John & Margaret – Coming Home with me

coming home with me2.5 stars

This book is a continuation of BBC’s adaption of North & South, not Elizabeth Gaskell’s book, this means that it starts right were the series left of: at the train station. 

I personally love BBC’s adaptation, and I adore the train station scene. As any North and South fan, I always wanted more! I wanted to know what happened during the train trip to Milton. 

This book gave me that! 

I loved reading the first pages as I was finally reading Margaret and John professing their love to each other and confessing everything that was in their souls. It was beautiful! However, after some pages it becomes too much and a bit boring. After a certain point I started to feel that there was no interesting plot, just characters continuously speaking of their feelings. 

But the book does come around and some twists are created. Mrs. Thornton becomes quite a villain making Margaret’s live a living hell, and we discover (spoiler alert) that she is the one who killed John’s father. Some readers might not like these twists but I did.

The book is not one of my favourites due to several aspects on the plot, character development and writting and I can not say it gave true pleasuse to read it all the time, but some parts were appealing, and the first pages are really good.


Coming Home With Me is available at: – Coming Home With Me – John & Margaret – Coming Home With Me: A Continuation of North & South – John & Margaret – Coming Home With Me: A Continuation of North & South (English Edition)

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