The Honorable Mr. Darcy – Launch Post & Giveaway

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I’m pleased to celebrate with all of you the release of Jennifer Joy’s new book!

It doesn’t seem too long ago that she released her last book Win, Lose or Darcy, but after writing Accusing Elizabeth, Jennifer Joy developed a tender regard for mysteries, and some ideas could not get out of her head, so a few months later The Honorable Mr. Darcy came to life and today it’s being released for sale in Amazon. You can check it by cliking here.


honorableThe Honorable Mr. Darcy is the first volume of the Meryton Mystery Series and revolves about the murder of George Wickham, but do not fear, you will have some closure with this book as the identity of the murderer is revealed, quite surprisingly I might add!

Curious about the premise? You can read more about it below:


***Book Blurb***

Everyone has a secret. Who will kill to keep theirs?


Lieutenant George Wickham is dead.

The shot rings out in Wickham’s tent as the good citizens of Meryton dance the night away at Mr. Bingley’s Netherfield ball. The only person who can confirm Fitzwilliam Darcy’s alibi faces the loss of her reputation and her freedom if she comes forward.

Convinced that her sole motive is the pursuit of justice— and not her growing attraction to Mr. Darcy— Elizabeth Bennet begins an investigation to clear his name and evade an unwanted marriage.

If Darcy didn’t shoot Wickham in cold blood, who did? Which of Longbourn’s neighbors is not who they seem?

With a killer on the loose, can Elizabeth avoid being the next victim as she comes closer to revealing the truth?

Bestselling author, Jennifer Joy, brings you The Honorable Mr. Darcy, the first standalone book in the A Meryton Mystery romance series. If you like falling in love with characters as they fall for each other while uncovering shocking secrets, then you’ll love this mystery romance.




To celebrate the launch of the book we bring you today an excerpt of my favourite scene in the book.

I hope you like this little teaser 🙂




A rustle in the corner of the room startled Darcy from his thoughts. Squinting his eyes against the darkness, he saw a lump on top of the couch.

He drew closer, his steps hushed against the carpet. When he saw that it was a young lady, he started. He ought to leave the room. But something about the lady made him peer closer.

Her dark hair blended into her surroundings. However, the familiar curve of her lips and the mischievous arch of her brows– even in sleep– identified her. It was Miss Elizabeth Bennet. She had avoided him all evening, and now here she was. He would have enjoyed her conversation.

Leaning down, he appreciated how peaceful she looked in slumber with her eyelashes spread across her cheek. She sighed and shifted her weight, freezing Darcy in place. Slowly and deliberately, he shifted his weight to his toes so that he might depart without waking her. He took a step back and lost his balance when he stumbled on an object lying on the floor. Flailing his arms out to avoid toppling over, his hand whacked against a vase or lamp or something inconveniently placed. It clattered to the floor in the one place not covered by a rug to soften its fall just as the clock struck the top of the hour. Darcy reached for the offending object which had caused his stumble and soon held in his hands one of Miss Elizabeth’s slippers.

“Who is there?” asked Miss Elizabeth in a startled voice.

Darcy groaned. “I apologize if I startled you, Miss Elizabeth. I was not aware anyone else was in the library. I shall depart.”

He had closed the library door behind him. If anyone chanced upon them alone in the dark room, Miss Elizabeth’s reputation would be compromised.

“What time is it?” she asked, looking around her frantically.

“The clock just struck midnight.”

“Midnight? Drat it all, I must have fallen asleep. I must go.”

She scrambled to her feet, her stocking toes searching for her slippers. Darcy reached down and placed the one he held before her.

The door widened and Bingley’s housekeeper peeked in. “Is anyone in here?” she asked.

Miss Elizabeth moved forward. If they were seen… Darcy clamped his hand over her mouth, pulling her against him further into the shadows.

With a cluck, the housekeeper closed the door, locking it behind her. They were stuck.




Elizabeth’s immediate inclination was to bite Mr. Darcy’s thick fingers, which she did with enthusiasm. Though she heard him suck in air sharply, his arms did not loosen from around her. She would scream if only she could breathe.

“Hush!” he hissed, his breath tickling her ear and annoying her further.

She found herself stuck in Mr. Bingley’s library with Mr. Darcy. Alone. Together.

The clattering of the housekeeper’s keys stopped and after a few seconds, Mr. Darcy released his hold on her.

Taking a large step away, she spun around to face him. “Why did you prevent me from leaving? Now, we are locked in!” She ought to have stomped on his foot.

Taking off his glove and rubbing the finger she had bitten, he visibly controlled his breath. Only one angry tremor marred the control in his low baritone, “If Mrs. Harris saw you, she may very well have seen me too. Can you imagine the consequences to your reputation had she seen me attempting to hide from her in a dark library?”

