A different Paris

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Paris is my favorite city in the entire world!

I visited Paris in 2009, fell in love with it, and ever since, I try to go back as much as possible.

Luckily I am able to do it quite frequently due to the proximity to Portugal 🙂

In the beginning of the year I booked a trip scheduled to november because I wanted to see a concert that would occur in Paris. I was antecipating this trip, but then the attacks occured. I thought about cancelling the trip, but in the end decided to come anyway. Life goes on and we can not live based in fear.

I’ve assisted to the concert I came to see and travelled the streets as I usually do.

But something feels different, something is different. So I decided to make a different visit this time.

I decided to make a literary visit to Paris ! I tried to find as many connections to Jane Austen as possible and even though it wasn’t easy, I believe I have found some places that you might find curious.

In the 11th arrondissement I found Street Darcy ! How awsome is that ?



As you can see I look a bit crazy taking pictures at the street signs, and people passing by kept looking at me without understanding what I was doing, but I’m sure you will understand 🙂

Now, as much as I would like to tell you this street was named after Jane Austen’s character, I can not. In fact, this street was named after Patrice d’Arcy, a mathemetician and military man born in Ireland but naturalised french. In August 10th 1868 the street was named Darcy, but JAFF readers such as myself will always think of Fitzwilliam Darcy and not Patrice 😉




After walking in the cold for a while, look where I went to lunch :



Cafe Livres is one of my favourite restaurantes in the city, and I always try to go there when I’m visiting. This time was no exception as this was a mandatory stop for my literary trip 🙂

I feel so good in this place, isn’t it perfect?




Another place that I’ve visit in the past called my attention this visit, and that is Shakspeare and Co.




Have you ever been there? I searched the shop for some Jane Austen books and then had to try a British cup of tee in their new cafe :




After all these visits, Paris started to feel like my old Paris, and now that I only have a few more days here, I already want to come back.

Until then…I’ll just continue to re-read The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth from Victoria Kincaid.

If you’ve read it, this scenario might look familiar, if not, you might consider it, the book is really good 🙂



I’ll post the review shortly so you can know more 🙂

A bientôt chers lecteurs



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2 responses to “A different Paris

  1. Oh, I LOVED that book! So sweet, romantic and some of the best one liners!!


  2. Rui

    Gostei do post. Lá consegues encontrar sempre ligações a esse mundo ficcional! Incrível. Beijos.


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