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Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week here at From Pemberley to Milton but I hope I can still reach all of you with a guest post from Sophie Turner, who has released an outside of the box book that is quite different from her previous works. Don’t worry, it is still JAFF but it does have some mature content that makes this a book appropriate for an audience over 18.

This is the final stop of the blog tour organised by the wonderful Claudine Pepe from JustJane1813, and I can see from the comments on the posts throughout the tour, that the book has got everyone very curious, myself included 🙂

I hope your curiosity and enthusiasm has not abated because today I’m very, very happy to welcome Sophie Turner with a vignette, that I hope is to your liking.

Also, take this last opportunity to win a copy of the book by commenting this post 🙂

Happy reading and enjoy!


One night, to decide his entire life’s happiness.

Chastened by Charles Bingley following Mr. Bennet’s untimely death, Fitzwilliam Darcy determines he will offer marriage to Elizabeth Bennet, but she marries another.

Years later, a widowed Elizabeth is mistress of Longbourn, and has vowed she will never marry again. A house party at Netherfield brings them back together, but Darcy will have to win more than her heart if he is to have any chance at making her mistress of Pemberley.

Readers of Sophie Turner’s more chaste Constant Love series should be aware that this novel contains decidedly adult content at certain parts of the story.

You can find this book at:


Good morning, Rita. Thank you for the opportunity to visit your lovely blog, From Pemberley to Milton, and for allowing me to share this vignette with your readers from my new story, “Mistress.” As this is the final post for my blog tour, I’d like to say that I hope you and your readers have enjoyed this tour and that they take the time today to enjoy this final post and giveaway, along with this special Spotify playlist that was inspired by this story.

The presence of a strange equipage in Longbourn’s drive must have been announced within the house, for Elizabeth came out with her hands upon her hips, asking, “What is this?”

“This is Chip,” Darcy said, jumping down from the phaeton and then remembering the umbrella. Tom had followed him on Archer, leading Darcy’s own horse for the return journey, but he stayed mounted, and so no-one was holding Chip as Darcy began his demonstration. He ran at the pony, waving his arms, making such sounds as could usually be counted upon to spook a horse. He opened the umbrella right before Chip’s face and waved it around over the pony’s head, and all the while Chip looked at him placidly, if a little curiously.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, was laughing with her head thrown back at his antics, and Darcy thought it had been worth the cost of the pony if just to amuse her so thoroughly. Seeing he had stopped, however, she turned serious, and said, “Mr. Darcy, I told you not to attempt to make me a horsewoman.”

“You said not to make you a horse-rider. You said nothing about driving, Mrs. Collins. Would you turn away the sweetest-tempered pony that ever was, without even trying him? Without even coming over to make his acquaintance?”

Resigning herself at least to this, Elizabeth came over to where they stood, hesitantly reaching out to stroke the pony’s nose. She erred, in doing this, although with Chip it did not matter.

“Approach him a little from the side, next time,” Darcy said, gently laying his hand on her shoulder, and encouraging her to move to a better location, one which did happen to be nearer him. He ignored the thrill such closeness brought him, and continued, “We have yet to find that which will startle him, so it is of little matter to Chip, but it is good to get into the habit. Horses cannot see just before their noses, so for you to touch them without their seeing your hand approach is just like someone sneaking up behind you or I, and tapping us on the back.”

Elizabeth nodded, and recommenced stroking the pony’s nose. “He is very sweet, I will give you that, Mr. Darcy. But I cannot accept him from you, nor the carriage.”

“Mrs. Collins, there can never be said to be no risks, when horses are involved, but they could not be minimised more, with this pony and this phaeton. The wheels are low – if you do someday encounter that which startles Chip, it is only a little jump to safety. You may conduct your estate business without needing to walk anywhere, so you need only walk when you wish to for your pleasure.”

“I – it is a fine idea, and one I might consider, but I meant that I cannot accept such a gift from you. People will talk more than they are already.”

So her concern was for her reputation, then. Darcy was glad to have this confirmed, rather than the alternative, and said, “If that worries you, then try him for a time – I will teach you to drive him – and if you find you wish to keep him, then I will sell him to you. The phaeton, as well.”

Elizabeth had not stopped stroking the pony’s nose, and Darcy thought this boded well for Chip, and for himself. She looked over the phaeton, and seemed to consider the possibility seriously. She sighed. “Very well Mr. Darcy, I will give Chip a trial.”

“Mistress” is the first story I’ve published with adult content, and as I was writing, I began to realize that I needed to be very careful to avoid accidental innuendo. In this excerpt, Elizabeth’s statement that she will give the pony, Chip, a trial, ends the chapter, and when I first wrote it, she said: “Very well Mr. Darcy, I will learn to drive your pony.”

This lasted all of about 10 seconds before it made me think of the Ginwine song. My inner teenager had a good long laugh over it, and then of course it got rewritten. I did add the song to my writing playlist, though, for a little comic relief at the end of what was a fairly serious set of songs.

“Pony” wasn’t the only song that developed a connection to this story. When I wrote the first draft, Adele’s “Hello” was EVERYWHERE, and while the actual lyrics didn’t apply to the story, thematically and musically, I drew a lot of inspiration from it. For readers interested in further musical accompaniment to “Mistress,” here’s a Spotify playlist with some of my favorite songs from my writing playlist. Sans “Pony,” of course!


Sophie Turner worked as an online editor before delving even more fully into the tech world. Writing, researching the Regency era, and occasionally dreaming about living in Britain are her escapes from her day job.

