On Equal Ground Review & Giveaway

Meryton Vignettes was a statement that Elizabeth Adams is trying to go beyond one-dimensional characters and the simple love story we may find in some Pride and Prejudice variations. On Equal Ground is the proof that she has what it takes to build a solid, mature book that will inspire readers who believe in real life and second chances. This book marks her literary signature, she is not afraid to risk controversial stories and executes them beautifully!

I have to start by saying that in this book Elizabeth Bennet meets and marries an older man when she is but 18, she falls in love with her husband and bears him 3 children during a very happy marriage, this means readers will need to be able to cope with this premise if they want to enjoy the book.

The story starts in 1809 and will follow the lives of the characters for many, many years.

This is a detail I enjoyed immensely because it allowed me to accompany the characters, especially Elizabeth, while events made them grow from young people into mature men and women. The end of the book follows this logic as well, and we will be gifted with information on the lives of all Bennet sisters and most of the co-adjuvant characters. The fact that I could see what occurred to these characters throughout their entire lives made me feel more connected to them, and this proximity made me love the book!

Elizabeth Adams also creates some interesting original characters in this book and even has the audacity to make us love them (you know I’m talking about Darcy’s rival). The relationship these original characters will establish with the ones we already know from Pride and Prejudice will allow us to see a different side of them, and I enjoyed that immensely, particularly the fatherly characteristics we will see Darcy displaying with young Robert. Their conversation in  the end of the book has such a peaceful tone in it that it made me come to terms with the entire premise.

Darcy and Elizabeth are better versions of themselves and we can still see the sparks between them, but their love story is different from cannon so we never know what will happen next. I particularly loved Darcy in this book, he is everything a gentleman ought to be 🙂

On Equal Ground is a well written, clean and sound book that shows an impeccable taste from the author, I recommend it to those who like real life stories and characters, and particularly to those who like quality literature.


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Elizabeth Adams would like to offer 1 ebook copies of On Equal Ground to my readers.

ALL those who comment this post will be entered into the drawing! Let us know what you think of this book or Elizabeth Adam’s previous stories.

The giveaway is international and will end on the 10th of October.

Good luck everyone!


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51 responses to “On Equal Ground Review & Giveaway

  1. Glynis

    I wasn’t sure when I first saw that Elizabeth married someone else and especially that she loved her husband. I had previously struggled reading Mistress by Sophie Turner although Elizabeth certainly didn’t love Collins!
    However I have loved the other books by Elizabeth including Green Card so I just had to try this. I had a splurging Amazon and this is one I bought. I haven’t read it yet but soon!
    Thank you for such a great review Rita. Obviously please don’t enter me in the giveaway.

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  2. If you are going to read JAFF books you will find that many times you just have to accept a new premise, as here: Elizabeth is married very happily years before Darcy comes along. I read and loved this story.


  3. Pam Hunter

    A different premise, and I think it could be very interesting. I have this book on my wish list, but I’d certainly love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  4. Reblogged this on elizabethadamswrites and commented:
    Review from Rita at From Pemberley to Milton. Check it out!

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  5. evamedmonds

    Well, Mrs. Bennet must have been delighted that Elizabeth married at 18! This is a very different premise and it is often a challenge when either Elizabeth or Darcy marries another. I wonder how Darcy will handle the fact that Elizabeth learned to love her first husband. Is the love of Elizabeth and Darcy on a diffenent level? It will be so interesting to fine out what happens to the characters. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    • Oh, she was Evanedmonds! I believe Elizabeth became her favourite daughter! Not only did she marry at 18, but to an Earl no less!!! Darcy and Elizabeth’s love will be a real one but it will not occur when she is 20 but a little older 🙂

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  6. Interested in the premise and wonder how their relationship comes about. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  7. J. W. Garrett

    I promise to try really hard and accept the fact Elizabeth married another. Whew! It’s OK… the universe will not cave in. Breathe… just breathe. All kidding aside, I look forward to reading this. I want to see how they get together and what that is like. Rita, thanks for hosting today and blessings to Elizabeth on the launch of this work.

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  8. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    I guess we as readers can come to terms with the fact that Lizzy was married to someone,other than Darcy,as long as it was a loving relationship which both parties willingly agreed to.

    The fact that we are introduced to this man,who held Lizzy’s heart and allowed access to their marriage and family life,will probably make us fall in love with him….which is what,I’m assuming,Ms Adams was determined to do from the start!

    I must admit that I’m looking forward to seeing how ODC meet,fall in love and accept that they are now,at this stage in their lives,the perfect partner for the other.

    I’m sure theirs will be a long arduous journey,full of realistic misgivings and misunderstandings,but a delightful read,nevertheless!!

