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Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day

Mr. Darcy is not having a very good day and it keeps getting worse, but the worse it is for him, the funnier it is for us.

In this book, while walking near the Longbourn grounds, Mr. Darcy takes a fall and injures himself being found by Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who promptly seeks help to take him to Longbourn and be seen by a doctor. I found the means of transportation and Mr. Darcy’s ramblings about it very funny; in fact, the entire opening pages are incredibly funny. I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling while reading this book, and consider it a very entertaining novella, perfect for someone who wants to have a good time. It can easily be read in one hour and it will for sure give readers a pleasurable time.

Apart from the humour, I enjoyed the fact that in this book Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have intelligent and interesting dialogues, their rhetoric was noteworthy and it made me want to read future books from this author.

I also liked to see that both characters came to the rescue of one another in different circumstances. Elizabeth helps Mr. Darcy after his fall, and he comes to her rescue in a very gentlemanly manner when Mr. Collins becomes everything but gentlemanly towards her.

As the book is not very long Elizabeth’s character has to go through several changes very fast, but I believe this was successfully done, culminating with her outmaneuvering Lady Catherine in an impressive manner.

The epilogue was just amazing and I absolutely loved it, but you will have to read it to know why 🙂

Summing up, this is a small story that can be read very fast and will for sure make everyone smile. It’s perfect to be read between two longer and more serious books as it is a fresh and amusing story.

On Amazon the author describes this book as a timeless romance for the busy reader, and I perfectly agree with her. With so many events happening in our lives we have less and less free time to truly enjoy a longer romance so I really value these shorter stories, and given the quality on this one, I will be looking forward to the next releases from this author.


You can find Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day at:




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All roads lead to…


Hello everyone, 

Joana Starnes has been very busy lately and today I bring you some very good news about her work… She is not releasing a new book, but she is now on Kindle Unlimited!

Yes, that’s right, 3 of her books are now at the distance of a click!

One single click can now provide many, many hours of joyful angst… And laughs, and love, and pretty much everything you can ever hope to have in a book, because let’s face it, her books can never go wrong!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Joana Starnes book will be unforgettable.

So, if you have not yet read any of these 3 books, this is your chance to do so without any extra expense.

And if you are not a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited, you can also take this opportunity to have their free one month trial period and read Joana’s books 🙂

Click on this link to obtain more information on the Kindle Unlimited program, see its advantages (it’s basically a borrowing program from Amazon that allows readers to explore over 1 million titles for $9.99 a month) and profit from their free trial period to read Joana’s books 🙂

I’ve read, reviewed and loved all the three books that are now on KU, and I’m sure you will too 😉 If you haven’t heard about these books before. you can find a small description below, and if you click on the books name, you’ll see my review 😉

In The Falmouth Connection a mysterious new relative draws Elizabeth away from Hunsford before Darcy can deliver his disastrous first proposal, so he is compelled to follow her into the depths of Cornwall, where few – if any – are what they seem to be.

In Miss Darcy’s Companion Georgiana is safe from Mrs Younge’s clutches – but does that mean that she is really safe? And what would Elizabeth think of Mr Darcy if she doesn’t meet him at the Meryton assembly, but has the chance to see him as his nearest and dearest know him?

In The Unthinkable Triangle the unthinkable happens! Colonel Fitzwilliam acts on his feelings and proposes to Elizabeth at Hunsford, before Darcy could. And, horror of horrors, is accepted! HEA is guaranteed, of course – but HOW?

So, are interested in any of these stories? You can easily get these in your kindle by clicking on the pictures below:

But this is not the only project she has been working on… As I said.. She has been busy 😉 

She will visit From Pemberley to Milton very soon with some exciting news… But that is all I can say for now…well, that and that it is not a new book (do you think that by now she has realized my subtle demand for a new book?).

What I can say is that whoever guesses what these news will be, will have a good surprise. so, what could this new project be? What will she reveal? 