She was afraid of long series until she ventured upon Patrick O’Brian’s 20-book Aubrey-Maturin masterpiece, something she might have repeated five times through.

Alas, her Constant Love series is only planned to be seven books right now, and consists of A Constant Love, A Change of Legacies, and the in-progress A Season Lost.

She blogs about her writing endeavours at sophie-turner-acl.blogspot.com, where readers can find direction for the various social drawing-rooms across the Internet where she may be called upon.

You can find Sophie Turner in the following social media:

Facebook   Twitter   Sophie Turner’s Blog

Goodreads   Pinterest   Amazon


Sophie Turner is giving away two ebooks of Mistress at each blog tour stop. To enter the giveaway here at From Pemberley to Milton, all you have to do is comment on this post and let us know what you though of this guest post.

This is the last stop of the tour, so don’t miss this last opportunity to win a copy of Sophie Turner latest novel.

The giveaway is international and is opened until the 9th of April. The winners will be announced shortly after.

Follow this blog to make sure you receive an e-mail with the winners announcement, you will not want to miss the opportunity to receive the book just because you missed your name in the announcement 🙂

Good Luck everyone!

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42 responses to “Mistress – Guest Post & Giveaway

  1. Sheila L. Majczan

    I loved this story, both as a WIP and when it was published.


  2. Aww thank you for that sweet excerpt, I loved it! Excited to read this book.


  3. KateB

    I’m always sad, when a great blog tour comes to an end. 😦 Thanks Rita for closing it with such a cute and funny scene. I loved it.

    Thanks ladies for organizing this exciting tour, I enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂


    • Aww, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it, Kate! And Claudine did an amazing job organizing this…it’s been so fun to go around to all of the blogs and see everyone’s reaction to the different posts. Good luck in the giveaway — I hope you’re rewarded for following along! 🙂


  4. Mary

    I treated myself to this book as I had heard great things about it. Needless to say,I could not put it down! I thought it was a wonderful story,beautifully written,with just enough clues as to Lizzy’s past that help you appreciate the lengths both she and Darcy go to in the pursuit of a happy, united, trusting and committed relationship.
    Loved it! Highly recommended!!


  5. Carole in Canada

    Oh Sophie I am so looking forward to reading this book! I had to laugh about the ‘pony’ comment at the end! Mr. Darcy has certainly melted my heart already! What an eclectic mix of music you have selected! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!


  6. Glynis

    Wonderful wonderful book! I was lucky enough to win a copy earlier in the tour but would have bought it this week if not. And it would have been well worth the money. I loved it. This Darcy was so caring, loving, devoted and romantic. I won’t give any spoilers but it is definitely a must read.


  7. Mr. Darcy sounds so sweet in this story, I can’t wait to read.


  8. Kate’s so right with her comment about being sad when a blog tour comes to an end. It’s such fun following all of the posts, reading excerpts, finding out the back story to the writing and publishing process etc. Now, it’s a bit like an excellent party is over and there’s just the clearing up to do, or in this case waiting to see who Lady Luck has smiled upon.

    Thanks so much Sopie and all the bloggers involved, and for being so generous in giving away two books at each stop. “Mistress” is already on my Wish List, but I still have my fingers crossed for now.


    • Aww, it is a bit like the party is over, isn’t it? But….there will actually be an after-party, haha. Keep your eyes peeled starting April 18, for I’ve got a few more stops that did not fit into this tour. Hopefully by then you ail will have won copies and read it, and you’ll enjoy these extra little glimpses into the characters. 🙂


  9. I can’t believe it’s over! Thank you ever so much to Rita for hosting this last stop on the tour, and to Claudine for such a wonderful job of organizing. It really has been wonderful to hear everyone’s thoughts on the story and visit so many blogs. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Pam Hunter

    I’ve enjoyed all the excerpts and am looking forward to the book. Thanks for all the giveaways on the blog tour!


  11. Sally Cline

    Darcy does seem to be much more relaxed. Want to read this on efor sure!


  12. I’ve enjoyed all the excerpts I could read of this book and can’t wait to read the whole story! Thanks for the giveaway!


  13. BeckyC

    I have been enjoying the excerpts! This is a must read for me! Thank you for the giveaway.


  14. Julia V

    But why avoid the innuendos? 😛


    • LOL. Like the typo I found where instead of “ridden with him in the carriage,” I had “ridden him in the carriage”? “With,” as it turns out….very important word!

      (PS, I also accidentally typed impotent instead of important when I first wrote the above. Clearly going to have to get my mind out of the gutter to get back to the Constant Love series.)


  15. oloore

    Thank you, Sophie, for another delightful excerpt and for great blog tour! I got a glimpse on what delights to expect from The Mistress and also expanded my knowledge of some things Georgian (including horses, ponies and horsemanship):) Thank you for generous giveaways and wish you all the success with this new book!


  16. Lovely little excerpt! I am loving this Mr Darcy 🙂


  17. The more of the excertps I read, the more I want to read this book. Thanks for the different story line.


  18. What a wonderful excerpt! And I’ve learned something about horses as well – like Elizabeth I am not a horsewoman! Thanks for sharing the excerpt, I definitely look forward to reading this!


  19. Maria

    Thank you so much for the Blurb…it would be interesting to find out how good a teacher Darcy can be. Thanx for the giveaway.. good luck with the book


  20. I enjoyed reading this vignette. Thank you for sharing this lovely scene and for offering the giveaway, Sophie.


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