A Man With Faults


When I saw the cover of A Man With Faults I knew I had to read the book as soon as it got out, and when I saw the blurb I couldn’t believe my eyes! Lory Lilian, the Queen of Hot Mush, was going “angst” on this book! As a true angst addict, these were the best news I could have and it was with great expectation that I started reading it.

It turned out to be the perfect balance between an angsty beginning and a passionate, loving romance in the end. The balance between the angst and the romance makes A Man With Faults a perfect book for every reader as it will please all tastes.

In this variation Elizabeth refuses to read Mr. Darcy’s letter and without any reason to hope she will think better of him, or the pleasure of clearing out his name, he is a broken man.

So the book begins with Darcy in a dark place, and I confess I absolutely loved how Lory Lilian tortured him and how she made him react, especially towards Elizabeth. He was hurt, angry, and acting resentfully. He is not an easy character, he is harsh, complicated and I absolutely love it!! But above all, he remains honorable even when it means giving up on his own happiness. You know Darcy…

I also loved to see that Elizabeth didn’t need to read the letter to see Whickham for who he was. She is an intelligent lady who can see the signs in front of her. She just can’t see how much she loves Darcy and how much he loves her…But we wouldn’t have any love story if they figured it out immediately would we?

As I said, I love to see Darcy get tortured, and Lory Lilian did an excellent job at that! She did it using the plot I love the most, but I only like to see him suffer if the reward he will have in the end makes it up for all the suffering, and once again, the author nailed it!! Elizabeth’s letter was pure perfection! I could feel Darcy’s joy while reading it and I could think of no better way to give him his much deserved happiness. In fact, we are given the opportunity to see the couple’s happiness in the end, so those who love some “Darcy/Elizabeth together time” will be pleased with the last chapters of the book.

I’ve been talking about Darcy and Elizabeth because they are the main characters of the story, but as always Lory Lilian did an excellent job at developing secondary characters, not only already existing ones, such as Georgiana who plays an important role in this book, but also new characters like Darcy’s Aunt, Lady Hardwick, and Mr. Slade.

Georgiana is a fragile, insecure girl who finds in Lizzy the friend she never had, and it is because of her that our couple will be compelled to spend much time together.  Lady Hardwick is an intelligent, funny woman who helps our dear couple achieve their HEA and Mr. Slade’s story is intriguing. I honestly would love to know more about his relationship with Lady Hardwick 🙂

As expected Lory Lilian delivered a powerful, intense romance that can not be missed by any JAFF reader. It gave me a tremendous pleasure to read this book and I highly recommend it.

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13 responses to “A Man With Faults

  1. Glynis

    Oh yes Rita, I agree with you totally. I have already read this book twice. I’m not a huge fan of too much angst but I could cope with this. Mainly because I knew that Lory would have a happy mushy ending for me 😍. Obviously I will be reading it again as I have read all her books too many times to count. Although I am now waiting for her new book and her story in The Darcy Monologues. What a great year this is 😃😍

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  2. Wonderful review for a wonderful book! Loved it! Congrats, Lory Lilian! And everything that Glynis said 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I highly agree, Rita! What a delicious blend of angst, romance, and hot mush!
    Your review is quite lovely! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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  4. cvtperez

    I absolutely agree with your review. This book was a perfect mix of angst and romance. And I also loved that she figured out Wickham’s character with out Darcy’s letter.


  5. Mary

    This sounds like a delightful story Rita,one peppered with just enough angst and romance to whet the readers’ appetite and keep them flicking pages until story’s end!
    I’m delighted you loved it so much! 😌
    Must admit that I’m looking forward to reading it,plus her story in the much anticipated The Darcy Monologues!!
    Wishing you the best of luck with this book,Lory!


  6. Sheila L. Majczan

    I enjoyed this book and plan to reread it…soon. Well done!


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