Are you willing to guess?The first person to guess will win a very special prize,.. But that’s not the only prize Joana Starnes is giving away today…



Joana Starnes would like to celebrate the KU releases with all of you, by offering the prizes listed below to some of my readers 🙂

1 – Surprise prize. We will only reveal what the prize is once these news are official, but trust me, it will be worth it 🙂

2 – An ebook of any of Joana Starnes books that are currently not on KU. The winner may choose from any of the following books: From This Day Forward, The Subsequent Proposal, The Second Chance, Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter.

3 – A bag of goodies including 2 Pride & Prejudice postcards, a P&P bookmark, ‘Bath coasters’, a Jane Austen pin and a ‘I Mr Darcy’ badge (of honour!)



Comment this post and tell us what you think she will reveal shortly, all guesses are valid and the giveaway is for international readers ending on May 1st . Winners will be randomly selected, but to avoid selecting someone who already has some of the prizes (namely all of Joana’s books), please let us know which of these prizes you would like to win.

I’m curious to see who will dare to chose the surprise prize 🙂

Good luck everyone!


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Mr. Darcy’s Honor – Review & Giveaway

I’ve read every single book Victoria Kincaid has released and I am now convinced her books have two main characteristics: they are real page turners and they contain exactly what I want to read in a P&P story.

It is remarkable how this writer has the ability to create scenarios that I have long wanted to read. She did it in The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, Pride & Proposals, Mr. Darcy to the Rescue, and once more with Darcy’s Honor that I read in one single day.

The plot developed in Darcy’s Honor is something I always wanted to read: another gentleman wishes to marry Elizabeth and his interest in her serves as a trigger for Mr. Darcy’s actions, as he realizes he cannot live with her belonging to another man.

Lord Henry is liked by the entire society of Meryton, but his intentions towards Elizabeth are not as honorable as most would believe, and he compromises her in the hopes of obtaining what he wants. But we all know Elizabeth Bennet, and this headstrong, obstinate girl will not marry without affection preferring to have her name tarnished and to fight against the world than to spend the rest of her life with someone she will never respect or even like.

Hearing about what happened Mr. Darcy realizes that he can save Elizabeth from such faith, but does she want to be saved? I believe you all know the answer to that 🙂

This variation is full of romantic scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth that were true balms to my soul. These moments enhanced his feelings for her and gave her time to start loving him, which contributed to the much loved angst in this book because despite their feelings, Elizabeth is still convinced her situation can only harm Mr. and Miss Darcy’s name.

Darcy is a loving, patient character who keeps saving Elizabeth from several situations, and even if it is hard to choose only one, the way he takes care of her when she is ill and the intensity of his feelings and his suffering is heartbreaking and memorable, it is one of my favourite passages in this book and one I will not forget so soon. Long live the angst!

But a good book must always have an element of surprise right? In Darcy’s Honor, the element of surprise was Lady Catherine! I never expected to have her play the role she played in this book while remaining her true self. I absolutely loved her characters influence in this book and I must praise Mrs. Kincaid for crafting this change without altering the characters personality traits.

Towards the end, I started to think Elizabeth was too stubborn and their private encounters a bit too frequent, and where it not for that I would have given 5 stars to this book. I am very picky with these things and they still did not prevented me from loving the book, so I am sure they will not bother in the least most of my readers, and I can honestly say that I believe everyone will love this book. I highly recommend it to all readers who want a romantic, exciting, page turner book 🙂

You can find Darcy’s Honor at:

Victoria Kincaid would like to offer 1 copy of Darcy’s Honor to one of my readers who will be able to choose between an ebook or a paperback.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on Darcy’s Honor. To get a second entrance in the giveaway, comment the Guest Post published last week. Comments on each post will be considered for the giveaway.

The giveaway is international and is open until the 30th of April. The winner will be announced shortly after.

If you don’t want to miss the announcement of the winner and therefore miss the opportunity to see your name there, please follow From Pemberley to Milton. By doing so you will receive an email every time a new post is published and will not miss your prize if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck everyone!


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Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone,

During this month I announced a couple of winners who already had the prizes they won, so I had to select other names. The prizes were the JT Originals 2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar  and an ebook copy of Mistress by Sophie Turner.

The new randomly selected winners are:

2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar

*** BonniewCarlson ***


*** Maria***

Congratulations ladies! Can you please send me your information to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so we can send the prizes to you?

