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Thank you!!!

Ano novo 2015

That is me and my friends in last year’s New Year party.

I think I look happy, but in truth, the last few years had been particularly difficult for me with the passing away of very close family and friends, so when 2015 started I could only hope it would be better than the previous years.

Now that we are reaching its end, I can honestly say that it was incredibly better!

I’ve started the year with a promotion that made me Team Leader, which proved to be a true challenge, but also very rewarding; I finally made my dream trip to the West Coast of the USA; and created From Pemberley to Milton!

The creation of this blog was definitely one of the reasons why it was such a remarkable year!

From Pemberley to Milton allowed me to enter a community that in my opinion can be defined by 2 things incredibly important to me: respect for one another and love for literature, in particular JAFF, of course.

I got to know wonderful writers, bloggers and readers that have been nothing but welcoming and supportive. I came to know people who have welcomed me into this world, who encourage me to keep going, who motivate me and keep suggesting me amazing new books to read.

I’ve found a community where I can finally talk about one of my favorite subjects and be understood, where I can share my opinions, but also learn from other people’s opinions. A community that is willing to share, that has opened my eyes to other types of literature, and that keeps pushing me to try different things.

I do not believe I have the words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this wonderful world, so I can only say a simple thank you!

Thank you for all the love, opinions, and support each and every one of you has given me.

2015 was truly remarkable and I hope that, along with all of you, 2016 will be even better!

It will be a pleasure to continue reading and reviewing JAFF, welcoming authors and discuss all topics with all my readers. I hope you are willing to accompany me in this journey next year 🙂

Until then, a Happy New Year!


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Very Merry Mischief

91-9C4fcbiL4 stars

I was debating on what to read for this Christmas time, as I have not a habit of reading season stories, until I spotted “ Very Merry Mischief” in Amazon.

The length and premise sounded perfect, so I bought it and now I feel I have to recommend it to everyone.

What if an unexpected event prevented Mr. Darcy from returning to Hertfordshire after Bingley’s proposal to Jane Bennet? What if he never attended the Bingley’s wedding?

And what if Mr. Darcy never knew of Lady Catherine’s visit to Elizabeth and feared she would only accept him out of gratitude?

What if he never returned?

As Mr. Darcy never came back to Hertfordshire, Elizabeth believed he was too ashamed of Lydia’s behaviour and Wickham’s connection to make her another offer, With this in mind, she never attempted to contact or even encounter him either, and so it was they spent an entire year without seeing or hearing from each other.

On the following Christmas, the Bingley’s are invited to Pemberley and take with them the two “spinster” sisters residing with the family at Netherfield: Elizabeth Bennet and Caroline Bingley.

The first scene described in this novella is the trip the four of them make to Pemberley, and we get a glimpse of what it would be like to have Elizabeth and Caroline Bingley living together under the same circumstances: both unmarried, without any suiter or Mr. Darcy.

It was very funny to picture this. It made me wonder, and my imagination began to visualise their day to day interactions. Can you imagine how these two would tolerate one another? Can you imagine them spending day after day together in the same parlour? I can, and find it incredibly amusing!

When arriving at Pemberley, Elizabeth sees Anne de Bourgh and believes she is married to Mr. Darcy. This of course, leaves her in a miserable state, as she believes the only man she will ever love is completely lost to her.

But of course, that never happened, and this is where the true romance starts.

I liked their interactions and the way they can communicate with one another in a private way even when the room is full of people. I always like when they use references to books both read to transmit a certain thought they cannot publicly admit. It transmits a sense of connection and intimacy that I’m very fond of.

I also liked Miss Bingley’s attempts to show Mr. Darcy he could offer for her, even if her reaction to the ladies in the music room was a bit too much for me 🙂

Elizabeth Ann West has clearly made me grow a fondness for novellas that did not exist before. This one is another adorable short story, perfect for a Christmas time.

I’m sure everyone who celebrates Christmas is quite busy this time of the year, but this novella has exactly the right length to appeal to everyone in this season. It is amusing, diverting, romantic, well written and it will not take a reader more than 3 hours to read it.

It’s perfect for when you feel the need to sit back and relax a little after all the Christmas preparations.


A Very Merry Mischief is available at: – Very Merry Mischief – Very Merry Mischief: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation – Very Merry Mischief: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation


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Giveaway Winners – Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge


Hello dear readers,

Last month Jennifer Joy released Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge, her latest book and last of The Cousin Series.

