Win, Lose, or Darcy – Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Hello everyone

We continue to see so many new releases in JAFF that I feel some authors are just unstoppable! One of them is Jennifer Joy whose debut book, Darcy’s Ultimatum, was released in March 2015, and who has released since 5 other books!

And guess what? She didn’t stop there and I’m happy to announce that she will release her 7th novel on June 23rd. Impressive right?

Today I bring to you the blurb of Win, Lose or Darcy and reveal it’s cover! It’s the second cover reveal I’m doing for one of Jennifer Joy’s books, and the first cover I revealed, Accusing Elizabeth, remains one of my favorites!

I would like to know your opinion on this one, but before the cover, and to better understand the title, I invite you to read the blurb:



***Book Blurb***


Fortunes may be won or lost, but there is only one Mr. Darcy!

Mrs. Bennet wins the lottery! When the battle ensues over how to invest their new wealth, Elizabeth Bennet sees an opportunity to reunite her heartbroken sister with Mr. Bingley in London. Once in town, Elizabeth befriends Miss Sophia Kingsley, a highly influential young lady in the beau monde, and soon finds herself in the midst of a society intolerant of her family’s improprieties.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is drawn to Elizabeth Bennet’s charming wit— despite her appalling family. But with the Season fast approaching, the competition to win Elizabeth’s affection intensifies as Mr. Gerard Gordon makes his intentions clear.

Will Mrs. Bennet´s gambling and Mr. Bennet’s indolence ruin Elizabeth´s chances of love and happiness before the London Season begins? Will Mr. Darcy overcome his pride and the manipulations of his friends in order to marry the woman of his choice?

Win, lose, or draw, our dear couple finds their happily ever after… we hope.

*This is a light-hearted, sweet romance based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.




Now without further ado, here is the cover:




***It’s giveaway time!***


Apart from the cover, Jennifer Joy brought to From Pemberley to Milton four e-book copies of Win, Lose or Darcy to offer to our readers across the globe.

The giveaway is international and to participate all you have to do is comment this post by sharing your thoughts on the blurb, the cover, or Jennifer’s previous books. If you want to double your chances of winning, you can also comment on the excerpt we will share on the release date! Don’t forget to stop by, learn more about the book and double your chance of winning.

The giveaway is open until the 30th of June and the lucky winners will be randomly picked and announced a few days later.

Good luck everyone!


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77 responses to “Win, Lose, or Darcy – Cover Reveal & Giveaway

  1. Congrats, Jennifer. Thanks for posting, Rita. This is a lovely cover and I, personally, believe this is her best story. I LOVED this Darcy and Elizabeth from cover to cover.


  2. Marie jones

    I loved this book .its fast paced, different and absolutely a page turner


  3. Patricia Finnegan

    I love the blue dress on the cover!


  4. Theresa M

    love the cover and this seems like a great book to start off the summer!
    Thanks for the blurb and the giveaway!


  5. Maureen C

    Jennifer, I don’t know how you keep coming up with all these ideas for stories, but I’m glad you do! Looks like another fun read. I love the blue dress on the book cover!


  6. does Mr Darcy know Elizabeth beforehand? and who is trying to manipulate Mr Darcy? he cannot be manipualted, right? I am not happy about that *joke*
    Is the house on the cover Mr Darcy´s town house? or Elizabeth? 😛

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    • The story starts off at the Netherfield Ball with all of the unfortunate misunderstandings having taken place beforehand. (The Meryton Assembly… yikes!) As for the rest, I hope you win so you can find out!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Sheila L. M.

    I will be reading this as I have enjoyed all her other books. Yes the cover is just lovely and the story sounds intriguing. Good luck with the release.


  8. Beautiful Cover as always. Sounds like a fun story. Can’t wait. Jen Red


  9. Love the cover and the plot looks to be great fun. Can’t wait to read it. Jen Red


  10. Mary

    I’m just delighted to learn that Mr Gerard Gordon is making his intentions clear!!! There’s nothing like a little bit of jealousy to spice things up!!
    It serves to give certain people a decided purpose and ‘encourages’ them in deciding what they want in their future,and,more importantly,who they want in they future!
    Sounds like a wonderful story!!


  11. I really like the blue of the dress


  12. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of this at the beta stage and as others above have surmised, it’s a really fun read!

    The cover is lovely, Jennifer, and I’m wishing you all the best for the launch.


  13. Jessica Varbel

    As always I look forward to reading your new releases! Love the color of the dress on your cover.