Thanks 🙂



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Darcy’s Honor – Guest Post & Giveaway

Hello everyone,

Victoria Kincaid is visiting From Pemberley to Milton today with a guest post, an excerpt and a giveaway of her latest book, Darcy’s Honor. This book was downloaded into my Kindle last Saturday, and even though I was reading something else at the time, it didn’t leave my mind as I kept thinking, “how will this one be?”. In situations such as this, I know that I’ll never stop wondering, so I started reading it after lunch and only stopped when I finished it a little after midnight.

Darcy’s Honor is a true page turner, and I felt Victoria Kincaid had written this book specifically for me. It is actually quite frequent for me to read her books and think she had put into paper what had been on my mind for a long time. So, it appears we have the same taste for premises because she always develops ideas I would like to read about. Taking this into consideration, I found particularly interesting to see the topic she decided to discuss with my readers today 🙂

Victoria Kincaid will explain you how the ideas for her books come up, and share a little excerpt of Darcy’s Honor. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 And if you want to start reading the book right away, you can find it at:



So, as an author, one of the questions I get a lot is “where do you get your ideas for what to write?”  My first impulse is always to say, “I have no clue.”  That’s not entirely true, but it’s sort of the way it feels to me by the time I sit down to write a book.  Obviously Jane Austen’s works are my biggest inspiration, but I’m hard pressed to say where I get the ideas to make changes to her world.

Usually by the time the book is ready to be written it’s been simmering in my mind, like a pot on the back burner, for months—if not years.  I kind of imagine my brain looks like an airport with at least a dozen airplanes circling around and waiting to land.

Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m working on a story idea until it reaches a mostly formed state.  It starts with a random musing: “What would happen if I combined Pride and Prejudice with Romeo and Juliet?”  Or “What if Colonel Fitzwilliam proposed to Elizabeth?” Sometimes these musings don’t amount to anything.  And sometimes they thicken as I tease out the plot implications and consider how different characters would react.  They gain details the way a snowball gets bigger as it rolls downhill.

So, by the time I put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard), the ideas for any particular book have usually been marinating for quite a while and it’s hard to remember where the original impulse originated—let alone some of the individual plot details.  However, I do remember some of my inspirations.  The main plot for The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth was inspired by reading about a brief period of peace in the Napoleonic Wars, and a scene in that book where Darcy encounters Elizabeth while dancing was reminiscent of a similar scene in the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility.  But the rest of the book?  Who knows where it came from?

It’s similarly hard for me to say where the idea for Darcy’s Honor first originated.  I had been mulling it over for a long time—considering different plot permutations and character interactions—before I started writing. Probably the idea partially originated from the loss of reputation that Lydia faces in P&P—which is also the fate of a character in Mansfield Park.  Another source of inspiration was an offhand comment in a romance novel that made me think, “what if someone did do that?”

Inevitably, however, the book ends up being different from my expectations.  That is the nature of writing.  The characters demand that you do certain things, and the world of P&P calls for changes that I hadn’t anticipated.  But that is the really fun part of writing:  it’s a constant process of discovery.



As they rounded a bend in the road near Longbourn, Elizabeth disengaged her hand from Mr. Darcy’s arm, rather more reluctantly than she would have expected. It felt unaccountably natural there. She turned to Mr. Darcy with words about a headache on her lips; however, before she could open her mouth, a shriek emanated from the direction of Longbourn.

“Lizzy! Lizzy!” Elizabeth turned to see her mother, hands bunched in her skirts, rushing toward them. A coach and driver waited outside Longbourn’s entrance. Presumably her mother had been about to embark on an outing when she spied them. What horrid luck!

Her mother stumbled to a stop in front of her, puffing and out of breath. “Lizzy! What on earth is the matter with you?” She gestured wildly at her daughter, apparently oblivious to Mr. Darcy’s presence. “Your hair! Your clothes! You look as if you have been tramping through the woods. What have you been getting into now? What if someone should see you?”

Elizabeth felt her face heat, no doubt turning all shades of red. She did not even know whether she was more embarrassed by the rebuke or her mother’s lack of decorum.