His smooth voice and sound reasoning stood no chance before her ire. “And can you imagine the consequences when I am missed and it is discovered that both of us have gone missing from the ballroom?”

Mr. Darcy paced, reminding Elizabeth of a black panther she had seen at an exhibition once. “If we are caught here, you will be compromised and I will have to make an offer for you.”

“You would act honorably toward me when you have failed to do so for others?” she spat.

Running his uninjured hand through his perfect hair, he said, “I can only guess that you refer to Mr. Wickham. Let me assure you, Miss Bennet, that there is more to that tragic story than he would dare admit to you. He is not to be trusted.”

“And I am to trust you?” She poured as much sarcasm as she could muster into her tone.

“Trust is earned, not seduced with charm.”

She scoffed. “And what do you know of charm, sir? Perhaps you can enlighten me as I have yet to see its display in your behavior.”

He closed the distance between them with one step. His dark eyes lit with a smoldering fire which made her skin tingle. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and lifted her chin before her thoughts muddled.

“Of what use is charm when it is used to disguise one’s flaws?”

“Of which you have none, I suppose?”

“I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding nor so grave as those of Mr. Wickham.”

“You believe yourself more honorable than he when you are the one locked in a dark room with an unmarried lady?” It was a low blow, but the irony of his claims and their present situation was too great to ignore.

“I will marry you if it comes to that.” He sounded as thrilled about it as she did.

“And what makes you think I would accept your offer? Nay, Mr. Darcy, neither of us wants to be trapped in a loveless marriage. No more than we want to be trapped in this room. There must be a way out.”

She pulled out a hairpin and scurried to the door.

“You must be quiet lest someone pass by,” ordered Mr. Darcy.

Annoyed, she answered, “I suppose you have a better way?”

The doorknob rattled and Elizabeth jumped back, clamping her hand over her mouth to keep from exclaiming aloud. Jovial voices on the other side of the door conversed.

Mr. Darcy tugged his hand through his hair, resting it on the back of his neck. “This is lovely,” he mumbled.

Elizabeth remained by the door, hoping that the gaggle of people on the other side would leave.

“We must find another way out,” said Mr. Darcy. He turned to the window, pulling the curtains aside.

“I could climb out the window,” she suggested, opening the glass and peeking out. Nobody was about.

“Absolutely not!”

Crossing her arms, she asked, “Why not? I am light and can easily fit through the opening.”

“What if you fall?”

Must he object to her every idea? What an agitating man. “There is a nice ledge running around the house and I am certain that it will be no more difficult to jump down from it than from the branch of a tree.”

Mr. Darcy looked shocked. “You have experience climbing trees?”

Squaring her shoulders, she said proudly, “I have had sufficient practice over the years.” What did she care if he thought her a hoyden? His opinion meant little to her.

“Why does that not surprise me?” he smiled, disarming Elizabeth’s witty retort on the advantages of tree-climbing. He had a nice smile. A beautiful smile. She nearly smiled back at him before she remembered that she did not like him. Not in the least.

He continued, “I do not doubt your skills, Miss Elizabeth. However, I doubt you have attempted the feat in a gown and slippers. Were you to return to the assembly with your dress torn, it might prove difficult to provide a satisfying answer without compromising yourself further.”

There was that. She dearly wanted to contradict him, but she could find no fault with his reasoning.

“What do you propose then, Mr. Darcy?” She looked him squarely in the face, determined he not see how greatly his smile had disturbed her.

“I will do it.”

“But will you fit through the opening?” His superior height and wide shoulders would not allow it. Only the most agile of men could make such a climb without his size hindering him.

“I can squeeze through the side. Do you doubt my abilities?” he asked, his eyes full of… mischief? Mr. Darcy knew how to tease? He even appeared to look forward to the risky descent. Elizabeth did not know what to make of him, and it grew increasingly difficult for her not to smile at him.

“Who am I to doubt you, sir? The fact is that we need to leave this room before we are discovered, and our only other escape is blocked,” she said, keeping her voice down. She still held the hair pin with which she had planned to pick the lock. Frustrated and confused, she shoved it back into place, jabbing her scalp. Oh, how she wished she did not need Mr. Darcy’s help. She could manage well enough on her own.

“I will enter the house again as if I had merely stepped out of doors for some fresh air, and I will ask where you might be so that I may request a dance.”

So much for refusing to dance him. She really had no choice. “Ask Jane. She will know to look for me here.”

“It is the first place I would have thought to look.” He looked at her as if he expected her to say something, but his understanding of her only made her wonder why he would remember that unimportant detail. He had given no indication during her stay at Netherfield Park to care for Jane that he noticed her at all.

