To Forget: Darcy’s London Christmas


Hello dear readers,

How are you? And how was your Christmas? For the first time I had my family coming over to my house for Christmas and I really enjoyed it! Too bad it was only 2 days and I didn’t have time to rest a little…

In fact I’m still catching up for everything and I have to apologize to you for being absent for so long. I intended to post several Christmas reviews and ended up only posting one, so today I will post the review for one of my favorite Christmas reads this year, To Forget: Darcy’s London Christmas by Maria Grace.

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On their first Christmas as a married couple Elizabeth asks Darcy how he spent his previous Christmas. He starts remembering and telling her how he spent his days after leaving Hertfordshire, how he struggled to forget her, how she haunted him in every social meeting, in every social encounter and even how went to Mr. Gardiner’s shop in the hope of seeing her.

Seeing Darcy remember those days and reading everything from his point of view was absolutely delightful as it made me feel really close to Darcy and his heart.

But last Christmas is not the only thing Mr. Darcy recalls, he remembers several moments spent with his mother while he was a child and as a young boy. He remembers her teachings and the lessons she gave him to become the honorable and kind person he turned out to be. This may seem a small detail, but I loved how Mr. Darcy’s mother made me feel calm and relaxed while reading this book. I could feel the love she felt for her child and it was somehow reassuring to know Mr. Darcy still had these fond memories of his mother.

If you want to spend some time with Mr. Darcy and to get to know him and his deeper feelings and thoughts, this is the book for you. When I was reading this book I felt there was no one else with me except Mr. Darcy. It was just me, him and a warm cup of coffee.

This is a perfect short story to read on a Saturday afternoon while the rain is falling outside, it is cozy and it gives us a sense of peace that fills our soul. I highly recommend it, but please bear in mind that it is a short story and it will be a very fast read.

You can find this book at: – To Forget: Darcy’s London Christmas  – To Forget: Darcy’s London Christmas



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13 responses to “To Forget: Darcy’s London Christmas

  1. Thank you for your review. I must add this to my holiday TBR! Glad you had a lovely holiday. Hope you get some rest soon.


  2. Glynis

    Oh Rita, I love that thought ‘Darcy, me and a cup of coffee’ in fact I could forget the coffee! I do like the sound of this book and will definitely add it to my list. Thanks for the review 😊


  3. Mary

    Rita,just you,a cup of coffee and Mr Darcy!!!
    What a simply perfect way to while away an hour!!
    Loved your review!! ☕️😌


  4. Dung

    Lovely review! I always reading Darcy’s POV. He’s such an intriguing guy! Hope you get plenty of rest and get more time to read…


  5. Sophia Rose

    For some reason, I didn’t notice this one being released. It sounds lovely especially his memories of his mother. Nice review, Rita.

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas with family. We went to spend Christmas with my husband’s family.


  6. sounds like a lovely story



  7. Rita, your review is just spot on! This is a lovely read, especially if you should happen to have a quiet afternoon sometime over the holiday season.


  8. I’m glad to see you enjoyed this one as much as I did! It was nice getting to spend some time in Darcy’s head and getting a glimpse of his childhood. Happy New Year!

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  9. Carole in Canada

    What a lovely review and one of Maria’s stories I haven’t read yet! I will have to get it especially if: ” It was just me, him and a warm cup of coffee.”!!!
    Glad you had a lovely holiday with the family. Mine just left today so this weekend will be great for catching up!


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