“Indeed, madam,” Mr. Darcy intoned. “It is almost as if she had been rushing about the countryside shrieking loudly.”

Mrs. Bennet turned to Mr. Darcy and blinked at him, not comprehending his sarcasm.

The situation likely was unsalvageable, but Elizabeth fell back on her manners anyway. She gestured to Mr. Darcy. “Mama, you may remember Mr. Darcy?”

Her mother’s mouth formed a perfectly round “o” of surprise. “Mr. Darcy! Oh! Oh!” She fluttered her hands and then executed an excessively deep and clumsy curtsey which threatened to pitch her into the dirt. “What has Lizzy been about this time, sir? Has she been causing you trouble? She is such a sly, headstrong creature!”

Elizabeth had not believed it was possible for her face to get hotter. I must be as red as a tomato now!

Mr. Darcy returned the curtsey with a stiff bow; his blank face betrayed neither disgust nor amusement at her mother’s behavior. “Indeed, madam, Miss Elizabeth has done nothing wrong.” Elizabeth felt a rush of gratitude that he did not mention the horse theft.

Mrs. Bennet took another look at Elizabeth’s disheveled state and sniffed loudly in disbelief. “Such a troublesome girl!” she exclaimed. “She is quite a trial to me!” Then her face lit up as it occurred to her that Mr. Darcy’s presence was an opportunity. “Why don’t you come into the house for a cup of tea, and you can converse with some of my other daughters?”

Elizabeth suppressed a desire to roll her eyes. Her mother was not nearly as subtle as she believed.

Mr. Darcy stiffened. “Not today, I thank you. But I will take the opportunity to call another day.”

As he mounted his horse, Mrs. Bennet took the opportunity to voice effusive offers of welcome and exclamations over the virtues of Cook’s poppy-seed cakes. Before he turned his horse toward Netherfield, Mr. Darcy’s gaze caught and held Elizabeth’s as if he intended to communicate some important message to her. But it was lost on Elizabeth. Seconds later, he had bidden them farewell and rode away.


Victoria Kincaid would like to offer 1 copy of Darcy’s Honor to one of my readers who will be able to choose between an ebook or a paperback.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on Darcy’s Honor. To get a second entrance in the giveaway, comment the review that will be posted next Monday. Comments on each post will be considered for the giveaway.

The giveaway is international and is open until the 30th of April. The winner will be announced shortly after.

If you don’t want to miss the announcement of the winner and therefore miss the opportunity to see your name there, please follow From Pemberley to Milton. By doing so you will receive an email every time a new post is published and will not miss your prize if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck everyone!


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A Man with Faults – Launch Post & Giveaway

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to be sharing with you today the launch post of Lory Lilian’s new book, A Man With Faults.

Lory Lilian is one of those authors who doesn’t need introduction, as she has been writing JAFF for almost two decades and is well known in the community. But for those who do not know her, I must tell you she has long won the title of “Queen of Mush”, however, with A Man with Faults she decided to surprise us and go angsty! Can you imagine how happy I was to see that one of my favourite writers was now writing one of my favourite type of books?! I’m ecstatic and I can not wait to start reading this book!!!

Oh… and I better not start talking about the cover! It is just pure perfection!

But I will stop rambling, and let you read what Lory wants to share with you along with an excerpt of the book.

A Man With Faults has gone live a few minutes ago, and you can now find it in ebook format and on Kindle Unlimited at:

Dear readers,

I am very happy to be again at “From Pemberley to Milton”! It is one of my favorite cyber places dedicated to jaff and I wish to thank Rita for her kind invite.

Today I’m celebrating with you the launching of my new book (the 7th) “A Man With Faults!” 7 is, for sure, a magic number because my 7th book also marks 7*2  (fourteen) years since I have discovered jaff. And it is my first book with real angst! Scary, for an angst wimp like me!

As you might know, in my previous stories, my aim was to make my readers feel good. Low angst, lots of mush, more low angst, a little bit more hot mush. Well, this book is different. Fear not! It is the same Elizabeth and Darcy, the same love story & mush (at some point LOL). But with much more angst.