If you’ve read my reviews of Darcy’s Ultimatum and Earning Darcy’s Trust, I’m sure you will know by now that I love Jennifer’s writing, so the release of this new book was the perfect opportunity for me to propose a small interview to her.

Jennifer Joy didn’t launch any blog tour for the release of the book, so I wasn’t sure she was going to accept it, but I was lucky and honoured that not only she accepted to be interviewed by me, but also suggested doing a giveaway of Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge.

So, it was with great joy that I received her at From Pemberley to Milton to answer a few of my questions, and it is also with great joy that today I will bring happy news to 2 lucky winners.

But before announcing them, I would like to thank all who participated, shared and supported this initiative.

Thank you all for your participation and support! I always love to read the comments my readers leave at reviews, interviews and guest posts. It is always stimulating to share opinions on JAFF 🙂

I also want to give Jennifer Joy a huge thank you for being such a wonderful writer, such a nice person, and for the generosity to offer 2 copies of her latest book to the readers of From Pemberley to Milton.

Now, without further ado… The randomly selected winners are:


Paperback copy

*** Deborahanne2 *** 

E-book copy

*** Christina Boyd *** 


Congratulations Deborahanne2 and Christina Boyd!  I hope you enjoy the book and share your thoughts with all of us once you’ve read it 🙂

Please send me your address (for paperback) and e-mail (for e-book) to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that I can provide it to Jennifer Joy for the books to be sent to you 🙂


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Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge

colonel's4 stars

I am undoubtedly a Darcy girl. Always have been and always will be. He is the most perfect man (or fictional character, as you’d like) that will ever exist. Well…Mr. Thornton is a worthy competitor and Wentworth touches my heart, but it has been Darcy for a long time, so it’s hard to take him out of the podium.

For that reason a novel who’s main character is Col. Richard Fitzwilliam would not call my immediate attention if it hadn’t been written by someone as Jennifer Joy. I have said many times that I love Jennifer Joy’s writing, and her Cousins Series really got my attention, so despite being a Darcy girl, I read this book with an open heart, and guess what? Only a few pages read and I already wanted to get inside the book and give some affection and love to our dear Colonel.

It was refreshing to read something with a different male character, especially because the Colonel was adorable in this book. It was interesting to see that even though the Colonel is a much more sociable character than Darcy, he also has difficulties in communicating with the lady who capture his heart. Maybe all man, with their own specificities, have difficulties in this area 🙂

As I continued reading I understood Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge was not like Jennifer Joy’s previous books as it is not just a romance story, it is a book full of suspense, mystery and intrigue.

In this book, Col. Fitzwilliam is offered an assignment that will bring him, not only an internal struggle between what have always been his principles and what his heart is telling him, but also a struggle against enemies of the crown that will not make it easier for him.

I kept suspecting some characters along the book, and even if I was partially right, there was a huge surprise for me in the end. While my suspicions kept telling me someone was a villain, that person was actually the one who would solve everything and save the Colonel. I won’t say much more, because part of the fun in reading this book is guessing who the spy is, but I would truly like to know if other readers deciphered everything or if they were misguided as I was.

I enjoyed some of the new characters that were introduced to us, namely Adélaïde Mauvier. I liked her immediately and her life story captured my attention. I like strong female characters and was happy that Jennifer Joy decided to create such a person for Col. Fitzwilliam.

I was only sorry the story advanced so fast as the characters feelings and turn of events felt a bit rushed for me. I would like to have spent more time with Col. Fitzwilliam and Adélaïde Mauvier and to have seen more interactions between them that would allow us to see their feelings grow and mature. But I think that wanting to spend more time with a book is a good sign, so I have to say that Jennifer Joy did it again! In a very different way, as this book was not so characterised by the romance and depth of feelings as the previous, but more of mystery and suspense, but she wrote another book definitely worth Reading 🙂 We can see Jennifer’s writing is diversifying, so I’m eagerly waiting for her next novel.

Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge is available at: – Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge – Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (The Cousins Book 3) – Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Challenge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (The Cousins Book 3) (English Edition)


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Then Comes Winter

TCWfrontcover_500x7504.5 stars

When I started reading Then Comes Winter I didn’t know what to expect. I had never read an anthology and I don’t usually read short stories, so this book was a true surprise for me.

