordshire, and much more story in London. I think the story is very well put together, but by extending it, the author would make it even better.

If you like short stories or novelas, I think you will love this book!

The Trouble with Horses is Available at: – The Trouble with Horses  –The Trouble With Horses: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella – The Trouble With Horses: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella



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The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet and Rui Pedro’s Birthday

image1 (3)

It’s my husband’s birthday today and that was my inspiration to write this post. It’s not a review, but it was due to his birthday that I discovered an intriguing JAFF book, so I decided to write and share with you, the story of how I discovered this book.

I had thought about the perfect present for him and knew I could only buy it downtown. But going to downtown on a Friday afternoon sounded a total nightmare! The traffic would be crazy and I could forget about parking anywhere near the shops I had to go, so even though I drive everywhere since I got my driver’s licence 2 years ago, this time I decided to take the subway.

It had been a long time since I had taken the subway, and I had forgotten about the book shops they temporarily place over there. Just like old days, while descending the stairs to the subway, I couldn’t resist so many books asking me to read their stories so I entered the shop and started looking around.

I saw some of Colleen McCullough’s books and remembered I had really liked The Thorn Birds and Tim, so I decided to look closely to see if any of the books for sale would be a good birthday present to my friend Natacha. I like to offer her books with strong, independent female characters, so the one called A Independência de uma Mulher caught my attention. The book was translated to Portuguese and if we make a literal translation of the title it means The Independence of a Woman, however, the original title is actually The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet!!

This book is a sequel of Pride and Prejudice that starts 20 years after Elizabeth’s marriage to Mr. Darcy and tells us the story of Mary, who becomes the heroine in this book.

I’m not sure if you knew Colleen McCullough wrote JAFF, but I didn’t! I never expected the author of The Thorn Birds to also write JAFF so that was a very pleasant surprise! Apart from that, the book is translated to Portuguese, so I’ll get a chance to read a JAFF book in Portuguese! That is so rare I had to buy the book for myself! I think I’ll have to apologise to Natacha for that 🙂 And I’ll have to thank my husband! If it wasn’t his birthday I would never have discovered this book.

Now that I have probably bored you with the story of my discovery of The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet, I’ll just take this opportunity to ask you to join me in wishing my very own Mr. Darcy a happy birthday! He doesn’t own an Estate in Derbyshire, but he owns my heart!


Happy Birthday Rui Pedro!!!

C.B-1-08-12-F 600


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Earning Darcy’s Trust

earning darcy's trust4 stars

Jennifer Joy’s writing is so good that it gets me glued to her books for hours!

While I’m captivated by the premise in some books, in Jennifer’s I have to say that it is the way she develops her stories and her characters that keeps me wanting to read more and more. I’m not saying that the premises are not good in her books, by the contrary, they are quite interesting, but her writing is definitely her strongest characteristic for me. The way she writes increases the quality of her books exponentially. Earning Darcy’s Trust is the second book I read from this author, and for the second time, I go to bed after reading it wanting to write about it. That is something that does not happen with every book I read, and it has to be the merit of the author.

In this book Darcy decides to take Georgiana to Netherfield with him, and her presence will change everything! The storyline will be quite similar to the one Austen created, but Georgiana’s presence along with another new character and all the story that is behind him, will change the Darcy/Elizabeth relationship.

I liked the new Darcy/Elizabeth scenes the author created and their dialogues. Their discussions were very good, and the way they profess their love in the end of book really touched my heart. I think it is because I really identify myself with the way Jennifer Joy expressed Darcy and Elizabeth’s feelings and inner thoughts.

I particularly liked reading Elizabeth say “I am as much yours as you are mine” and Darcy confessing “she is my complement. Where I am week, she is strong”. For me these sentences are very strong and transpire a love that is transcendent. They correspond to what I believe Darcy and Elizabeth’s love is all about.

I also loved the way Jennifer gave some importance to Mr. Hurst and how she changed his character. Or should I say, how she showed us how he can be when not sleeping or inebriated?

I really liked seeing him take some action and actually speak. This is something I never saw in a JAFF book before, so it really stood out and got my attention.

The way Georgiana’s attitude evolved during the book was very interesting as well. I liked to see how Elizabeth’s influence helped her grow. We always see Mr. Darcy saying that Elizabeth’s presence will help Georgiana, but in this book we actually see it happen.

The only thing I didn’t like as much in this book is the reaction Mr. Darcy has when the true killer of his father is revealed. I would imagine him angrier, not being able to think of anything else. I would also prefer to have Darcy talk with Elizabeth about his feelings in a more private situation, but I understand the scene itself was meant to create some humour.

