Jane Austen’s shopping cart…A few ideas for Christmas gifts


Hello dear readers,

How are you this week? Have you done much Christmas shopping already? I haven’t even started yet, but I already have an idea of what I want to give to my family J For my friends, though…it’s been hard to choose something nice and original.

Last Christmas one of my best friends offered me a Pride and Prejudice mug that she found on Amazon, so I thought I could use her example and search for book related mugs for some of my friends as well. I started looking in Amazon and I confess I was really amazed at how many products are out there! I usually just use Amazon to buy books and cd’s, but when I started searching for mugs, I realized there are lots, and lots and lots of book related items for sale. I started looking for Jane Austen products of course, and discovered some very interesting things J That’s when I thought that maybe you would find them interesting as well, so today’s post is not a review or a guest post, but more of a free style post where I share my favorite Jane Austen discoveries on amazon…and Janet Taylor’s page, because who can resist buying her products?

When it comes to clothing I knew there were some t-shirts using Jane Austen’s sentences, but did you know there are also other types of garments such as socks?

My top 3 favourite items on clothing department were a pair of knee socks, a scarf and a tote bag. Aren’t they beautiful? (if the image is too small, click on it and it will take you to the amazon page where you can use the zoom on the images :))) )

The scarf is a little bit more expensive and out of my budget this year, but I’m convinced to buy the socks!

I also discovered some original and classy things in the jewelry department. Some of them will make good presents for my bookish friends, especially as they are not that expensive 🙂 The necklaces are just 16 dollars each and the bracelet 4,24.

And did you know that you can also find some items for men? I would buy this t-shirt for my husband if I had any hope he would ever wear it 😉

Adults are not the only ones who can get Jane Austen related gifts, there are also lot’s of items for children, and they can not refuse a presente can they? Well…they may not like it and throw it to a corner, but I think Janeites will not resist buying at least one Jane Austen item for their children once in their life 🙂

At least I think many children’s items are too cute to resist. My favourite discoveries were children’s books like Goodnight Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice Babylit Counting Primer , or Sense & Sensibility Babylit Opposites Primer (I just added one because I din’t want to fill you with images, but there are so many nice children books about Jane Austen’s works our there!), the Jane Austen Action Figure and Jane Austen tattoos:

One of the funniest discoveries I made while searching for children’s items were the Jane Austen Bandages!! Isn’t that amazing? I think I’ll buy some for myself, and I will definitely wear them! I would never wish for Rui to get hurt, but a simple paper cut would be very funny if the only bandages available at home were the Jane Austen ones 🙂

And this wouldn’t be complete without stationary would it? I am a little obsessed with stationary, I just love all types of things 🙂 In fact, I do have some of the items on this list, but I always bought them on my travels and never in Amazon. Like I said…Amazon did surprise me 🙂 Below you’ll see Jane Austen note cards, Jane Austen’s mousepad  and Jane Austen Address book,

And…as I said, I do love stationary, so I couldn’t resist showing you more products…I could hardly leave Amazon’s webpage when I started seeing all these things! The last 3 items are a 2017 Persuasion Planner, a Persuasion mousepad, and Persuasion Coloring Book. Can you tell Persuasion is my second favorite novel? The last item made me realise that there are tons Jane Austen Coloring books and some of them will make great additional gifts to my 7 and 8 year old nieces 🙂

I also found some decorating items that I found particularly beautiful, but my favorite was this black and white Pride and Prejudice Poster.

But this all started with the mug Anabela gave me last Christmas didn’t it? So there is no better ending then showing you some of the mugs and cups I found:

If you have not completed your Christmas shopping yet, I hope this post might help you identify some Jane Austen products you could offer some of your friends and family…or give your friends and family some ideas of what they can offer you 🙂

I almost forgot, this is the mug that started it all…




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19 responses to “Jane Austen’s shopping cart…A few ideas for Christmas gifts

  1. I love these choices and especially that bookstack mug! Thank you for sharing more places to feed my Austen obsession… can there ever be enough?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina Boyd

    Dear Santa, I like it all. 💗🎄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have GOT to get that shirt of my husband…and given that he will wear period dress with me, I’m sure he’d wear it!


    • Lucky you Maria! I wish my husband would accept to dress up as Mr.Darcy 🙂 I’m not even sure about the t-shirt, even if I don’t understand why anyone would refuse to wear It, it is amazing!


  4. Glynis

    Some lovely things there Rita. I too love stationery and am a sucker for unusual pens and notepads. My only problem is when I get them I tend to save them for something special then I forget to use them. There are some lovely things though so I might have to check them out. Thanks for the info.


    • Me too Glynis!! I have a drawer full of unused notepads!! Most of them are so beautiful that I can not bear to write anything in them. It goes against the purpose of notepads but I always prefer to have them as they were made 🙂
      I didn’t find any Jane Austen pen or pencil, I’ll have to look for that 🙂


  5. Sophia Rose

    Oh man! I would love any and all of these.

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  6. I love this blog –and put a link on my facebook page. Thanks for posting it!


  7. Sheila L. Majczan

    So glad you tracked down all those lovely gifts. I have bought a number of JA toddler hard cover books and soft covers books for my granddaughter.


  8. Mary

    Rita,what a wonderful senecyion of Austen inspired gifts! And like the others,I would love them all!
    I’m the proud owner of an Austen themed notebook and mug,so I don’t feel too bad,although those socks are tempting now that we’re in the cold,chilly days of Winter!
    Happy hols Rita and to all of your readers!


  9. What a neat post! My husband usually gets me stuff like this every year. So far, I have those note cards, a tote bag, and a puzzle. Such fun! Merry Christmas, Rita!


  10. Dear Santa,
    Here is my Christmas List. I’ve been ever such a good girl this year xxx.

    I’d love any or all of these items, but I’ve just checked and quite a few aren’t available in the UK, unless we’re willing to pay the shipping costs from the US. Ah well! I’ll have to check Amazon UK to see if there’s anything similar.

    One of the ones that is, though, is the Babylit book Goodnight Mr. Darcy. I’m not a grandma yet, but two and a half months ago, I became a great aunt for the first time. Guess what my great-niece is getting for Christmas? Get them started young!


  11. What a wonderful collection of goodies!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas, Rita. Now I want them all 😉


  12. Theresa M

    Love it! I did give my great niece the Goodnight Mr Darcy book when she was born….couldn’t resist!


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