Jane Austen bringing people together


I’ve mentioned several times before that due to Jane Austen Fan Fiction I’ve met a lot of wonderful people with whom I can discuss my favorite books.

But that is not all JAFF has done! Last year, JAFF also brought old friends together!

A long time ago (for me it seems a long time ago, even if it’s not), I went to colleague with a girl named Sónia. We immediately discovered we had similar hobbies and tastes and became friends. We were very close during that time of our lives; however, when colleague ended back in 2006 we went into separate ways. Sónia returned to her home-town in the south of the country, and I decided to remain in Lisbon. Going on separate ways, we never spoke or heard from each other again.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I discovered Sónia on Goodreads and remembered how we both loved to read.

I started talking to her online about literature, and of course, made a whole speech about JAFF which was until that moment a mystery to her. She really liked the idea behind JAFF and started following my blog.

When I hosted Joana Starnes in FPTM with a guest post and giveaway for her latest book The Unthinkable Triangle, Sónia participated and won the giveaway. She had to send me her contacts so that I could pass them along to Mrs. Joana Starnes, and that was when we reconnected!

I discovered Sónia had returned to Lisbon, and thought we had to meet and talk about JAFF face to face! And so we did 🙂

In our meeting I discovered Sónia truly fell in love with The Unthinkable Triangle. She liked it so much that she decided to share her experience with all my readers and, I of course, was thrilled with the idea of having her do so.

I hope you like to read Sónia’s words 🙂


“After I hit a lucky streak and won “The Unthinkable Triangle” by Joanna Starnes from the From Pemberley to Milton giveaway, I thought it best to re-read “Pride and Prejudice”, in preparation for my new book. The truth is this: I had never read Jane Austen Fan Fiction before, this was going to be my first!

And what a surprise it was! To get Darcy’s perspective, what he thought and felt, was wonderful. I think any woman, hopelessly romantic as I, is infatuated with the idea of unraveling the inner world and emotions hidden under the guise of composure and cold detachment of a man – especially a handsome one!

Without giving away much (you’ll have to read the book :p), the action is quite fluid and agreeable to read in pace. The inner conflict in Darcy; later Richard and lastly, Elisabeth – all very well build and presented and I could not avoid feeling empathetic toward all three. Of course it all ends well and that is all we all hope for.

I fell a little more in love with Jane Austen and I will certainly take up on reading some more JAFF from now on!

Thank you Rita and Joanna for this awesome gift!”


Thank you Sónia for sharing your opinion of the book with all of us 🙂 I always like to know the opinion of my readers, and of course, a huge thank you to JAFF and Joana Starnes, for bringing us back together 🙂


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18 responses to “Jane Austen bringing people together

  1. What an inspiring post! I love how JAFF brings us together and meeting new fans is so wonderful!! I hope she gets to enjoy more JAFF!!

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  2. Glynis

    How lovely is that. You must both be so pleased to have reconnected. I hope you now stay in touch so you can discuss the JAFF stories that you read. I don’t personally know anyone else who reads it which is why I am so grateful for all the different websites and authors posts to keep me updated and share opinions. Thanks for this post Rita.

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    • Yes, I hope we do continue to stay in touch. For now, we already agreed to go to the movies and see Pride, Prejudice and Zombies when it’s released, which is great, because I don’t know anyone else who would go with me 
      I also do not know anyone who reads JAFF, just Sónia, and she is just beginning 🙂 Hopefully she will surrender to JAFF and we will be able to meet frequently to talk about our favorite authors 🙂
      But even not knowing anyone personally who reads JAFF, I’ve come to know so many great people online! And that is also amazing! Thank you for coming to FPTM and being one of those people with whom I have so much pleasure discussing JAFF Glynis 🙂

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  3. Sophia Rose

    I’m so glad you could reunite with Sonia and Sonia would enjoy her first JAFF story through your blog.

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  4. Me too Sophia, I was really happy to be able to introduce JAFF to someone 🙂 And I do think Sonia will love the genre, I wonder what she will read next 😉

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  5. Lovely post, Rita. I know your feeling – I truly believe that JAFF changed my life 12 years ago and brought be so many fantastic friends !

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  6. Rui Pedro

    Está cada vez melhor o teu blog, Rita. Parabéns!

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  7. So glad for this reunion and I am very thankful for having been able to reconect with an old friend and discover a new area in literature to devour! 🙂
    I like regency novels and the sort of “era” stories and I find the English society of olden days so interesting and intriguing, with its nuances and secret rules… I am sure to be readin more of the kind – and of course, JAFF!

    I might have even read some without knowing, now that I think of it, when characters aren’t really named as the original ones or something… might have to check!

    Making a to-read list for JAFF from Rita’s suggestions and trying to find a budget for it is in my New Year’s resolutions for sure!

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    • I’m incredibly happy to have brought you into the JAFF world Sónia! We all share the love for regency propriety rules, it is one of the reasons why these love stories are so intense and special 🙂
      If you’re still struggling for budge to read JAFF, I’m sure you’ll like to know that new giveaways are coming to FPTM in the next weeks 😉

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  9. Thank you both EVER so much, Sonia and Rita! I’m over the moon that you liked the story and it’s so wonderful to hear that JAFF brought you back together 🙂 . It’s such a joy to see kindred spirits finding each other (or finding each other again), sharing the love of Jane and having a wonderful time together!! I’m so glad that we met on the www and hope we can meet face to face someday!

    Hugs to you both and have a wonderful New Year!


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