So much to read…

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My friend Natacha got back from London with a late birthday present for me, and guess what? It is a Jane Austen fan fiction book! It’s a retelling, so not something I read every day, but I’m really looking forward to reading it!

The book is Longbourn by Jo Baker, a Pride and Prejudice retelling from the point of view of the servants. I’m expecting it to be a Downton Abbey meets Pride & Prejudice book and I hope I’m able to review it shortly.

What is curious is that during these last weeks I have been notified of a lot of new interesting releases from some of my must read authors! It is funny, because at times, I would spend hours in Amazon trying to find something I really wanted to read. In many occasions I even bought something I knew I wouldn’t probably like just because there was nothing new I really wanted to read at that time.

But now, I don’t even know how I will have the time to read so many good things that are coming out!!!

I will be reading them in the near future, I hope, but if you are looking for something to read, and you don’t want to wait for my reviews, check out the new releases I would recommend based on the authors previous books:


An Unlikely Friendship – Jann Rowland, released on July 21st

Yours Forevermore, Darcy – Karalynne Mackrory, released on September 1st

Earning Darcy’s Trust – Jennifer Joy, released on September 10th

The Unthinkable Triangle – Joana Starnes, will be released on September 23rd


Happy reading everyone!!!


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3 responses to “So much to read…

  1. Best wishes getting through your to-read pile! It’s an endless project, isn’t it? Too many great stories; too little time. What an honor to be on your reading list, surrounded by such talented authors!


  2. It is quite a challenge Jennifer! I keep wanting to read other types of literature as well, but with so many good JAFF books coming out, it’s becoming impossible to get the time for everything.
    I already finished your book, and you too are a talented author! Congratulations! And thanks for stoping by 🙂 It is really nice from you 🙂


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