Haunting Mr. Darcy

In New Year’s eve, after returning from Netherfield to London, Mr. Darcy realises he is completely bewitched by Elizabeth Bennet. He starts comparing all other woman to her and in an attempt to forget her, he wishes to find a woman who meets all his standards of the perfect Mrs. Darcy and to see Elizabeth Bennet one last time.

At the same time, when returning from an Assembly in Meryton, Elizabeth wishes Mr. Darcy may wish something he will never have. A few minutes later, the carriage transporting Elizabeth and Jane Bennet has an accident and Elizabeth is left inconscient.

She wakes up in a beautiful library some time later and believes she is dreaming… until she sees Mr. Darcy. Then her worse nightmare happens and she realises she is in a spirit like manner and attached to none other than Mr. Darcy. On the other hand, he believes he is becoming crazy by seeing and hearing Elizabeth when no one else is able to. After some time and some disagreements, they agree they are neither crazy nor dreaming, but living something very real.

Elizabeth’s spirit is indeed bound to Mr. Darcy and he is the only one able to see or talk to her, but her body remains inconscient in Longbourn and we start wondering if she will ever get her soul and body together in one piece.

In this book Elizabeth is impertinent and witty just as she should be. No more and no less! Karalynne Mackrory did a wonderful job with her character, but she also designed a perfectly proud but charming Mr. Darcy. They are perfect and I fell in love with these characters as much as I fell for Jane Austen’s

I’ve read this book 3 times by now and I’m sure I will read it many more. It is one of the best JAFF books I’ve ever read, in fact, it made of my all time favourites list published a couple of months ago. I love it this much because it has a perfect balance of romance, tension, flirting and angst. Throughout the book we see Elizabeth getting to know Darcy in his intimacy and gradually falling in love with him, just as we see Darcy realising how Elizabeth’s wit, intelligence, good humour, compassion and good sense make her the perfect match for him. While this is happening we also see their failures exposed and their hurt feelings towards one another, we see their perfect reactions and we cannot avoid connecting to them

I’m convinced this book is a masterpiece and I have to congratulate both the writer and the editor for it. Books like this make me want to read non-stop 24/7. The author captures Elizabeth and Darcy’s feelings and expressions so intensely that his declaration of love literally took my breath away. The entire scene was pure perfection and I could clearly picture every single moment in my head.

The way these two characters connect is beautiful, and in this book the author creates the necessary scenes for them to feel angst, anger, disappointment, love and hope. By doing so, she didn’t need to explain the characters feelings in a cold, descriptive manner because we know exactly what they were feeling considering we are feeling it in our hearts as well.

Haunting Mr. Darcy is a rollercoaster of emotions. In one minute we are reading the most romantic scene we could imagine and before we know it we are dreading what may happen and suffering the characters sorrows in the most acute way. The easiness with which the author engages our emotions makes us completely glued to it, and readers will only be able to let go of this book once they reach the end, and some of them like myself, will not even be able to let go by then as the need to re-read it will definitely overcome them.

I found myself not wanting this book to end but at the same time I could not stop reading it until it was over. It is a MUST read JAFF book.

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14 responses to “Haunting Mr. Darcy

  1. Glynis

    What a fabulous review for an absolutely wonderful book Rita. I love all of KaraLynne’s books. I first read Yours Forevermore Darcy and loved it so much I bought her others including this one. All definitely read and ‘re read.


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  3. Theresa M

    Thanks for the review…I loved this book and now think I should reread it.


  4. Mary


    What a fantastic assessment of this wonderful book!☺️
    I must say I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!
    When I read the precise of this book I initially dismissed it as ‘not my cup of tea’!!

    However,for some reason I bought it and can still remember the feeling of sheer happiness and contentment I felt when I started it,secure in the knowledge that this was going to be a special story. Thankfully,I was proven correct! 😊

    I absolutely adore this story-the angst,chemistry and utter romance of this ‘will they,won’t they?’ tale. It’s so beautifully written,obviously a labour of love by KaraLynne. I’ve read and loved all her other books but I must admit there’s something unique about this one.
    I’ve recommended it to GR friends and am just delighted that you feel the same about it! 😊

    You’ve done a wonderful thing in writing of its merits on your blog,Rita, as,needless to say,those who are unaware of its delicious delights,will happily treat themselves to it in the not too distant future! 📕☕️😊

    Thank you for such a lovely post,for sharing your enthusiasm for this story and for reminding me that I must make time to revisit it and remind myself why I fell in love with it so many moons ago! 👏


  5. okmackrory

    Wow Rita! It’s quite something for a review to leave an AUTHOR speechless but that is what you have done! Wow. Wow! I cannot express how much I am pleased you loved the book. It is my favorite of mine and I remember so vividly how much it challenged me and pulled from me. It’s gratifying to learn the hard work has paid off so exactly as I had hoped it would for readers. Thanks for the review!!


  6. KateB

    Great review Rita, this book means a lot to me too. By the way, I’m going to read it for the third time soon. One of my all time favorites.
    My New Year wish? That Stevie Zimmerman would narrate it, I’d love it to be released as an audiobook.

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  7. J. W. Garrett

    I loved, Loved this book. It is a definite reread.


  8. Christina Boyd

    What an awesome review. Over the moon to read how much you enjoyed it–even after three reads! Love that.

    This was the second book project I had ever worked with KaraLynne. When she told me the synopsis, I was skeptical. I was not interested in reading a ghost story. I should have known better. It’s nothing of the sort. KaraLynne was a pleasure to edit! After 5 projects in, I am blessed to consider her a friend–maybe we will meet one day in real life! (I am Not surprised at all that this book won an IPPY! So well deserved.)


  9. Sophia Rose

    I thought this was a fun and heartwarming ghost story.


  10. I LOVED this book!!!! Such a sweet premise, and so beautifully written. Ever so moving, and with plenty of hilarious scenes too. Thanks for writing this gem, KaraLynne, and such a lovely review, Rita! I’m so glad you loved it as much as I did.


  11. I also enjoyed this book. It is very similar to the movie, Just Like Heaven.


  12. caracoleta07

    This certainly opens one’s apetite.
    Sounds like a perfect mix of P&P and Just Like Heaven


  13. Carla

    This review made me want o read the book. It’s on my to read list already.


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