  14. Mrs Bennet a gamester? This I gotta see! I could not find this book on amazon so cannot mark it for my must-read list nor read a synopsis there, so am trusting from what I’ve seen here that this is one I do not want to miss. Lovely cover (yes, gorgeous dress) and anything that makes me fall even further in love with Mr Darcy is definitely my cup of tea. Do please enter me in your generous giveaway! (I did so adore Accusing Elizabeth too.)


    • We’re getting a jump start on release day (June 23rd) by posting this cover reveal today, and then a rather long excerpt on Thursday! I loved writing this Darcy so much and was heavy-handed with the HEAs. Thank you for your kind words, Janis, and best wishes to you!


  15. Carole in Canada

    Well this is exciting news! Like others above, I love your books and look forward to the ‘drama’ of Mrs. Bennet winning the lottery and the chaos that invokes! I also like to see a bit of competition for Elizabeth’s affections! Let the games begin! Lovely cover!


  16. Glynis

    Lovely cover. And sounds like another great book by Jennifer to add to the ones I already have. Although I hope Darcy doesn’t have too much of a fight on his hands trying to win Elizabeth. Thanks for the chance to win a copy Rita and Jennifer. 😊


  17. Ginna

    I just LOVE the title!


  18. Mrs. Bennet wins the lottery? Now that’s a variation I haven’t read before. It sounds fantastic!


  19. Debbie Brown

    I think my favorite of Jennifer Joy’s books so far is Accusing Elizabeth.It’s such a great whodunit, and I was really surprised with the solution to the mystery! I’m looking forward to reading her latest. Thank you for this giveaway!


  20. Nicole

    Great Cover and Love the Story line please keep on writing


  21. Oooh what an exciting blurb! Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. Lynn Bischoff

    Sounds like another good read from Jennifer.


  23. The cover is so pretty. Oh, that Mrs. Bennet. I wonder if Mrs Bennet loses the lottery money to gambling… I am sure Mrs. Bennet will be worse than ever. I know there will be an HEA, thank goodness. Looking so forward to reading this story.


  24. Nice cover. I look forward to getting a copy of your new book.


  25. Sophia Rose

    What a sweet, bashful model and fits what I’d imagine of an Elizabeth suddenly thrown into the higher circles of society like in this story. I’m intrigued by the premise, too.


  26. Congrats on your newest, Jennifer! I can’t wait to read it!

    Love the cover. That blue dress is lovely!


  27. Love the color of her dress on the cover!! Thank you for the giveaway!!


  28. Carol

    Oh joy, Joy! Cannot wait for your new story. Love the beautiful cover. Hard to tell exactly what color, but it looks turquoise. Love it!


  29. Carol

    On joy, Joy! Beautiful cover, I love the color of Elizabeth’s dress. Cannot wait for the book.


  30. Wow, I can hardly wait. The cover is beautiful, and the idea is intriguing. I know I absolutely loved the book, Accusing Elizabeth. I liked the others too, but that one I remember her really well, as I lost a lot of sleep over that one. It had a great cover and great story. This idea sounds like a real winner if only things will work out for Elizabeth.


    • Did you lose sleep or a pig? 😀 I don’t have Darcy chasing pigs in this story, but he is the hero on several occasions. Elizabeth’s family is a tribulation for her, but I think that’s part of the reason we love the Bennets so much. Who doesn’t like a little crazy in their family? 😀


  31. Candice Nutt

    Beautiful cover! She looks very close to how I imagine Lizzie in my mind. The blurb definitely has me intrigued! I can’t wait to read this!


  32. Just LOVE Jennifer’s books – Win, Lose or Darcy sounds like fun and I can’t wait to read it. Wishing you much success on the release of the book!❤️


  33. Wonderful cover! With you being such a wonderful storyteller it must be a great story. I hope to get lucky but just in case I will be sure to add it to my wish list!


  34. BeckyC

    Love Jennifer’s books. This is a must read for me.


  35. Dung

    Congrats on your newest release! Love the color of the dress on the cover!


  36. Excellent, sign me up. Jennifer Joy writes such sweet tales. Congratulations, Jennifer Joy, on the 7th book!


  37. Lynn char

    What a wonderful cover!!! Can’t wait to read this as I’ve really enjoyed your previous books!


  38. Kim P.

    I’ve only read one of your books so far, where have I been?? It sounds like I’m missing some great stories, can’t wait to catch up! Gorgeous cover, I want that dress!


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