Accepting her silence, to which she was grateful, he bowed. “Very good. Now I must be on my way.” Like a cat, he hopped up and through the window, his coat slipping across the frame as he squeezed through in one smooth motion. “Please be so kind as to close the window,” he said as he inched across the ledge and leapt down to the ground with ease.

Elizabeth reached out to the glass, letting the cold breeze cool the spark of admiration and flame of curiosity. Tugging at the curtain, she paused. Was that a shadow behind the fountain?


***It’s giveaway time***

Don’t you just love these cliffhangers? When I read this part of the book I could not stop to find out what would happen 🙂

But…Now it’s giveaway time!

Jennifer Joy would like to offer 4 ebook copies of The Honorable Mr. Darcy to her readers across the globe.

The giveaway is international and to participate all you have to do is comment this post. Let us know what you thought about the story or the excerpt, congratulate Jennifer on this new release, or ask her anything about the story. The comments can be anything you like 🙂

The giveaway is open until the 23rd of October and the winners will be announced shortly after.


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89 responses to “The Honorable Mr. Darcy – Launch Post & Giveaway

  1. Glynis

    How could she believe Wickham over the gorgeous Darcy? Especially when he smiles at her!!! I am so looking forward to reading this book and hope there isn’t too much angst between ODC before they admit their love. Thanks for the chance to win a copy 😊


    • I know, right?! Wickham is a sly one, but Elizabeth can’t help but notice how Darcy’s actions speak louder than Wickham’s slanderous words… It’s a bumpy ride, but they end up in a happy place 🙂 Thank you, Glynis!


  2. Sophia Rose

    Oh my stars! That was a tantalizing situation this pair got themselves into. I love mysteries and blended with an Austen story? Must have!


  3. Patricia Finnegan

    Congratulations on your new book!


  4. This sounds like a book I’d love! Look forward to reading it. Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway.


  5. KateB

    How exciting! A new Jennifer Joy’s mystery book. 🙂 I loved all of your stories Jennifer, but ‘Accusing Elizabeth’ is my absolutely favorite P&P mystery story.
    How delightful, D&E locked alone in the library. 😉 This is always fun to see ODC interacting in such circumstances. Looking forward to the giveaway.
    Congratulations on your new book! 🙂


    • Aw, thank you so much, Kate! I actually started outlining this story after finishing Accusing Elizabeth, so it’s been percolating in my mind for a while… I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you! Best wishes!


  6. Oh this sounds absolutely fantastic! I’m definitely intrigued!


  7. Ginna

    I hope you will understand when I say that I cannot read this excerpt – I don’t want to spoil the story for myself when I finally do read your book. The blurb itself is sufficient to entice me. And, of course, I would want to read any book that you have written, because I have enjoyed, so far, all of yours that I have read. So this book is going on to my ever expanding list!


  8. I love mysteries and jaff so I am happy to discover this story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  9. Well that was definitely fun 😉 stuck in a library with Darcy? I’d never leave haha!


  10. I admit that mysteries are my favourite genre, so mixing that with my second favourite, and a series, I don’t think there is anything more I need in a book as long as you don’t marry Mary to Collins, can’t wait to read. Already added to my wish list


  11. Sheila Majczan

    I have to tell you that your mother, Jennifer, told me that this is your best book yet, in her opinion. As I do trust her I am so going to be reading this a.s.a.p.


    • I’m particularly proud of this story (not Darcy proud! 😀 ) I hope you enjoy it, Sheila! Thank you!


      • Sheila Majczan

        Now I have read it, posted a 5 star review. Great mystery on top of our favorite love story!


      • Thank you so much for the review, Sheila! I love how you were able to share more details about the story without giving anything away. That takes talent!


      • Sheila Majczan

        Your mother tells me that I walk a thin line in doing so. I do hope to avoid spoilers.


      • KateB

        I agree with Sheila and your mother, Jennifer. Now I have a new favorite P&P mystery. 🙂 Excellent is an understatement. By the way, you own me for a sleepless night, Jennifer. 😉 I figured out two secrets, the third one was a surprise. Ill say no more. 🙂
        I hope I’m right that Meryton Mystery 1 means there will be MM 2, 3, 4, 5… Please, say I’m right.


      • KateB

        Lol, I mean owe me, not own me of course. 😉 This tablets know better than you, what you want to write. 🙂


      • Wow, Kate, and you left a review already! That’s like sprinkles on a delicious cupcake! That story kept me up many nights too 😀 but I’ll do good and write more for you. (Books 2 and 3 are already planned out.)

        Mom, thank you for thinking my butt is skinny 😉 and for keeping me on task.


    • Tee-Hee! I LOVE it when I’m right. (Snort!) I knew it!!! I just knew you would love this story.