    Cheers Rita for sharing your views on this book!
    Best of luck with this one,Elizabeth!

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    • It is curious that you mention we come to terms with Elizabeth marrying someone else as long as there is love involved Mary because I always thought the opposite, but Elizabeth Adams did make me like Elizabeth’s husband to the point that I didn’t want him to actually die, lol.

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      • Mary


        What I meant to say was that I can accept Lizzy meeting,falling in love with and marrying another man,other than Darcy,while still very young. As long as she has ever seen or heard of Darcy and it’s a loving relationship,I can deal with that.
        Knowimg that something is going to befall her husband,with Darcy at hand to help her pick up the pieces of her shattered life,then,yes,I will read this story.
        I really dislike when she’s married to the Colonel-it’s too familiar,like being married to a brother,and their relationship is more of an easy camaraderie rather than a grand and lasting passion,which is what,I expect,epitomises Darcy and Lizzy’s relationship.

        By the way,in the modern story,A Matter Of Chance by L.L. Diamond,Lizzy flees a violent marriage at the hands of her husband….yes,you guessed it,none other than Wickham. He’s mentioned off and on in this book,if memory serves and the details are not specific.


  9. Ria

    It is always hard to think that Elizabeth could be happy with anyone besides Darcy but I’m willing to give it a shot. When we’ll written it could work.

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  10. It doesn’t trouble me that Elizabeth was married before (as long as it is not to the Colonel), or even if she never marries Darcy. I like the idea of knowing more about the Bennet sisters

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  11. caroleincanada

    I loved your review! I especially enjoyed your statement:

    “This is a detail I enjoyed immensely because it allowed me to accompany the characters, especially Elizabeth, while events made them grow from young people into mature men and women.”

    I too enjoy an in-depth story that lures us in and provides the room for growth. I look forward to reading a story that shows a second chance at love that does not negate the first love. I think if we truly love someone, it opens our heart even more.

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  12. Sally Cline

    I am a bit hesitant to read this because of Elizabeth marrying someone other than Darcy but I imagine the curiosity will get me in the end!

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  13. pedmisson

    I am intrigued. It sounds like a good story. I look forward to reading it.

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  14. Oh, this sounds so interesting! I love know more details about the times not framed on the story a book tells, how life was and went on for the characters in a book and get to know more of them! Definitely going to my TBR!

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  15. Such a wonderful review, Rita! I couldn’t wait for this story to be published, The premise intrigued me for quite some time, ever since Elizabeth Adams shared some fascinating and thought-provoking titbits, and the finished story delivered everything it promised, and more. Beautifully crafted, each character skilfully drawn, and I absolutely loved the way Elizabeth Adams writes with affection and humour about all the Bennets, not just Darcy and Elizabeth. Speaking of humour, there’s plenty of it in this beautiful book, despite the inevitable heartbreaking moments. And I absolutely loved how Elizabeth outranked Darcy in every single way!

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    • I’m so glad it didn’t scare you off, Joana! I remember when I told you about the premise. Your response was that I was “very brave”! LOL

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      • I remember that too 😀 (What a lovely day it was, BTW. We’ve got to go back to that pub/restaurant/whatever it was, it was awesome!). But I wasn’t thinking of myself when I said it was very brave, just the public opinion in general, and the fact that for instance fewer people read my Unthinkable Triangle compared to the other books, so I’m guessing lots of people would like D to be E’s first love ever. I’m all for other angles, you know me, I looooove angsty stories, and the more drama piled on Darcy the better 😀

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      • I will certainly read books in which Elizabeth is engaged and/or married to the Colonel before ones in which it is Wickham! I loved The Unthinkable Triangle.

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      • Thanks, Sheila!!!! I’m SO glad!!


  16. Sarah

    I love Elizabeth’s books, so I’m sure I would like this one (although the premise makes me a little nervous). 🙂

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  17. BeckyC

    Wonderful review. I am looking forward to reading

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  18. Best of luck on the release. Can’t wait to read it.


  19. This sounds intriguing. Hope the refreshing story plot doesn’t change the characters’ personalities too much. Thanks for the giveaway

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  20. What a unique premise! This sounds fantastic. Great review as always, Rita!


  21. Leah Pruett

    Can’t wait to read this one! Thank you for the review!!


  22. I think this premise is very original and not many authors choose to explore this route. True, there are similar stories where Elizabeth is already married but widowed and another where she is of noble birth. But this combining the two elements is pure genius.


  23. Maria

    This story seems to reach out of my comfort zone that Elizabeth marries someone other then Darcy. But it does pique my interest. I love other books from this author so It would be a great reason for reading it. She never disappoints.


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