Darcy’s Voyage

darcys voyage5 stars

Darcy’s Voyage was one of the first and best Pride and Prejudice Variations I’ve read. In fact, I think it was the very first variation I bought when I discovered JAFF literature.


The books’ plot is very different from anything I’ve ever seen in P&P variations. Elizabeth Bennet embarks on a ship that will take her across the ocean from the United Kingdom to America.

I’m about to go on an adventure myself as I will be flying from the UK to USA tomorrow. Thankfully I’ll be flying, so I won’t have to be confined in a ship for a couple of months as she did, and I’m traveling with my husband, so I will not be meeting Mr. Darcy on my voyage either, but the coincidence made me want to go back on my memory lane, retrieve my review of the book, and share it with everyone.


As I said, our beloved characters will be travelling to America on the same ship and their paths will obviously cross. With such a long trip ahead and nowhere to go, you can imagine that this book has a great deal of Darcy and Elizabeth scenes. I was delighted by this! The book is a bit long, but not a bit dull with all the interactions between them.


The characters are so true to themselves, their actions, temperaments, thoughts and words are so familiar to the ones Jane Austen described that we have no doubt we are reading a Pride and Prejudice fan fiction book. But despite this, to fully understand and love this book, the reader doesn’t need to have read Pride and Prejudice, which is also something very interesting. The book stands out for itself, everything is very well written and described, the attention to details is astonishing and once again, Mrs. Louise did what in my opinion she does best. She created an unbelievably different scenario and developed a story than can be as loving and passionate as Pride and Prejudice itself.

I remember I couldn’t stop reading this book, always wanting more and more. I highly recommend it!


Darcy’s Voyage is available at:

Amazon.com – Darcy’s Voyage

Amazon.co.uk – Darcy’s Voyage: A tale of uncharted love on the open seas

Amazon.fr – Darcy’s Voyage: A Tale of Uncharted Love on the Open Seas


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