Reading it turned out to be perfect for this time of the year. It felt like unwrapping a present that contained a box full “Papillottes”. I don’t know if you are familiar with Papillottes, but they are chocolates that are only sold during Christmas season in France, and I truly love them!

There is not one single year when I do not find a way to have them in my house. You may wonder what is so special about them. Well, apart from being delicious, these chocolates, sold in one single package, all have different flavours. So when you take one to eat, you never know what you are going to get. It is always a surprise. And I like the anticipation that comes from not knowing what I will find.

That was precisely what happened with Then Comes Winter. Every new story was a surprise. I didn’t know if I was going to find a modernization or a regency story, if it would be funny or serious, if it was about Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility, or any other Jane Austen book. Can you think of anything better for a JAFF reader?

This book is pure perfection for any Jane Austen affectionate and it changed my perspective on anthologies. I now believe they are one of the best presents you can get anyone! This anthology contains 11 short stories based on several works of Jane Austen and it is wonderful because not only it is full of surprises, but also because it is incredibly diversified.
I hope to install your curiosity with the brief resumes of each short story:


Holiday Mix Tape by Beau North and Brooke West

This is a modernisation of Persuasion, my second favourite Austen book. I think the adaption was very interesting touching some social stigmas that I was not expecting. I should know better after reading Longbourn’s Songbird 🙂

Apart from Wentworth’s skin colour, I think you will find curious to read the name of Sophie’s dog 🙂

Another interest aspect in this book was the way it was organized, as a mix tape with the song titles giving hints on each chapter. It’s a detail I truly enjoyed 🙂


Becoming Fanny by Melanie Stanford

I loved the beginning of this story because it started with a truth universally acknowledged: Everyone wants to be Elizabeth Bennet. Well…at least I do.

The book tells us a story about a girl who desperately wants to be just like Elizabeth Bennet: social, witty and adventurous, but turns out to be Fanny Price, who in her opinion is weak and boring. The character evolves into accepting who she is and that everyone has their own qualities, which is a moral I found interesting.

It is a modernization of Mansfield Park, which is not one of my favourite books from Jane Austen, but the story was wonderfully written, and it got my attention from the beginning. It was funny and romantic, and it gave me a lot of pleasure to read it.


A Man Whom I Can Really Love by Natalie Richards

This story was a modernization of Sense and Sensibility, which I love.

Col. Brandon is one of my favourite heroes from Austen, and even though I identify myself with the romantic, emotional and spontaneous Marianne, I always through she was too childish, exaggerated and not worthy of Col. Brandon.

This short story gave someone with my opinion the best scenario possible 🙂 We get to see how Marianne started to love Col. Brandon, and how she realised how foolish and immature she was. We see her grow into a mature person who will be worthy of such a man.

All this happens while she lies in a hospital bed. Learning who Willoughby really is, Marianne rushes out of her house in a storm, ends up having a car accident and is saved by Col. Brandon. She is in a comatose state when she realises that even though she cannot communicate, she is able to hear everything everyone is saying. This is how she starts understanding she was very wrong about Elinor, Willoughby and Col. Brandon. This is how she starts to fall in love with him, and I really liked reading this happen 🙂


The Unexpected Gift by Erin Lopez

This is a regency story based on Pride and Prejudice. It starts after the Netherfield ball, with Mr. Darcy in London struggling, and failing, to forget Elizabeth Bennet. His subconscious is stronger than him, and he ends up buying, without even realising it, a gift that was meant for Elizabeth. When Georgiana understands this, she works as Darcy’s conscience, asking the questions he dare not ask himself: Is society’s opinion more important than his own happiness?

Georgiana will play the cupid in this story that didn’t quite finish. I was sad to reach the end of the story without and ending to the plot, so I am eagerly waiting for another short story to continue this one.


North for the New Year by Sophia Rose

Northanger Abbey is one of my least favourite books from Jane Austen, but Sophia Rose was able to create a modernisation of it that made me want to re-read the original.

Cate is a young, naïve girl from a big family in a small town that travels with her aunt and uncle North for the New Year. She is passionate about Ghost Hunters across America and believes she has found a friend in Bella who also enjoys the show. We all know she learns the hard way not to trust people so easily, but events were transported into the modern era in a creative way. I particularly liked the ending of the story with the big family gathering, it felt a magnificent ending for Chris 🙂


Winter’s Awakening by Anngela Schroeder

This is a regency story based on Pride and Prejudice that I do hope to see developed into a full length book!

