Fair Stands the Wind & These Dreams available in Amazon

Hello dear readers,

I believe some of you may have noticed that Amazon has been giving some problems to a couple of our beloved JAFF authors, with several errors occurring on publication date that prevented us from having our kindle copies to read. Amongst others, those issues happened with Catherine Lodge when releasing Fair Stands the Wind and Nicole Clarkston on the release of These Dreams.

I thought that you might like to know that all the constraints are finally solved and you can now find your copies of Fair Stands the Wind and These Dreams available in Amazon 🙂


Happy Reading!



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4 responses to “Fair Stands the Wind & These Dreams available in Amazon

  1. Thank you for posting this, Rita!


  2. suzanlauder

    Thanks for letting everyone know, Rita!


  3. J. W. Garrett

    Bless their hearts. There is anguish, grief and frustration enough trying to take a book to press. Then to have problems with the file must be pure… you know… that ‘h’ word. I loved Nicole’s book and look forward to reading Catherine’s. Thank you Rita for alerting your blog followers to the problems facing our authors. A little understanding can go a long way toward patience. Blessings my friend and peace and calm to our authors.


  4. So happy to know the problems are resolved now. Thanks, Rita! What a hideous time this must have been for Nicole Clarkston and Catherine Lodge. They’re both such heroes to have carried on so bravely till everything was put right. Best wishes to you both, ladies, and huge congrats!


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