Overall, I really liked this Earning Darcy’s Trust, and because Jennifer’s writing was one of the things that made me like the book so much, I will leave you with 2 of my favourite sentences in this book:

“She loved a good challenge. Perhaps that was what drew her to Fitzwilliam Darcy at first. There was nothing simple about him”.

“They would fight. They would love. But most of all, they would live”.

Earning Darcy’s Trust is available at: – Earning Darcy’s Trust – Earning Darcy’s Trust: A Pride & Prejudice Variation – Earning Darcy’s Trust: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

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So much to read…

image1 (1)

My friend Natacha got back from London with a late birthday present for me, and guess what? It is a Jane Austen fan fiction book! It’s a retelling, so not something I read every day, but I’m really looking forward to reading it!

The book is Longbourn by Jo Baker, a Pride and Prejudice retelling from the point of view of the servants. I’m expecting it to be a Downton Abbey meets Pride & Prejudice book and I hope I’m able to review it shortly.

What is curious is that during these last weeks I have been notified of a lot of new interesting releases from some of my must read authors! It is funny, because at times, I would spend hours in Amazon trying to find something I really wanted to read. In many occasions I even bought something I knew I wouldn’t probably like just because there was nothing new I really wanted to read at that time.

But now, I don’t even know how I will have the time to read so many good things that are coming out!!!

I will be reading them in the near future, I hope, but if you are looking for something to read, and you don’t want to wait for my reviews, check out the new releases I would recommend based on the authors previous books:


An Unlikely Friendship – Jann Rowland, released on July 21st

Yours Forevermore, Darcy – Karalynne Mackrory, released on September 1st

Earning Darcy’s Trust – Jennifer Joy, released on September 10th

The Unthinkable Triangle – Joana Starnes, will be released on September 23rd


Happy reading everyone!!!


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Vencedores do giveaway 45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy

Olá a todos,

No mês passado a escritora Moira Bianchi lançou o livro 45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy. Claro está, eu não resisti a ler o primeiro livro JAFF escrito em português do qual tive conhecimento e a fazer a crítica literária.

Ia já a meio do livro quando decidi convidar a escritora a passar em From Pemberley to Milton para uma entrevista onde nos pudesse falar um pouco mais sobre este seu livro e os seus projectos futuros. A Moira não só aceitou de imediato ser entrevistada, como ainda sugeriu participar no meu giveaway ao oferecer a um leitor o seu pack de 45 Dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy.

Desde já o meu muito obrigada pela atenção e simpatia Moira!!! Foi um prazer recebê-la em From Pemberley to Milton!

E o meu muito obrigada a todos os que passaram pelo blog e participaram neste giveaway!

Sem mais suspense, os vencedores do sorteio são:


José – Ebook

Diana – Pack 45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy


Peço aos vencedores que me enviem um e-mail para ritaluzdeodato arroba gmail ponto com, com os vossos contactos para que possamos entregar os vossos presentes!

Se não obtive feedback nos próximos 5 dias, terei de selecionar outros vencedores.

Mais uma vez, obrigada a todos!


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John & Margaret – Coming Home with me

coming home with me2.5 stars

This book is a continuation of BBC’s adaption of North & South, not Elizabeth Gaskell’s book, this means that it starts right were the series left of: at the train station. 

I personally love BBC’s adaptation, and I adore the train station scene. As any North and South fan, I always wanted more! I wanted to know what happened during the train trip to Milton. 

This book gave me that! 

I loved reading the first pages as I was finally reading Margaret and John professing their love to each other and confessing everything that was in their souls. It was beautiful! However, after some pages it becomes too much and a bit boring. After a certain point I started to feel that there was no interesting plot, just characters continuously speaking of their feelings. 

But the book does come around and some twists are created. Mrs. Thornton becomes quite a villain making Margaret’s live a living hell, and we discover (spoiler alert) that she is the one who killed John’s father. Some readers might not like these twists but I did.

The book is not one of my favourites due to several aspects on the plot, character development and writting and I can not say it gave true pleasuse to read it all the time, but some parts were appealing, and the first pages are really good.


Coming Home With Me is available at: – Coming Home With Me – John & Margaret – Coming Home With Me: A Continuation of North & South – John & Margaret – Coming Home With Me: A Continuation of North & South (English Edition)

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Mr. Darcy to the rescue

Mr_ Darcy to the Rescue3.5 stars

I had recently written that I would really like to read a book where Mr. Darcy knew of Mr. Collins proposal. I always thought it would be interesting to read about his reaction to this news. But in my mind I always thought about Mr. Darcy discovering Collins had proposed, rushing to Longbourn to try ascertain the situation and discovering that Elizabeth had refused Mr. Collins.

