Undeceived, Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game – Mr. Darcy interview and giveaway


Hello everyone,

I’m very glad to receive Karen M. Cox on From Pemberley to Milton today with a very interesting guest post as part of her blog tour for Undeceived.

Here, you will read nothing less than an interview with our dear Mr. Darcy, and also be able to participate in the giveaway Meryton Press is organizing.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Thank you, Rita, for your gracious invitation to guest post on From Pemberley to Milton! Today, I’ve got something special planned: an interview with the hero of my hot-off-the-presses release, Undeceived, published by Meryton Press. Mr. Darcy fascinates us still, so I know he’ll give us some fantastic insight into the mind of a legendary icon of English literature. Let’s start, shall we?

The Darcy Dozen: Twelve Questions with William Darcy, CIA officer and hero of Undeceived: Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game:

Karen: “Thank you for joining me today, Officer Darcy. I’m sure the readers at From Pemberley to Milton will enjoy getting to know a little about you.”

Darcy nods

Karen: “Okay, then. First things first—tell us a little about yourself.”

Darcy: “There isn’t that much to tell. Spy Rule Number 22: Good agents don’t talk about their personal lives.”

Karen: “There must be something you can tell the good readers at From Pemberley to Milton! After all, that’s why we’re all here.”


Karen: “For example, I know you were born November 15, 1951 in Baltimore, MD. You’re 6’2” and have 20/20 vision and a photographic memory. You did a tour of duty as a pilot in Vietnam before joining the CIA in 1974. You rose quickly through the ranks and have been rumored to be in position for…”

Darcy: “Where did you get that information?” reaches for my folder and we tug it back and forth a couple of times before the contents spill on the floor

Karen picking up the papers and glaring: “It’s right there in your FBI file.”

Darcy: scowls and crosses arms “And why do I have an FBI file?”

Karen: “Oh, um, well…doesn’t everybody in your line of work have an FBI file?”

Darcy: “Next question.”

Karen: “You mentioned your Spy Rules. How many Spy Rules do you have?”

Darcy: “At last count, there were…114.”

Karen: “Wow, that’s a lot to remember.”

Darcy: points to temple “Photographic memory.”

Karen: “Right. Is there any Spy Rule you absolutely know you would never break?”

Darcy: “Spy Rule 18: Let the cutouts do their work and you do yours. That means you don’t let personal feelings get in the way of your job. For example you can’t endanger the other officers and assets in your circle by putting one person’s safety above the others.”

Karen: “Well, that makes sense I guess.”

Darcy: “Next question.”

Karen: “What three items would you want to have with you on a deserted island?”

Darcy: “Mosquito net, a good knife, and one of those new-fangled communication devices.”

Karen: “You mean a smart phone?”

Darcy: “What’s a smart phone?”

Karen: “Never mind. Have you ever been in love?”

Darcy: “Given my current position, female entanglements are not advisable. Don’t get me wrong. I like women—very much so. And unlike some of my male colleagues, I don’t mind working with them. I enjoy the company of accomplished women.”

Karen: “You didn’t answer the question.”

Darcy: “Next question.”

Karen: “So what’s your idea of an accomplished woman?”

Darcy: “She should be intelligent, brave, and capable. Personally, I appreciate when she is pleasing to look at. She should develop her intellect through lifelong education and dedication to learning. And finally, she should have a strong character. In other words, she should have guts.”

Karen: “Sounds like your ideal woman is an unrealistic fantasy.”

Darcy: smirks “So I’ve been told.”

Karen: “Any regrets, Darcy?”

Darcy: “If I have them, they’re my burdens to carry.”

Karen: “Okay, okay, no more personal questions, I get it. Let’s see…Commodore 64 or Apple II computer?”

Darcy: “Apple II – it’s the way of the future.”

Karen: “Ludlum or LeCarre?”

Darcy: “I’ve used…um, read them both.”

Karen: “Beer or wine?”

Darcy: grins “Depends on who I’m with.”

Karen: “Sports car or muscle car?”

Darcy: “Anything that isn’t a Trabant.”

Karen: “Favorite author?”