The story begins in London, three months after the Hunsford proposal which now is even worse than in original! (yeap)  Due to some health problems, the Gardiners cannot take Lizzy in the long promised tour, but she will remain in Town to help her aunt. In a small park near Gracechurch Street, Elizabeth meets a young woman accompanied by an elder one. They definitely do not belong there but Elizabeth keeps meeting day after day. And let us not forget that it is summer time. Even if Elizabeth is not at Pemberley, Wickham and Lydia are in Brighton … Need I say more? “evil grin here”

Well, how could I better explain, than post a short excerpt that you can read bellow? Let me know what you think and decide if I should angst again in the future or not!



“She soon heard voices, and a woman of middle age with handsome features and a confident posture appeared, measuring Elizabeth with critical eyes.

“I am Mrs. Gilbert, the housekeeper. I understood you came to see the master.”


“He is being informed as we speak, but I must warn you that it is very unlikely he will receive you without previous notice.”

“I understand that—thank you. I will wait.”

Elizabeth’s kind politeness seemed to gain the housekeeper’s sympathy.

“You should come inside and take a seat. May I offer you tea?”

“I thank you, no. I do not wish to interrupt your daily tasks. I will wait here for as long as is necessary.”

Elizabeth remained alone again; she clasped her hands together to hide her increasing nervousness. So far, she had found out that he was at home and there was a slight chance she would see him eventually. That was as good news as she could hope for.

To her disbelief, only a couple of minutes later, another servant appeared and bowed to her.

“Miss Bennet, the master is waiting for you in the library. I will show you to him.”

Her knees weakened, and her steps became unsteady. She prayed she would manage to fight her turmoil and to behave reasonably when she faced him.

The notion that he agreed so quickly to receive her was equally surprising and frightening. Was he willing to learn what she had to say and to offer his help, or had he hurried to see her just for the chance of throwing her out of his house?

The servant stopped in front of an impressive door and opened it slowly.

“Miss Elizabeth Bennet to see you, sir.”

She dared to glance inside the room. The curtains were pulled shut, and she could barely see. She only observed a long desk right by the window and a figure resting on the chair behind it.

His voice startled her, and cold shivers shattered her while a sudden lump in her throat left her speechless. The door closed, and a chill darkness gripped her.”


What did you think of this excerpt? I loved it! It gave me the impression that Elizabeth will pine over Mr. Darcy and I love books where that happens. Doesn’t it look like she cares for him already and is afraid of what his reaction will be? And why is she seeking him? Will she ask for his help with the Lydia/Wickham issue?

Honestly I can not wait to read it!!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to celebrate with you the release of A Man with Faults Lory! It is a great honor to receive you in From Pemberley to Milton, especially in special day. I wish you all the best with this new release and I am sure it will be a success as big as Rainy Days.

Now, I would like to share with you the book blurb and the giveaway details.


Resentment or love, anger or passion, guilt or hope—which will win? How does a man with faults and a resentful temper act when the woman he ardently loves fiercely rejects his marriage proposal and accepts no explanation from him?

How does he react when she finds him again in London four months later, asks for his help, and places all her hopes in him?

And what does he do if she is in a position to help him in return?

Their lives—and those of the people around them—are changed in ways they could never imagine. Happiness and peace seem lost forever, but Fate has other plans and propels them on a journey—difficult and romantic, tender and painful—in pursuit of their happily ever after.



Lory Lilian would like to offer 2 ebook copies of any of her books to my readers. You can choose any of her books listed below, including A Man with Faults which has just been released today 🙂

Remembrance of the Past, Rainy Days, His Uncle’s Favorite, The Perfect Match, Sketching Mr. Darcy, The Rainbow Promise, A Man with Faults.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this post and share your excitement for this new story with us. To get a second entrance in the giveaway, share this post announcing the release of A Man with Faults on any social media and share the link on this post.

The giveaway is international and is open until the 30th of April. The winner will be announced shortly after.

If you don’t want to miss the announcement of the winner and therefore miss the opportunity to see your name there, please follow From Pemberley to Milton. By doing so you will receive an email every time a new post is published and will not miss your prize if you are the lucky winner.

Good Luck everyone!