Visctoria Kincaid took this to a whole different level! What if Elizabeth was about to refuse Mr. Collins when she discovered her father was very ill and could die in the next months? What if this new information made her accept Mr. Collins to secure stability to her family? And what if Mr. Darcy discovered she was engaged to Mr. Collins after the fact?

This premise was even better than what I had imagined. I loved it! Mr. Darcy realizes he cannot live without Elizabeth and he cannot bear to see her married to someone else, especially Mr. Collins, so he comes to the rescue!

Mr. Darcy travels to Longbourn in the hopes of ending Elizabeth’s engagement to Mr. Collins and gaining her affection, but of course, things are never this simple and we end up visiting Kent, Derbyshire and London as well. One of the things I loved in this book is that we visit all these places in the company of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

We are constantly reading about their interactions, of course there are other characters, but Elizabeth and Darcy are present in most of the book, and this is something I really enjoy. After reading so many JAFF books I confess I’m more and more interested in Elizabeth and Darcy’s interactions than the rescue of Lydia, for example. Even though I did like Lydia’s rescue in this book. I will not give any details as I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is very funny.

The journey is lighthearted, fresh and funny. I adored reading the book from the perspective of both characters, and I loved reading their thoughts in the middle of the conversations. It made me feel closer to them, and it made the book funnier.

The Darcy in this book is romantic, decided, but with his natural flaws which just makes him perfect. Elizabeth is true to herself and we see her fall in love with Darcy in a charming way.

This is the 3rd book I’ve read from Victoria Kincaid, and once again she wrote a book that is never boring and that keeps urging us to read it without stopping. I was just sad it was so short. I would like to have read much more, for example, more Darcy scenes by himself at Netherfield, more interactions at Rosings between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine, but also between Lizzy and Darcy, more Elizabeth’s confidences to Jane in Pemberley, etc.

I consider this book quite different from the other 2 I have read from Victoria Kincaid (and that I loved!) which proves to me she is really a creative writer. She can write different types of books and provide us pleasurable moments each time. The only reason I didn’t rate this book higher is because of the length, but definitely a good book to read.


Mr. Darcy to the Rescue is available at : – Mr. Darcy to the Rescue – Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation – Mr. Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (English Edition)


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Sketching Mr. Darcy

sketching mr darcy4 stars

I had wondered why I never read a book where Mr. Darcy would find out about Elizabeth’s refusal of Mr. Collins’ offer right after it occurred. It was always something I thought I would enjoy reading about.

Lory Lilian finally made it real! It wasn’t what I expected or imagined because the consequences of such information were practically inexistent, but still, this was an excellent beginning and kept me interested in the book.

What if Mr. Darcy encountered Lizzie on the day of his departure from Netherfield and she was freezing and completely wet from falling into a pond? He would obviously help her, and assist her to get home, but what if rumours were to start from there? Mr. Darcy would be bound by honour to make Elizabeth an offer of marriage, and taking into consideration the rumours…she would have to accept.

This is how Sketching Mr. Darcy starts, and in my opinion it is a very good idea. I liked the premise and I loved the fact that Mr. Darcy did not change after being engaged to Elizabeth. He continue to be himself, but as she got to know him better, she got to understand him. At first, I did not enjoy having Darcy proposing to Elizabeth without admitting to anyone, not even himself that he was in love with her. I believed this would take away the intensity of the book. But it didn’t, by the contrary, it was essential to create an atmosphere of true understanding, respect and love between both characters.
Instead of having Darcy loving Elizabeth and trying to make her love him, we see Darcy also falling in love with Elizabeth. We see him finding many aspects to love in Elizabeth and not just her wit and playfulness. This was something I really loved. Lory Lilian was able to create a very solid story with a profound character development. For example, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy do argue at times, but their arguments are actually based on relevant aspects. Unlike many books where the argument is not valid, credible or important, but just based on some childish stubbornness by one or the other, in this book we see arguments with a valid foundation.

Also, even though some readers might find the book a little too slow paced, there was always something to look forward to in it. When the author answered what we wanted to read, she immediately created another situation that we wanted to see unfolded. The entire book was well structured. And the characters were perfect. This Darcy was perfect and Elizabeth as well. I found her struggle between behaving as Elizabeth Bennett would have or as Elizabeth Darcy should quite interesting. The new characters were a plus as well, Annabelle Stratford was a good addition to create some jealousy, but also to demonstrate the strength of their love and the impressive way how Elizabeth could handle situations.

I did love the book. Lory Lillian was always one author that kept appearing on my must read list, but for some reason, I never read anything from her until this month. I wish I had done it before, as she is definitely one author worth Reading!

Sketching Mr. Darcy is available at:  Sketching Mr. Darcy – Sketching Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice alternative journey – Sketching Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice alternative journey

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