Getting inspired across the ocean

If you read my latest review, Mr. Darcy’s Voyage, you know that last week I embarked on an adventure I’ve planning and expecting to do for a long time. I’m doing a road trip through the west coast of the USA, and even though that means a lot of fun, it also means reduced Internet and no computer. As a consequence, I’m not able to post as much as I would like. I hope you will forgive me for being absent for a couple of weeks.

However, this trip has not taken away my passion for JAFF nor has it reduced my will to write about it, and even though I will not be able to post anything in the upcoming week, I believe Jane Austen has followed me across the ocean to inspire me to read and write.

In Oakland I stayed at a Victorian house with the most astonishing bedroom I could imagine! Don’t you think this is an inspiration to read?



And in San Francisco everything appealed to my reading habits 🙂



But the biggest surprise and inspiration I got so far happened in Carmel by the sea.

I was walking in the streets of the small town when my husband told me I would love a store he had spotted. Imagine my surprise when I looked on the direction he pointed, to discovered a cozy little store called Jane Austen at home!



Of course I had to go inside and have a little chat with the owner. It turns out she loves the regency period and decided to open a store with lots of products related to it.

I loved it, and believe any Jane Austen fan would like it as well. If you ever go to this little town in the Californian coast, search for this shop, I’m sure you’ll like it and find lots of things where to spend some money 🙂 At least I did.image

This was the most surprising connection to Jane Austen I’ve encountered so far, but not the last.

In Los Angeles I found Mr. Darcy’s star, the one from the best Darcy there ever was of course. Sorry to disappoint those who prefer other actors, but for me Mr. Darcy will always be Colin Firth! He is always the one I imagine as I read any JAFF book.


And somewhere along the road I have even found my way back to Milton!


My trip isn’t over yet, and I hope I will continue to find these references to Jane Austen along the way.

But until I get back home, I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten you, and that I have prepared some surprises to compensate for this small absence.

From Pemberley to Milton will be receiving on the 22nd of October author Joana Starnes for a guest post on her recently released The Unthinkable Triangle, and I will post the review of the book on the 26th with a giveaway Mrs. Starnes was kind enough to offer.

I already read the book and truly LOVED it, so I would suggest not missing this opportunity to learn more about it from the author and get a chance to win a copy.

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