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My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Bingle Review & Giveaway

In Pride & Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet blames Mr. Darcy for the unhappiness of her most beloved sister, but I always believed it to be Mr. Bingley’s fault, he was the one who left her with a shattered heart after all! And he was the one who was not strong enough to fight for the woman he loved, even if he was led to believe she was indifferent to him, why couldn’t he at least try to win her heart? Why should he just give up?

In My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Bingley Linda Beutler presents us a more determined Mr. Bingley, master of his own life and willing to fight for his happiness, a more worthy Mr. Bingley in my opinion 🙂

In this story, and knowing he will displease his friend and family, he returns to Hertfordshire to try to conquer Miss Bennet. But there is one small problem…She is actually in London, and the lady he had seen in the park and considered very similar to his angel, was truly Miss Jane Bennet. One would think that upon the knowledge that Mr. Bingley had returned, she would fly to Longbourn to be once more in the vicinities of the most agreeable man of her acquaintance right? Well…not this Jane Bennet! You see, she is also a more determined character in this book and is not willing to run  into the arms of the man who left her with a broken heart a few months ago. Jane Bennet’s character is also more firm in this book, and rightly so in my opinion. Why should she forgive him so easily? Jane’s unexpected behaviour will put Longbourn in an uproar and give Mr. Bennet the opportunity to put under good regulation the behaviour of his most angelic daughter by showing her how a real cat and mouse game really his. I confess this was one of my favourite parts of the book and I’m sure Jane will never see mouses the same way ever again.

Also, it turns out she can’t resist a man with spectacles so all is well when it ends well (I’m sure you all knew there would be HEA, so I’m not considering this a major spoiler), but what about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth? They will face trials of their own as everyone seems to know Mr. Darcy’s real character but Elizabeth. She will eventually learn how to read this intriguing man and receive a most unique marriage proposal. I did not see that scene coming, and it became one of my favourite scenes in the entire book 🙂 You’ll know why when you read it.

My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Bingley is a light, humourous book with an unique perspective on relationships, one’s behaviour and its consequences, that JAFF readers will surely appreciate.

You can find it at:

One never quite knows where the inspiration will strike. For award-winning author Linda Beutler and My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Bingley, the moment of genesis arrived in a particularly contentious thread at the online forum A Happy Assembly. What is the nature of personal responsibility? Where do we draw the line between Mr. Bingley being too subject to Mr. Darcy’s “persuasion” and Mr. Darcy playing too heavily on Mr. Bingley’s “sensibility”? This is a conundrum guaranteed to raise even more questions.

    What happens to the plot and character dynamics of Pride & Prejudice if Mr. Bingley is given just a dash more spine? Or if Jane Bennet decides enough embarrassment is too much? How does Mr. Darcy manage the crucial apology a more stalwart Mr. Bingley necessitates he make? What if Mr. Darcy meets relations of Elizabeth Bennet’s for whom she need not blush on their home turf rather than his? Suffice it to say, this is a story of rebuked pride, missing mail, a man with “vision”, a frisky cat, and an evening gown that seems to have its own agenda.

Linda Beutler’s professional life is spent in a garden, an organic garden housing America’s foremost public collection of clematis vines and a host of fabulous companion plants. Her home life reveals a more personal garden, still full of clematis, but also antique roses and vintage perennials planted around and over a 1907 cottage. But one can never have enough of gardening, so in 2011 she began cultivating a weedy patch of Jane Austen Fan Fiction ideas. The first of these to ripen was The Red Chrysanthemum (Meryton Press, 2013), which won a silver IPPY for romance writing in 2014. You might put this down as beginner’s luck—Linda certainly does. The next harvest brought Longbourn to London (Meryton Press, 2014), known widely as “the [too] sexy one”. In 2015 Meryton Press published the bestseller A Will of Iron, a macabre rom-com based on the surprising journals of Anne de Bourgh.

Now, after a year-long break in JAFF writing to produce Plant Lovers Guide to Clematis (Timber Press, 2016)—the third in a bouquet of books on gardening—we have My Mr. Darcy and Your Mr. Bingley bursting into bloom.

