The Houseguest Review & Giveaway

4.5 stars

Hello everyone,

I read The Houseguest when it was released in 2013 and absolutely loved it, so when the audiobook was released earlier this month, I knew it was the right time to re-acquaint myself with this story.

In this variation Georgiana begs Mr. Darcy to join him at Netherfield, and not wishing to disappoint his sister, he acquiesce. While she is there, she meets and befriends Elizabeth Bennet who is later on invited to spend a few days at Darcy’s London house while Mr. Darcy is out of town. But he returns earlier than expected and finding Elizabeth in Darcy House at his sister’s request, he has no alternative than to accept he will have to spend some time in her presence.

Both when I read and listened to this book I was immediately drawn into it not wishing to get away from the story. I always love books placed at Darcy’s house in London, there is a unique feeling to it and the coziness of this environment is perfect to allow Darcy and Elizabeth to develop a deep and strong relationship. And that is precisely what happens in The Houseguest.

Being forced to be in the same house for a few weeks, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth share several intimate moments and start to know each other much better. Their stolen moments at breakfast, the encounters in the library and the fight in the snow were breathtaking. I loved watching Darcy and Elizabeth in such intimate moments and having a prelude of how blissful their life together would be.

Through all this time we can feel the intensity of their relationship, and Elizabeth’s love when it starts to grow. Who doesn’t love to see Elizabeth gradually falling in love with Darcy? The moments they spend together are lovely and passionate but always within propriety, which is something I always appreciate, making this one of those love stories that sticks to my mind. (but don’t worry, those who love their passionate kisses will also find them in this book).

The characters are true to themselves, and some new additions are very interesting, namely Sir Malcom, Mr. Darcy’s rival. It was nice to see a rival for Mr. Darcy who was almost as perfect as Darcy himself. It was about time he had some real competition! But of course that Sir Malcom could never be Darcy, and after some turbulent times Elizabeth makes the only possible choice. I was only a little disappointed that Elizabeth was not more determined towards one of the two suiters and a little sooner. Of course she easily realizes who she really loves, but I wish she could have realized it sooner.

I didn’t remember the book had so many funny moments until I listened to the audiobook and some small details and inflections caught my attention. I also have to praise Brigid Lohrey for the merriment she was able to transmit in Elizabeth’s voice, she captured her teasing manner perfectly.

The Houseguest was very well written and I could easily imagine myself in every scene Elizabeth Adams describes. It has a low level of angst but enough to keep us turning the pages until the very end , and it is filled with romantic moments that allow Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to slowly build an intimate and deep relationship. I highly recommend this book to any JAFF reader in need of a good romance.


You can find The Houseguest at:



We often see the authors bio in guest posts but seldom remember to give the spotlight to the other people contributing to the success of a book. Many people are involved in the process of publishing a book but when it is released in audio version, the narrator is crucial to the success of the product, so we thought it would be interesting to let you know a little more about Brigid Lohrey who did a great job in narrating The Houseguest.


***Brigid Lohrey’s biography***

brigid-lohrey-0670-colour-finalBrigid has always enjoyed reading classical literature. She loves Austen’s work, (and has even been to the Austen Museum in Bath!) and so jumped at the chance to narrate Elizabeth Adam’s The Houseguest as soon as she read it, as it was such a great story with colorful, quintessentially English characters which she loved bringing to life.

Brigid is a character actress and started narrating audiobooks three years ago. She began with the RNIB for whom she has narrated seven Australian titles from romances to psychological thrillers. For Spoken4 (available on Audible), she has narrated Kelly Rimmer’s When I Lost You and is also currently narrating Kelly’s latest book, A Mother’s Promise, which will be out in December 2016.

As well as audiobooks, Brigid has voiced commercials and corporate jobs for both the UK and Australian markets, as well as bringing characters to life in Radio Dramas such as the English rose Emma Finney in Dark Shadows: Beneath the Veil, and Dream Commando Wahn in Dr Who: Dreamtime with Sylvester McCoy for Big Finish Productions.

Find more about Brigid Lohrey at or follow her on Twitter @brigidlohrey


*** It’s giveaway time***

To celebrate the release of The Houseguest on Audible, Elizabeth Adams would like to offer to my readers one audio or ebook copy of this book.

The winner can choose the format, and all we ask you to do is comment this post to let us know what you think of The Houseguest, or to share your good vibes with Mrs. Adams.

The giveaway is international and will end on the 25th of November right after I publish my review of Elizabeth Adam’s latest release: Meryton Vignettes.

Good Luck everyone!

