Pulse and Prejudice 

I love vampire stories and I think that Mr.Darcy has everything to be the perfect vampire, so when I heard about Pulse and Prejudice I added it immediately to my TBR pile. I have finally read it and thought that Halloween was the perfect time to post the review of this book. In Pulse and Prejudice I found exactly what I was expecting. Mr. Darcy is the perfect vampire as his condition explains much of his taciturn and reserved behaviour and increases the interest of the story.

In this book he has a strong personality and that is always something I really love. However, it has a lot of similar scenes to Pride and Prejudice and some readers may not enjoy it so much due to the similarity. In fact, the story is almost the same as the original which made it a little dull for me because I already knew what would happen next and who would say what. There are a few exceptions like the maze scene at Pemberley and the moments when Darcy entrances Elizabeth, but these scenes were very few in my opinion.

There was also a detail in the end of the book that spoiled it for me, and purists like myself may feel the same way, but readers who enjoy more steamy romances may find it quite appealing.
Poetry plays a big part in the book and that is a very interesting detail especially for readers who enjoy the literary genre. It was also very interesting to see Lord Byron as an actual character and not only as a literary reference.

Some aspects such as Amadeus’s reactions left me very curious and I would like to read the sequel to understand them. I also believe the sequel has potential to be a very good book because the author will not be able to follow the original story anymore and will have to be more creative with the plot. As that was my main issue with this book, I think I’ll like Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth.

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8 responses to “Pulse and Prejudice 

  1. Glynis

    Thanks for your review Rita. I have this book and the sequel sitting on my kindle waiting for me to get round to reading them. (Among with many many others!)
    Perhaps it is a bit too close to the original but I can live with that and I can certainly live with the ending. and I must say i look forward to the second book which I believe is set in New Orleans?


  2. Happy Halloween, Rita, and thanks for the review!


  3. Mary


    I enjoyed your honest review of this book!
    I understand exactly why this book didn’t live up to your expectations. Paralleling the original so closely is never a good idea as,like you stated,we all know what comes next in the narrative and who says what.
    The essential ingredient of shock,surprise and angst are therefore absent for most of the time,rendering the reading experience as a whole,and this book specifically,a little disappointing.
    Hopefully the sequel will be more interesting,intriguing and diverting! !

    Alas,I’m not a vampire fan so this book was never on my TBR list!
    Happy reading and cheers for sharing your thoughts! 😌


  4. Thanks for the honest review. I may read this when I renew my KU membership but as of now I am trying to read all the books sitting on my Kindle for months or even years.


  5. J. W. Garrett

    Great review and I agree that it is never good to follow canon so closely that no prior knowledge is necessary. Really??? I read a vampire Darcy years ago when I stumbled on Regina Jeffers’ work. Scared the crap out of me. That did it for me for a while. I’d just gotten into the JAFF genre [didn’t even know it existed] and was horrified by her rendition of Austen’s favorite characters. I’ll have to think about this. Since I already have hundreds in my TBR pile. I think I need to tackle it before I do something new. Thanks for giving us your honest thoughts on this story.


  6. Sophia Rose

    It’s been many years since I read this one. I did just read the sequel last year. You are right to look forward to it as a more original story. 🙂

    Loved reading your thoughts, Rita!

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