Contact Info:  

Twitter: @oregonclematis

Facebook: Linda Beutler Author

Wandering Pemberley’s Gardens

Don’t forget to follow the blog tour for more info on this book 🙂

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20 April  Babblings of a Bookworm; Vignette, Giveaway

Meryton Press is offering  8 Ebook copies of My Mr. Darcy & Your Mr. Darcy to 8 different winners. Readers may enter the drawing by tweeting once a day, and daily commenting on a blog post that has a giveaway attached for the tour. (1 comment/blog post) Entrants should provide the name of the blog where they commented (which will be verified). You may enter once by following the author on twitter and once by following the author on Facebook.

Remember, tweet daily and comment once per post with a giveaway to earn extra entries.

Each winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter.

To enter click on the link here.

Good Luck Everyone!


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Mistress – Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone,

Last month I hosted Sophie Turner at From Pemberley to Milton with an excerpt of her book Mistress as the closure post of the blog tour. I was amazed at how many people were still participating in the discussion and very pleased to see that the book reached many of your hearts.

I would like to thank Claudine from Just Jane 1813 for organizing this blog tour and being kind enough to include me in it, and to Sophie Turner for being such a dear and participative host.

I would also like to thank all of you for your support and to announce the winners of the giveaway Sophie Turner hosted.

The randomly selected winners of the 2 eBook copies she is offering are:


***Anji ***

*** Betty Campbell Madden ***


Congratulations girls!

Please send me your contacts to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the ebooks can be sent out to you.

If you have not yet read this book, you can find them at along with all other Sophie Turner’s books


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The Art Behind the Covers – Giveaway Winners


Hello everyone,

I think you’ve all noticed how much I love book covers and all the details associated to its creation. Because of that I could not resist to interview one of my favorite cover art designers, Janet Taylor, and ask the authors she worked with to talk a little about their experience with her.

Everyone involved in this post was extremely nice and patient with me, and also very generous with my readers as they all offered to giveaway something to people commenting on the post.

I cannot thank enough all the authors and Janet for their availability to participate in this post and their generosity!!! They were really generous and kind to my readers and I truly appreciate it 🙂

Today I’m happy to announce the winners of all these goodies 🙂 So without further delays, the randomly selected winners are:


* One 2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar

Sheila L. Majczan


* One set of twelve cards and envelopes featuring one of each Austen Men in Film + 2



*One John Thornton canvas of 8″ x 10″



* One copy of Northern Rain (winner chooses format)

Priscilla Teh


* One copy of The Courtship of Edward Gardiner (winner chooses format)



* One copy of No Such Thing as Luck (winner chooses format)

The Anglophile


* One ebook or autographed copy of The Secret Betrothal or A Peculiar Connection (winner chooses book and format)



* One ebook copy of Alias Thomas Bennet



* One paperback copy of The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet



* One ebook copy of A Father’s Sins

Daniela Quadros


* One paperback copy of A Father’s Sins

Carole in Canada

* One signed paperback of The Red Chrysanthemum



*One ebook or paperback of Days of Future Past (winner chooses format)

Sophia Rose


Congratulations everyone! And thank you for all the love and  thoughts you shared with us!

Please send me your contacts to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the prizes can be sent out to you 🙂


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No Such Thing as Luck Giveaway Winner


Hello everyone,

I have read No Such Thing as Luck from Nicole Clarkston at least three times in the last two years and finally reviewed it in my blog last month. I am happy to see that North and South fan fic is getting more and more popular each day, and that people who are already interested in JAFF are now also looking for N&S fan fic with a big interest. This makes me particularly happy because it means I have more people to discuss this type of books with 🙂

I have to thank Nicole Clarkston for her generosity and constant support! I’m incredibly happy that she joined our community and I hope she continues to write both North and South and Pride and Prejudice books. I’ve read all her books and their quality makes me certain I will enjoy any other book she releases 🙂 

The review came with a giveaway, so without further ado the winner of No Such Thing as Luck is:

*** J.W. Garrett ***

Congrats Jeanne! Please send me your contact to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the book can be sent out to you.

Readers who have not yet read this wonderful story, can find it at along with all other Nicole Clarkston’s books 🙂


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