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Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless Review & Giveaway

darcy and elizabeth timeless3.5 stars

First of all, I have to say that I did not know the premise of this book, and because I didn’t know anything about it, I was completely caught by surprise in a very positive way at least 2 times. I was literally expressing out loud something like “no way!”.

Getting completely caught by surprise was one of the best things in this book for me. I never thought this could happen to me in a JAFF book, but I was completely amazed at how the story developed.

So, if like me you don’t know the story of the book yet, I would suggest not reading this review because it will have spoilers and I think it will take great part of the fun for you. Unless you don’t mind spoilers at all, in that case, be my guest 🙂

Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless has one of the most interesting beginnings I have ever seen in a JAFF book. It is a very different beginning because it doesn’t start with Darcy and Elizabeth, but with a minor character, the boy who is delivering Jane’s letters to Elizabeth when she is staying at Lambton. The boy is ill and gets there later than in the original plot, so that gives more time for Elizabeth to know Mr. Darcy. This begging was not only an interesting detail but also written in a powerful way, and I truly enjoyed it.

After receiving the letters from Jane, Elizabeth travels to London with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, and in town they receive a visit from Mr. Darcy, who has in the meantime discovered the whereabouts of Wickham and Lydia. A most unexpected event takes place, and during a confrontation with Wickham, Elizabeth is fatally wounded. I was really astonished while reading this, after all, there is no Pride and Prejudice without Elizabeth! And this was when Denise O’Hara surprised me yet again.

When we all though Elizabeth would die, we discover Mr. Darcy’s family has been investing through decades in medicine, and their investigators had discovered how to develop cryogenics, so Elizabeth is frozen to give her a chance to survive until medicine is developed enough to save her from her wound.

This was one of the biggest surprises I have ever seen in a book, and I was not expecting it at all.

For me it is hard to believe that cryogenics had been developed, but medicine was not advanced enough so save someone from a gunshot wound, but I was able to abstract from that because I really liked this idea and it’s originality.

After Elizabeth is “frozen” the other characters continue with their lives, but Mr. Darcy is unable to live without Elizabeth so he subjects himself to the cryogenic state as well, and this is when a completely different part in the book begins.

They remain in that state for 200 years and are awaken in 2012. At this point we see them struggle to understand the modern world and how different everything is. To be honest, I would have liked to see this part a little more developed, but I know Mrs. O’Hara is working on a sequel for this book, so I’m guessing this is something she will explore better in the upcoming book. I’m very curious about it, and would pretty much like to read it once it comes out.

But, continuing with Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless, I liked to see how the characters adapted to this world, and I agree with Mrs. O’Hara regarding who would face more difficulties in this task 🙂

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are not the only main characters from Pride and Prejudice we will see living in 2012, and I’m sure that in this book we found a couple that we will never find in any other JAFF book.

This was a very original plot that captivated me, and I enjoyed reading it very much. I would only add a little more romance to it as I felt the lack of it, even if the “death” of Elizabeth was one of the most touching scenes I ever read.


Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless is available at: – Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless – Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless: A Pride and Prejudice Variation – Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (English Edition)


***It’s Giveaway time!!!***

Denise O’Hara wanted to give our readers a chance to read Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless, so she will be offering one book (e-book or paperback) to one lucky winner.

The giveaway is international and to participate all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Let us know what you thought about the plot, if you would like an ebook or paperback, or place Mrs. O’Hara any question you would like to see answered.

The giveaway is open until the 15th of April and the lucky winner will be randomly picked, and announced a few days later.

Good luck everyone!!!


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Darcy vs. Bennet Excerpt & Giveaway

darcy-vs-bennet-thumbnail (1)

Hello everyone,

In the beginning of the week I published an interview with Victoria Kincaid where she talks a little about her recent released novel Darcy vs Bennet. Today I’m happy to share with you the blurb and a small excerpt of the book to entice your reading appetite.

I hope you like this excerpt, and don’t forget, by commenting this post you increase your chances of winning one of 2 e-books Victoria Kincaid is offering.

For more information on the giveaway, please check the author interview.


***Book Blurb***


Elizabeth Bennet is drawn to a handsome, mysterious man she meets at a masquerade ball. However, she gives up all hope for a future with him when she learns he is the son of George Darcy, the man who ruined her father’s life. Despite her father’s demand that she avoid the younger Darcy, when he appears in Hertfordshire Elizabeth cannot stop thinking about him, or seeking him out, or welcoming his kisses….

Fitzwilliam Darcy has struggled to carve out a life independent from his father’s vindictive temperament and domineering ways, although the elder Darcy still controls the purse strings. After meeting Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy cannot imagine marrying anyone else, even though his father despises her family. More than anything he wants to make her his wife, but doing so would mean sacrificing everything else….




Darcy and Elizabeth meet at a masquerade ball. Elizabeth is crashing the ball with a friend and so does not want to reveal her identity.


At the end of the dance, William bowed, and Elizabeth curtsied to him. When their eyes met, she could not stifle a gasp. His gaze was so intense that she thought she might go up in flames just from his eyes. He feels it as well. But in the next moment, he glanced into the crowd, and she could not be sure of what she had seen.

He took her hand and led her out toward the edge of the veranda where there was fewer people and cooler air. They stood by the balustrade, catching the evening breezes. “Thank you for the dance.” William was a little breathless. “It was most enjoyable.”

“Thank you for asking me. You are an excellent dancer!” She could not help smiling at him.

But his face was solemn, almost as if he was concentrating on something. Without taking his eyes from hers, he slowly brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, lingering far longer than was strictly polite. A shiver shot through Elizabeth’s entire body. He did not relinquish his hold; he turned her hand over and bent his head to gently kiss her palm. Thank goodness I am wearing gloves. If he were kissing my skin, I might burst into flames!

“I must see you again, fair Elizabeth.” he breathed. “Where can I find you so I might obtain permission from your father to court you?” His head was still bent over her hand, but he glanced up through his lashes.

Elizabeth could not quite stifle the thrill of excitement at the thought of being courted by a man such as this. But she forced herself to ignore the sensation. “I am afraid it is impossible, sir.”

He straightened, regarding her with a frown. “Are you promised to another?” His voice had a new hoarseness.

“No, but—we are from different worlds.”

The lines on his forehead deepened. “You are a gentleman’s daughter?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” She cast about for a reason that would not reveal her identity. “I am not from Sussex.”

“Neither am I,” he responded promptly. “My family has an estate in Derbyshire. Where do you reside?”

She opened her mouth to say “Hertfordshire” and only just remembered that she should not reveal anything. It was all too easy to forget herself in this man’s presence!

“It matters not. It is in every way impossible. I am sorry.”

He appeared so crestfallen that Elizabeth considered revealing the true reasons they could not meet again. But if the Berwicks discovered that Louisa Green and her friend had insinuated themselves into the ball, it would be a great scandal, risking both women’s reputations—and likely earning William’s disgust as well. It was best if she departed while he still thought well of her.

This is my fault! I was too enamored of the masquerade, and now I have disappointed William. She needed to find Louisa and depart immediately.

A glance over the balustrade to the garden below revealed a glimpse of Louisa’s blue dress. She could collect her friend and be gone before the next set started. But William must not notice them leaving the estate.

Inspiration struck. “The dancing has made me very thirsty. Could you possibly obtain a glass of lemonade for me?”

He frowned, but she gave him her best imploring look. “Certainly, but I am not finished with this subject. I will convince you somehow.” He turned and walked briskly toward the crush surrounding the lemonade table.

Elizabeth hated her small deception, but it was necessary. It also relieved her of the burden of bidding goodbye to William. She could pretend she might see him again.


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