Anngela Shroeder found an interesting way to have Darcy learn Elizabeth’s true opinion of him and also, for Elizabeth to find the truth about Wickham and Darcy. This happened in 2 distinct moments, but I think both of them were cleverly created.

In this story Elizabeth and Jane travel with the Gardiners to Lambton after the Netherfield Ball, and obviously their paths will cross with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley who are at Pemberley at the time.

I found the writing witty, and love some of the replies Elizabeth gave to Miss Bingley, namely: “It is lucky then, that you are not the mistress of such a grand estate, as I presume she would be prepared at all times for unexpected events”. Isn’t this sentence wonderful?

I thought the Darcy tradition of chopping Christmas trees a curious fact, and of course, could not resist the image of Mr. Darcy cutting the tree himself. As Elizabeth realized at the time “he is magnificent” while doing it. In this book Mr. Darcy was sexy, charming, and irresistible.

I also liked the fact that in this story Mr. Darcy had an older brother who died at a young age. It was very interesting and I never read that before.

This story was full romance and adventure and I do hope to see a full length book coming out of it because I wanted to be with these characters in this story for much too long.


Delivery Boy by Suzan Lauder

This story is a modernization of Pride and Prejudice and places our characters in a scenario I would never have thought about.

Suzan Lauder really surprised me with this story! Elizabeth is a restaurant owner and Darcy appears at her door being mixed up with the “Delivery Boy”.

The story is full of chemistry and misunderstandings keeping us glued to it. The Bennet sisters appeared in a creative and different way, the dialogues with Elvis are incredibly funny and the proposal at the end of the story was just beautiful.

I should also mention that I wouldn’t mind finding a XXI century Mr. Darcy with a beard, I wouldn’t mind at all 😉 This was just a detail on the book, but many of these small details made me enjoy it immensely.

This is a story that can be appreciated by everyone: JAFF readers, but also people who never read P&P.


The Food of Love by Maureen Lee

This is a regency short story that portrays Anne, a lonely girl infatuated by Roger Brun, a French refugee who is full of mystery and sophistication. Anne reminds us Maria Bertram when she organizes a play of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night to be interpreted by herself, her relatives and of course Mr. Roger de Brun.

But is Mr. Roger de Brun the one who will truly conquer her heart? She admits to have loved him from the moment she saw him, but is this love at first sight going to last once she knows his true character?

I wasn’t so fond of Anne, and her improprieties, but I really liked James and felt terribly sorry for him. I kept reading just to see him find his happiness, and was overjoyed when it happened 🙂


Christmas Miracle on Oyster Bay by Denise Stout

This modernisation got me in the first sentence with the word bookstore! One of my long time dreams was to own a bookstore, so I was really happy to read a story where the main character owns one.

This story is similar to the movie “You’ve got mail” with Lissa, the bookstore owner being afraid of being put out of business by her competitors. There is however a chance for her, and Christmas is the perfect timing for grabbing it.

This is was a story that ended too fast for me, I would love to continue reading it and being in the company of Dr. Simon Macgregor. I liked the way their relationship evolved and would like to read more about these characters and their lives.


The Clock Doesn’t Lie by Linda Gonschior

This modernisation of Pride and Prejudice has a premise that I always like in a book. There is a snow storm that strands Danielle (Elizabeth) and Chris (Mr. Darcy) in a restaurant. There is an attraction between them and we start to wonder where their relationship is going, but there isn’t a true closure to the story, and I believe we will read more about these characters in a future story. Until then we will take comfort in the words “I’ll be here. Waiting for you”.


A Perfect Choice by Lory Lilian

This story is a regency variation of Pride and Prejudice that reminded me of the 1995 BBC adaptation.

Elizabeth finds Mr. Darcy’s dog, Blackie, in the garden at Netherfield while she is there taking care of Jane. She plays with him and Mr. Darcy runs into them. This small detail will change everything. With the opportunity to talk to Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth will see a new side of him and establish a relationship with his dog that will alter the entire story.

In fact, it is the dog’s age that will make her more suspicious of Mr. Wickham’s story, and that will make her want to know Mr. Darcy’s side of the story. It is also because of Blackie that he will confide with her what happened to Georgiana, and as you may imagine, this will change everything in the story 🙂

This story was the perfect choice to close this book as it was a true romance we just want to continue reading over and over again.

