The Art Behind the Covers – Giveaway Winners


Hello everyone,

I think you’ve all noticed how much I love book covers and all the details associated to its creation. Because of that I could not resist to interview one of my favorite cover art designers, Janet Taylor, and ask the authors she worked with to talk a little about their experience with her.

Everyone involved in this post was extremely nice and patient with me, and also very generous with my readers as they all offered to giveaway something to people commenting on the post.

I cannot thank enough all the authors and Janet for their availability to participate in this post and their generosity!!! They were really generous and kind to my readers and I truly appreciate it 🙂

Today I’m happy to announce the winners of all these goodies 🙂 So without further delays, the randomly selected winners are:


* One 2017 Austen Man in Film + 2 calendar

Sheila L. Majczan


* One set of twelve cards and envelopes featuring one of each Austen Men in Film + 2



*One John Thornton canvas of 8″ x 10″



* One copy of Northern Rain (winner chooses format)

Priscilla Teh


* One copy of The Courtship of Edward Gardiner (winner chooses format)



* One copy of No Such Thing as Luck (winner chooses format)

The Anglophile


* One ebook or autographed copy of The Secret Betrothal or A Peculiar Connection (winner chooses book and format)



* One ebook copy of Alias Thomas Bennet



* One paperback copy of The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet



* One ebook copy of A Father’s Sins

Daniela Quadros


* One paperback copy of A Father’s Sins

Carole in Canada

* One signed paperback of The Red Chrysanthemum



*One ebook or paperback of Days of Future Past (winner chooses format)

Sophia Rose


Congratulations everyone! And thank you for all the love and  thoughts you shared with us!

Please send me your contacts to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the prizes can be sent out to you 🙂


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17 responses to “The Art Behind the Covers – Giveaway Winners

  1. Sophia Rose

    This was indeed a great post and I enjoyed reading how Janet came to do covers and all the stories about her work with the authors. So kind and generous of them to donate prizes which I am thrilled to be one of the winners.
    Congrats to the other winners. Thanks, Rita!


  2. KateB

    Wow, I won a Susan Lauder book, the one I don’t have yet. Thanks ladies for a generous giveaway. Congratulations to all the winners. 🙂


    • suzanlauder

      Kate, if you’d prefer a signed copy so you can actually see the artwork in real life, I can do that. You’ll just have to wait a week for me to get back to Canada where I have copies, and of course, wait for the mail! Let Rita know your preference and contact info.


  3. Omg you’ve made my day! Thanks so much! And congrats to the other winners!


  4. Mary

    Do my eyes deceive me or is that actually my name underneath the prize of the canvas of our beloved John Thornton??
    I can’t believe it!!! Am delighted!
    Congrats to all the other prize winners!
    Janet,thank you so much for this fantastic gift!! It will hold pride of place in my sitting room!
    Rita,to you and the authors that supported the post,I say a big thank you!!


  5. Glynis

    Thank you so much Rita and all the authors who donated the prizes, and congratulations to Mary and all the other lucky winners.


  6. Carole in Canada

    Congratulations ladies!!! Thank you Rita for hosting this ‘cover post’ and to all the authors and artists that have been so generous! I am thrilled to have won Joy’s book!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. J. W. Garrett

    OMG!!! Congratulations everyone… woohoo!! You are winners!!


  8. Congratulations, everyone! Thank you Rita and Janet ❤


  9. I won an ebook! Thank you Rita and Janet!! 🙂


  10. Ooooh yes! Thank you Rita and Nicole. Getting ready for some quality time with Thornton and Margaret on a ship. Pretty sure it will literally sound like heaven. Hello Audible, we are fast becoming good friends. 🙂


  11. Congratulations to the winners. How exciting!


  12. Sheila L. Majczan

    Thank you ever so much for the calendar. Could I ask that you draw another name for that as I do have that calendar? Thank you for your generosity. Congratulations to the other winners.


  13. BeckyC

    Such a generous bunch! Congratulations to all the winners. So excited to be among them. Thank you Rita. Thank you Linda!


  14. Congratulations to all the winners. Those of you who’ve won books have some most enjoyable hours of reading ahead of you. May I also say that I’m particularly envious of Mary, who’s going to have the pleasure of looking at John Thornton every single day?


  15. Congratulations to all the winners! There are going to be some good reading and listening days ahead for the winners! Thanks, Rita, and all the authors!


  16. Oh Rita, you did it again! Your blog giveaways are the only thing I ever win, it’s incredible! 😄


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