One Thread Pulled – The Dance with Mr. Darcy

What if Elizabeth never heard Darcy’s slight at the Meryton Assembly? How would the story and their relationship unfold if this little detail was different?

Diana J. Oaks starts with this premise and adds small changes to the plot that make the outcome of this book very interesting. For example, Jane doesn’t get a cold when she goes to Netherfield, she hits her head when she falls from a horse, and Mr. Darcy shows a true concern for her health. Also, Mary falls in love with Mr. Collins and tries to conquer him with Elizabeth’s help, which creates the most amusing scenes and has extraordinary consequences, not only in the conquest of Mr. Collins, but also in the relationship between the Bennet sisters. These small changes in the story are one of the aspects I loved the most in this book as they make it unpredictable but agreeable to read with a believable story and characters that remain true to themselves.

The other aspect I absolutely loved about the book was the love story between Darcy and Elizabeth. Their love is realistic and believable but also sweet and passionate at the same time, it is touching but with some anguish making it halfway between the hot mush and the angst. The scene when Darcy and Elizabeth meet at Oakham Mount is an endearing and loving scene that exemplifies what I am saying, and it was probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire book.

One Thread Pulled is a very well written book with a great love story that will appeal to all readers. I highly recommend it and was only sad to reach the end and realise that there wasn’t exactly an ending as the story will continue with Darcy’s courtship on a second volume. But fear not dear readers, now you can follow up their story on volume two : Constant as the Sun: The Courtship of Mr. Darcy which was released in the end of 2016, a couple of years after I read volume one 🙂

If you haven’t read this book yet, you are luckier than me, you will have the pleasure of reading them both without interruptions.

You can find One Thread Pulled at:


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6 responses to “One Thread Pulled – The Dance with Mr. Darcy

  1. caroleincanada

    Lovely review Rita! I actually read this one years ago, before I did reviews, and remembered really enjoying it. I was disappointed at the time that the sequel to it wasn’t out. However, I do have it on my Kindle now and plan to re-read ‘One Thread Pulled’ and then the sequel….sometime this year!!!


  2. I still have this one to anticipate for the first time. I love that variations explore a new direction in a story just by one change.

    Thanks for the reminder about this one.


  3. Mary

    Loved reading your thoughts on this book! Believe it or not but this was one of the very first variations I read when I stumbled upon the existence of JAFF!!! I was so delighted to read it and loved it so much! I agree,the romance between Darcy and Lizzy is beautifully portrayed! Can’t forget Romeo!! Sigh! ☺️


    • I’m glad this was one of the first you ever read Mary, I’m sure its quality led you to read more and more JAFF. Maybe if you had started with another one you may have given up, so I’m very glad this was one of the first you encounter 🙂


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