Darcy: “You’re kidding me, right?”

Karen: “How would you like to have five daughters?”

Darcy: “Sounds like hell on earth.”

Karen: “Well, I guess that about wraps up our interview today. Hopefully, you’ll let our readers get to know you a little better as they spend some time with you in Undeceived: Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game.”

Darcy: “I would by no means suspend any pleasure of theirs.”

***Book Blurb***

During the last gasp of the Cold War, Elizabeth Bennet, a young, forthright counterintelligence officer, embarks on an exciting assignment that would make her late father, a fallen CIA officer, proud. She transfers to Europe to investigate the legendary and elusive William Darcy, an officer in line for the coveted Soviet station chief position who’s suspected of being a double agent.

William Darcy appears to lead a charmed existence, but now he finds himself fighting for his career and against his growing feelings for the young woman he doesn’t know is watching his every move.

Elizabeth wants to throw the book at him, but the facts don’t match her preconceptions. Is Darcy being set up? Are there darker forces at work? Or is William Darcy a skilled double agent after all? Nothing is as it seems, however, and the closer Elizabeth gets to the truth about Darcy, the more she spirals into danger.

Undeceived, the new novel by award-winning author, Karen M. Cox, is part romance, part spy game suspense—inviting readers to uncover the villain in this variation on Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s classic tale.

***Author Bio***

Karen M Cox writes novels accented with romance and history. All three of her published novels: 1932, Find Wonder in All Things, and At the Edge of the Sea, have garnered awards from the independent publishing industry, taking top honors three out of the five times they were recognized. Last year, she also participated in Meryton Press’s inaugural anthology, Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, with her short story, “Northanger Revisited 2015.” Her fourth full-length novel, Undeceived: Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game, will be released in early 2016.

Karen was born in Everett WA, which was the result of coming into the world as the daughter of a United States Air Force Officer. She had a slightly nomadic childhood, with stints in North Dakota, Tennessee and New York State before moving to her family’s home state of Kentucky when she was almost twelve. She lives in a small, quiet Kentucky town with her husband and children, and works as a pediatric speech pathologist. She spends her off hours reading, writing, and being a wife and mom—and spoiling her new granddaughter.


Blog: http://karenmcox.merytonpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karenmcox1932

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1932karenmcox

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/karenmc1932/

Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/karenmcox

Instagram: karenmcox1932


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23 responses to “Undeceived, Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game – Mr. Darcy interview and giveaway

  1. Well that managed to be a fascinating interview even though Officer Darcy was pretty close mouthed about most things! I’d love to know more about the Spy Rules. 114? The mind boggles.

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  2. This was hysterical!! Well done ladies. Who knew he’d be so tight-lipped during an interview he consented to? Makes me wonder what he’s hiding??

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  3. find this premise very intriguing

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Christina Boyd

    Super cute interview. Darcy in the 1980s.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Glynis

    Love the interview. Most intriguing. I look forward to reading this book as I really enjoyed 1932. I am amazed at the number of variations and time lines that Darcy and Elizabeth fit into so well. Thanks for the chance of a giveaway and for sharing Darcy’s innermost thoughts????

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too Glynis! The possibilities for P&P variations are endless! No wonder we keep reading them and wanting more and more.
      This one really made me curious, and I think I will love spy Darcy 🙂
      Good luck in the giveaway!


  6. Ginna

    Fun interview, not that much was divulged. It was fun for what he ~didn’t~ say. Do you suppose he had a stick up his a- …. um, you know, like when he first insulted Lizzy at the lecture?

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  7. Sophia Rose

    Buahaha! After reading the story, I can honestly say that this was so like him. Now I’m picturing Darcy with five daughters. We need that sequel, Karen. 🙂

    Fun character interview!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Dung

    What a fun interview! Very Darcy like answers…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. How fun, Darcy sounds like my kind of guy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Maria

    Thanks, ladies! Loved the interview! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  11. karenmcoxbooks

    Don’t worry Glynis, you get plenty of Darcy’s innermost thoughts in “Undeceived” ! Thanks ladies, for stopping by to say hello 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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