I loved both Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s characters as well as the relationship they developed.

This was really the cherry on top of the cake and I have to praise the editor Christina Boyd, who did a wonderful job in the choice of stories.


I would recommend Then Comes Winter to any romance reader who wants to enjoy good stories. I believe this book was wonderfully written and edited to allow readers to take pleasure in it, to read it throughout the winter season. Not in an afternoon, or in one single day, but to slowly enjoy one story each day.


Then Comes Winter is available at: – Then Comes Winter – Then Comes Winter – Then Comes Winter (English Edition)


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The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth

217983054.5 stars

I was in Paris a week ago and thought it was the perfect timing and place to re-read The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth by Victoria Kincaid as that is pretty much were this story begins.

What if Richard finds Darcy in such a state of sorrow that he insists his cousin must go with him on a trip to Paris?

And what if instead of going to the Lake District as planned, Mr. Gardner had business in Paris and invited his niece Elizabeth to go there with him and his wife?

What are the chances of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth finding each other at a ball on the most romantic city there is?

Paris is my favourite city in the entire world, so this book was already in my heart even before I started reading it! But guess what? I read it, the story goes from Paris to London and the book continued to surprise and delight me.

I loved the Paris scenes! I could truly feel I was there with the characters. The book was written in such a fashion, and the places so well described that my imagination took me river banks with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

For the first time, while reading this book, I really felt inspired to write a story of my own. Of course I didn’t do it, I would probably write a miserable book, but the point is, The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth was so good that it inspired me to do it!

To tell the truth, it is hard to say which my favourite part of this book was. There were so many interesting scenes that I could not pick just one. I think that’s also why I got inspired to write. This book is very rich in terms of scenarios and dialogues. The entirety of scenes in France is splendid: from the ball to the walks along the Seine, to the escape from Paris and the dialogues in the carriage (which I found interesting, witty and flirtatious), to the intensity of the scenes during the illness and the adrenaline of the return to England.

From the comments I’ve made, it would appear the book is solely placed in France, but great part of the book occurs in England. In fact, when the action went from France to England I didn’t know how the story would evolve from there, and I got scared the book might become on a stand still until the end, but Victoria Kincaid was able to create new surprises and cliff-hangers throughout the entire book! When I thought that finally we would reach a happy ending, something else completely unexpected occurred. Obviously this made me want to keep reading until there were no more pages to read 🙂

I also enjoyed 2 other aspects in this book that I must mention: to see a jealous Darcy and to see the characters in love but not together during a great length of the book.

Even though jealousy is something we often see in JAFF, I always adore it! Always!!! In this book, we see a jealous Darcy, but not because he sees Elizabeth as his possession. He is jealous because he is insecure of her love for him, and that is just too sweet to see. I wanted to enter the book, become Elizabeth and tell this Darcy he had no reason to worry about!

The fact that the characters knew they loved each other, but not being able to be together is something that I haven’t seen that much, and I truly enjoyed it. It gives us the romantic glimpses we all love, but also a bit of angst for not seeing them together. I truly enjoyed this.

As I said, I’ve re-read this book on my recent trip to Paris, but I believe this is one I will re-read once more. I definitely recommend it 🙂


The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth is available at: – The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth – The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth: A Pride and Prejudice Variation – The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (English Edition)



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Jennifer Joy interview + Giveaway


I discovered Jennifer Joy’s work a couple of months ago with Earning Darcy’s Trust and I couldn’t stop reading it from the moment I started. I remember staying up until 3h in the morning on a working night just to finish it, which meant looking like a zombie at the office the following day, but it was worth it.

After that book, I discovered that Jennifer Joy was working on a trilogy called the Cousin Series.

It started with Darcy’s Ultimatum, which I have also devoured, continued with Anne’s Adversity, and last week she published the latest of the series: Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge.

With the release of the latest book from The Cousins Series, I thought it would be interesting to know more about the it, so today, I’m having Jennifer Joy as my special guest at From Pemberley to Milton with an interview plus giveaway to all our readers 🙂


Darcy Ultimatumrezise Anne'sadversityrezise colonel's



When and how did you discover JAFF?

