Love Never Fails

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The first chapter of Love Never Fails was a true surprise for me. I have read almost every book Jennifer Joy has published, and for that reason I am quite familiar with her writing, but the tone of this latest release is very different from her previous works and her writing versatility surprised and amazed me.

In this book Mr. Bennet dies before the Meryton Assembly occurs and the first scene is at his funeral. I was immediately drawn to the environment, the story and the characters. There is an intensity and sadness in these first chapters that transported me into the book and I could not stop reading, it felt as if I was compelled to do so. I have enjoyed many, many scenes in the book, but the first scene was definitely my favorite as it was the one that marked me the most.

Of course the characteristic humor in Jennifer Joy’s writing is still present, namely in the comments Mrs. Bennet makes about Elizabeth’s marriage prospects. I really laughed when she said ”Lizzy shall marry whomever she pleases, so long as she marries. With her being so choosy, I tough it best for her to have a wide selection from which to choose”, but there is also a deeper and insightful component in her writing that I truly loved.

With Mr. Bennet dying before the Meryton Assembly, the storyline changes and the first encounter of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is quite different. They meet at Oakham Mount, there are no words exchanged, yet everything is said through their eyes and their actions. I would describe this encounter as perfect! We can feel the intensity of this scene as if we were living it, and if you are used to read my reviews, you know there is nothing more I like then a book that has the ability to make me feel.

Love Never Fails is in my opinion, one of Jennifer Joy’s most romantic books. Apart from the initial chapters, the scene where Elizabeth hurts her ankle is one of my favorites. I felt she and Mr. Darcy connected in a very intimate way. They shared a moment that was not only very important for both, but also private, shared between them and no one else.

Considering the events, Elizabeth is not her joyful self, but her character remains very much the same. She still refuses Mr. Collins, and after so many variations where Elizabeth sacrifices herself to save her family, knowing that she would still refuse Mr. Collins in these reduced circumstances is refreshing. I never believed Elizabeth to be so altruist to the point of marrying him to save her family, so this choice felt very natural to me.

I have also enjoyed Mrs. Bennet in this book, especially in the months following Mr. Bennet’s death. She was not hysterical as usual; she was her true self but in a state of mourning, she was still invested in marrying her daughters but is a less hysterical and more organized and reasonable fashion.

Love Never Fails is a story of hope in a better future, of believing that love is worth waiting for and that it will come, sooner or later. The best example of this is Mrs. Bennet, who was also entitled to her prince charming 🙂

I enjoyed this book very much and I’m curious to see how Jennifer Joy’s writing will evolve in her next novel.


Love Never Fails is available at: – Love Never Fails – Love Never Fails: A Pride & Prejudice Variation – Love Never Fails: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Also, Jennifer Joy is offering 4 e-books to some lucky readers, so if you want to enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment this review or the excerpt published on the 9th. Comments on both posts will increase your chances 🙂


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31 responses to “Love Never Fails

  1. “Mrs. Bennet, who was also entitled to her prince charming” – really? There is a love affair for Mrs Bennet?


    • Yes she did Vesper 🙂 In the beginning I wasn’t too fond of the idea, but then I though that poor Mrs. Bennet was never truly happy with Mr. Bennet, so she also had the right to be with someone who loved her. It was when I realized this that I understood how great this idea was and how JJ wanted to show us that it is never too late for true love 🙂


  2. Sophia Rose

    I love what you are saying about this book, Rita. I definitely want to read it.

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  3. It sounds like a lovely variation. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  4. Maureen C

    A prince charming for Mrs. Bennett! Things just keep getting more and more interesting!

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  5. Thank you for your wonderful review, Rita! I was so nervous with this book because it has more sadness and emotional angst than my previous stories, but it was one that I just had to write. *breathing a huge sigh full of relief and gratitude*


  6. What a lovely review. I am eagerly anticipating reading this book. I have loved each of Jennifer Joy’s previous books.

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  7. Mary

    I must admit to loving your review of this book. I’ve never read one which stated how touched the author was by the beautifully carted words chosen to portray the hidden messages exchanged between Darcy and Elizabeth.
    I’m intrigued and am so looking forward to reading this story. Something tells me it’s going to very special.

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    • Thank you Mary! You really made my day! I don’t always know how to best express myself, so I’m glad you liked the review 🙂 I truly liked the book, and I hope you will enjoy it too! Good luck in the giveaway 🙂


  8. Carole in Canada

    What a beautiful review. I am very intrigued with the premise and can’t wait to find out who Mrs. Bennet’s Prince Charming is! I love Ms Joy’s ability to weave a different twist into her stories. Thank you!

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    • Thank you Carole 🙂 Mrs Joy did surprise me in this book. I think there are always some details in her books that I believe no one else would think of, and that is a great asset 🙂 Mrs. Bennet in this book has a faith I had never seen before, and I liked it very much 🙂


  9. BeckyC

    Wonderful review. I am definitely interested in this variation.

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  10. Now I want to read it even more 🙂

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  11. Maria

    Beautiful review! My favourite line? “Love Never Fails is a story of hope in a better future, of believing that love is worth waiting for and that it will come, sooner or later.” So true!! I can’t wait to read this book!

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  12. Oh, so very curious! A book that moved you this much must be truly something worth reads and re-reads 🙂

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  13. Sheila L. M.

    This is already on my Wish List. I have enjoyed Jennifer’s other books and this review makes for an intriguing tease. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am sure I will enjoy it.

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  14. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway, just wanted to pop by to say that I loved your review, Rita and can’t wait to read the book. I just won it and it looks like I won a gem! Thanks for writing such a gorgeous story, Jennifer Joy!

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  15. I have Jennifer’s other novels but not this one. Rita, great review. Looking forward to reading this one a well!

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  16. Dung

    Great review! Besides all the wonderful aspects to the story, you had my wondering about who is Mrs. Bennet’s Prince Charming?


  17. Amanda Frank

    The possibility of Mrs. Bennet allowing Elizabeth to marry who she actually wants is something I can’t wait to see play out.


  18. Interesting review. You made a couple of comments that stirred my curiosity and made me want to see how they play out in this book. Nice review, and I think I will love the book as well.


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