      Jennifer sent this to me when she was about 2/3 done. I was frantic to find out who did it so I FaceTime’d her and asked. The goofy girl said she hadn’t figured it out yet, though she had some ideas. What’s a Mom supposed to do? Ack!!! I wanted to whip her skinny little buns for frustrating me, but since she’s so far away, I sent pleading emails instead. They didn’t work. I still had to wait. She should be much kinder to me, don’t you think? Write faster, Jen.


  12. Sue Finley

    This is a very intriguing excerpt…I have to read the rest. This type of excerpt is the type to temp any reader!


  13. Mary

    What a very clever premise! Elizabeth having to clear Darcy of the accusation of murder,delving into the past of Wickham and no doubt,the countless
    enemies he’d made.

    Yes,I love falling in love with ODC as they themselves fall in love!

    Must read this book! It sounds fab!


  14. Theresa M

    What fun!


  15. Lynn Bischoff

    Looking forward to reading this book. It sounds very intriguing.


  16. I heartily conur with what Sheila reports your Mum has said, Joy (hope that makes sense!). Having had the privilege, as one of Joy’s betas, of a sneak preview, I thoroughly enjoyed going along for the ride with this story and the reveal of the guilty party came as a total surprise. You played your cards very close to your chest there, Joy.

    Please don’t put my name into the hat for the giveaway Rita, for obvious reasons. For those who aren’t lucky in the giveaway, this new work from Joy is well worth the expenditure in time and $$$$ or ££££.


    • Oh, wow! Thank you so, so much, Anji! It was a challenge to write, but I enjoyed every minute of it! (Well… except for the times that the characters had me pulling my hair 😀 There was some of that!)


  17. Lenora Robinson

    it sounds really interesting


  18. Missy

    Oh goody!!!! I am ready for a new exciting read!!


  19. BeckyC

    Oh my! I am definitely intrigued! Congratulations Jennifer and thank you for the giveaway.


  20. Sounds terrific–murder, mystery, and mayhem! Congratulations on your new book, Jennifer Joy!


  21. Pam Hunter

    Congrats on the new release, Jennifer! Adding it to my wish list right away!


  22. Carol

    I look forward to reading your new book. I usually don’t read the excellent excerpts because I want to read the story in one shot, especially if the dastardly wicked Wickham is involved. How Elizabeth could not see through his deception is beyond me.


  23. Good luck with the new release, Jen! I’m looking forward to getting into this story!

    Thanks for sharing, Rita.


  24. Wow! I’m so excited. Looks like a must read!


  25. Laura C

    Wow! I love the premise of this, can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.


  26. Charlotte

    Lol, Stuck with mr Darcy, oh how fun!!! Why would Lizzie not want to be discovered? They would have to marry & is there anythjng more enjoyable than to be Darcy’s wife?! So want to know what happens next!!!


  27. I love your stories Jennifer, and ‘Accusing Elizabeth’ is one of my favourites.❤️️❤️️ That said, this one sounds extraordinarily good and I am thoroughly excited to read it whether I win a copy ( which I’d love but I never win🙄)or not, it’s going on my list of ‘to read’!! Congratulations on the release and prosperous sales, you are very talented! 📚


    • You know, I never win anything either, but just last week I won an MP3 speaker at the mall. So there’s hope for you! 😀 Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! They go straight to my heart ❤ I hope the odds favor you in the drawing!


  28. Emily

    Ohmygoodness!!!!! This looks so amazing! “Gimme, Gimme, I need, I need!”
    I Love Darcy! 😍


  29. Tell me it is not Wickham or Caroline?? Please!!

    I have absolutely loved this excerpt!!


  30. “His perfect hair.” LOL!
    Well, you’ve got me hooked with this excerpt. Brava on your new release, Jennifer, looking forward to adding it to my own library!


  31. Maureen C

    What a great excerpt! Looks like another excellent book. I love the combo of mystery and JAFF!

    And whose shadow was it by the fountain? Can’t wait to read this!


  32. Amanda Frank

    Congrats Joy on the new book. I can’t wait to read and find out what happens next.
    Rita, you are being mean. Leaving us with an intentional cliffhanger excerpt. That’s not very nice. Don’t worry though I still like you.


  33. I LOVED this book both times I read it. Jennifer, you are a sneaky character and I worry about your ability to disrupt poor Mr. Darcy’s life with such accomplished thoroughness. When Lizzy bit his finger I laughed out loud. Your Dad and I are very proud of you and he brags about your career so much more than mine. Me too.

    I’m counting the days until book #2 is done. I can’t believe you are going to make…the victim. You bad girl!!!


  34. Alicia

    Sounds like a good read! I loved Pride and Prejudice, so I look forward to reading this adaptation.


  35. Maria

    Wow!!! You got me hooked….can’t wait for another good read.


  36. Peggy Kuehl

    Oh, this looks delicious! I cannot wait to have this book in my collection. I love your stories.


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