I’ve enjoyed Jane Austen’s novels since I was old enough to appreciate her sarcasm and wit. My first experience with JAFF was in 2007 when my mom recommended a book to me. It was Amanda Grange’s novel, Mr. Darcy’s Diary and it opened up a whole world of story variations to me. Thank you, Mom!


What inspired you to start writing?

I remember the day my grandma bought me my first real journal. She wrote in the front of it that it was for me to write all of my stories in. I think I was about 9 years old at the time and I have since lost count of how many journals I have written through. As the content became less factual and more entertaining, it soon became evident that I needed to do more than just journal. With the encouragement of my mom and husband, I outlined my first series!


Why write JAFF and not another type of literature?

It’s what I enjoy reading. Jane Austen wrote characters with depth and flaws— people we can relate to. It’s a true testament to the genius of her work that they have stood the test of time so well and with so many readers wanting more.


I find your writing exquisite, so I would personally like to know how is your writing process. When and where do you write? Do you still use pen and paper or do you write on the computer?

Each novel has been different because I wanted to try every writing method out there before settling on what works best for me and my family. Here’s what works: I wake up early and get half a chapter done before I wake the kids up for school. Then, I write what needs to happen next while it’s still fresh in my mind. Then, after taking care of our normal morning activities, I steal away for long enough to finish my chapter.

All my notes and outlines are done on paper. After years of writing freeform, it’s what is the most comfortable for me. But I’m much quicker on the keyboard, so the fun stuff happens on my desktop with a timer (to keep the fingers flying) and my favorite writing music. (Right now, it’s the SimCity soundtrack).


What are your biggest challenges as a writer?

My biggest challenge is stopping. It’s a thrill spending time with my favorite characters and spinning some mischief for them, but I have a family. I want to experience things with them, help the kids with their homework, build and fly paper airplanes with my son, mix paint and color with my daughter, go on dates with my husband, keep the house presentable… you know, live life!


What gives you more joy in this activity?

I’m in love with the whole process. Writing, in itself, is enough for me. However, hearing from people who are entertained by my stories through reviews, social media, and email sends my spirits soaring.


How did you conceive the idea for the cousin’s series?

It started with the title. It hit me in the middle of the night (yep, it woke me up) and I scribbled it down so I’d remember it the next morning. Then, I obsessed for days about an event which would change the lives of all three characters (Darcy, Anne, and Colonel Fitzwilliam). My husband and I were waiting for our kids to finish their swimming lessons and I was musing out loud (obsessing, really, but musing sounds much more creative and artsy) about this pivotal event when the letter came to me. I started writing my outline on a grocery receipt in the car then and there. 5 months later, we released Darcy’s Ultimatum.


You mentioned a letter that appears in Darcy’s Ultimatum and is also important in Anne’s Adversity, but is it also relevant to Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge?

I wrote each of the three books in The Cousins series as stand-alone novels. Only Darcy had to suffer curiosity about the letter because I couldn’t reveal the contents of it until Anne’s story. (He had his hands full anyway, so he didn’t mind.) However, circumstances reveal the mystery to Colonel Fitzwilliam in book 3, so readers won’t miss out if they haven’t read Anne’s Adversity. (Richard is the curious type and I didn’t have it in me to leave him hanging.)


What can you tell us about Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge?

It’s my favorite. The colonel finds love where he least expects it and he learns the hard way that his instincts are not as trustworthy as he believes them to be. Leaving behind his sturdy, reliable routine, he must deal with spies, smugglers, and traitors only to find that his path to love and his lifelong ambition are on a collision course and he must choose between the two.


What message would you like to give to your readers?

Keep your love for the written word alive! Read for the pure joy and entertainment of it… well, that, and for the improvement of our minds through extensive reading. Mr. Darcy knows what he’s talking about!



It’s giveaway time!!!

Jennifer Joy was kind enough to bring to From Pemberley to Milton one paperback and one e-book of Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge to offer to her readers across the globe.

The giveaway is international and to participate all you have to do is place your own questions to Jennifer or just share your kind words and love with her. Leave a question or comment on this post, and if you want to double your chances of winning, you can also comment on the review for Col. Fitzwilliam’s Challenge that From Pemberley to Milton will post on the 14th of December.

The giveaway is open until the 16th of December and the lucky winners will be randomly picked and announced on the 17th.

Good luck everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the interview!!! If there is any question I forgot to ask but that you wish to know the answer, be my guest, send it over. I’m sure Jennifer will gladly answer you 🙂


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