Elizabeth Adams signing my copy of The Houseguest in London earlier this year…

I just couldn’t resist 😉


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33 responses to “The Houseguest Review & Giveaway

  1. Regina

    This is a book I have intended to read for a very long time, but have not yet done sol I love story lines that put Darcy in a somewhat awkward position within his own household–nice to see him a bit flustered!


  2. I’ve used the term delicious with respect to JAFF from time to time and that’s the very word that comes to mind reading the first part of your review Rita. I have to confess that I skipped the rest of it so as to save more of the enjoyment for when I get to read and/or listen to it myself.

    Audiobooks were actually responsible for my first forays into JAFF in the first place so another addition to that section (it’s by far the largest section, by the way) of my audio library. Brigid is a new narrator to me and I’m looking forward to listening to her one day.

    Good luck with the audio launch, Elizabeth and thanks for the giveaway ladies.


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  4. Reblogged this on elizabethadamswrites and commented:
    From Pemberley to Milton reviews the new audio book of The Houseguest and hosts a giveaway. Check it out!


  5. I have heard great things about this book and have had it on my wishlist for awhile. Thank you for the review and giveaway. The synopsis sounds great although the mention of another suitor has me a little nervous. Glad to hear that Elizabeth makes the right decision by the end:)


  6. Glynis

    I too loved this book. It’s a while since I last read it so I think a reread is due soon. Yes I agree that Elizabeth should really not take so long to realise her true feelings but as long as she does realise them I can cope. I have this in paperback so would love the kindle copy if I was lucky enough to win. Thank you.


  7. It’s time to quilt. . .and listen to P&P variations instead of reading them. I’d welcome this story again, this time in audible format.


  8. Love Georgiana and Elizabeth friendships 🙂 would love to read this book. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.


  9. Nicole Barton Sasser

    Enjoyed The Houseguest, would love to re-experience it via Audible!


  10. This is a great review, Rita. I loved this two and I think it was the second JAFF book I ever read. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway. I also have a copy.


  11. I loved this book, so I’m excited to see it in audio. I’m always looking for quality audio books, and there are so few JAFF compared to the number available on kindle.


  12. Maureen C

    I read and enjoyed The Houseguest a while ago. I have been adding the audio version of many books to my digital library and would love to have a copy of this one.


  13. BeckyC

    Wonderful review. I enjoyed The Houseguest and would love to enjoy again with audio. Congratulations.


  14. Nathalie

    Now I wish to read that book again.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sophia Rose

    I have had the opportunity to do a ‘re-read’ when a book is put in audio form and it’s interesting to compare my impressions and how the audio can enhance or even bring out an aspect of the story. Love that there is some good humor moments, a true rival, and an interesting change with Elizabeth in London. Definitely want to read and/or listen to this one.

    Nice review, Rita!


  16. KateB

    I loved this book, and would like to re-read it or maybe this time listen to it. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on the audio release.


  17. Lovely cover, tantalizing premise. Your review really drew me in. Adding this to my Must-Read list!


  18. I have read it twice. The second time just before May and I enjoyed it as much as the first time. It is a nice review Rita.
    I think Darcy cannot be more shocked when he finds his houseguest ^^


  19. Mary

    What a lovely review,Rita!
    Sounds like you really enjourd listening to the audio version,having a great narrator makes all the difference.
    Have read and really enjoyed this story,so please don’t enter me in the giveaway.


  20. Pam Hunter

    Enjoyed the book very much! I’d love to hear the audio version. Thanks for a chance to win a copy!


  21. I love it when Georgiana arrives early into the story 🙂 And rivals (either for Darcy or Elizabeth) always make the story more fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. This story sounds really good, I’d love to spend some time at Darcy’s place with him and his sister myself 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Maria

    Lovely review! I am so curious to read this book! I’ve read Green Card by Elizabeth Adams and I’m eager to see if I enjoy her writing in an Austenesque book as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Well, there’s a lot to be said towards what would make me want to read this book (or hear it). Rita eloquently explained them all, so I don’t have to.
    But I will add: Georgiana. I really have a fondness for her that makes every book where she is more present have precedence over others xD

    Would be a delightful read (or listen) for the coming cold days, with an invigorating cup of tea and a cozy blanket!


  25. Amanda Frank

    I love when Georgiana gets to play a part in the story. These books really intrigue and I have wanted to read this one for awhile. A little more about Georgiana, I really started to love her character more when I saw The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and their modern version of her, Gigi. It made me appreciate her more.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Sheila Majczan

    I remember reading this a while back and enjoying it. Sweet good feel story.

    Liked by 1 person

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