Mystery Cover Reveal

Good morning, Rita and thank you for hosting this post at your blog today.  We’re delighted to have you launch an exciting new type of cover reveal for an upcoming JAFF book that remains to be somewhat of a mystery, which is really quite perfect because the book itself happens to be JAFF mystery based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

If you’re wondering how to host a mystery cover reveal I’ll let you in on a little secret. There isn’t much I can share with you and your readers today about this reveal yet, but I have brought with me some very special clues to whet their appetites a bit and to entice them to join us to solve this mystery regarding not only what this cover looks like, but what the book’s title is and who is the author of this book.

Your readers don’t have to fret about the author’s identity since the author has already published some very popular JAFF stories and we are hoping that between the clues shared today on your blog, along with the clues shared tomorrow at Meredith’s blog, Austenesque Reviews, your readers will feel confident taking some educated guesses to solve this mystery.

Are you ready to have a bit of fun with us? Get ready to solve the hottest mystery in JAFF right now…

Clue #1 is this piece of our book’s cover…


Hmmmm… who could this be? Any ideas readers?

Clue #2 is this excerpt below to help you start thinking about the book’s title and author… Enjoy!




“Have your family always been settled in Meryton, Miss Elizabeth?”

“Yes.” She looks up, beaming a smile of unaffected joy. “I was born at Longbourn, Mrs. Hurst, as were all my sisters. The estate has been in my father’s family for many generations. And my mother is from a local family as well. Our uncle Philips is a solicitor in Meryton and his practice was my grandfather’s before it was his. We are Hertfordshire natives and have many relatives here about.”

Mrs. Hurst goes to speak further but her sister chimes in.

“I wonder that your family has not travelled further, Miss Elizabeth. After all, Hertfordshire is close to Town. Yet, Miss Bennet told us that your family rarely travels there except to visit your aunt and uncle in Cheapside. For myself, I could not be away from Town for so long, and it being an easy distance, intend to make the journey frequently.”

“Well Miss Bingley, why should you not? If you have the resources and inclination and, as you say, the journey is not a great burden. I hope you will make all the journeys your heart desires, although I do not know how well your fondness for ‘stillness’ shall stand it.”

It is not my practice to show amusement, except when among family and very close friends. But I must confess that the faintest laugh escapes my lips. Miss Bingley does not appear to notice and continues, unabashed.

“Possibly it is a difference in mentality between those who have grown up in the country and those who have been exposed to the sophistications of Town.”

Fearful that she is about to make a positively offensive remark, I interject: “I doubt it, Miss Bingley. I grew up in the countryside but have not experienced an unwillingness to travel when the destination is worthy of it. What is more, I fear you overlook one aspect of great importance. That is, the benefits of long standing settlement in one place. My own family have lived in a settled location, away from Town, for many generations. That is to our advantage. I have the reassurance of knowing that I am acquainted with all around me. I know the circumstances of their fathers and grandfathers. I know where they live and where they came from. Their history, and mine, are things of record. In the throng of Town, no man can ever be sure of his neighbour.”

It had occurred to me that Meryton, being close to Town and easily accessible on the road north, must be plagued with newcomers and travellers breaking their journeys. The market place, with its coaching inn and busy blacksmith, said as much. The town is a staging post on the way to and from London, a mark upon the road, attracting all manner of men, trouping through. Lambton does not suffer thus, which is as I would have it. As I sip my wine, Miss Elizabeth’s voice springs up beside me.

“How very certain you are of your own particular knowledge, Mr. Darcy. But, is it not a false comfort? Is it not, at its heart, unrealistic? Many people find a move away from their place of birth unavoidable. There are the demands of family and enterprise. To say nothing of health and circumstance. Not all may be as fortunate as your family, or mine, and people must find their home where it presents itself. Sometimes, that place, may be a significant distance from where they started.”

I tighten my grip upon my glass. My eyes find hers and, for one moment, I am drawn in utterly. She speaks, surely, of marriage. An arch look shoots towards me and her brow rises as she continues.

“It is quite impossible to ever have a full account of the people around us. There shall always be new arrivals, and they must always be welcome.”

“Of course, and I would never fail to welcome newcomers to Pemberley. You misunderstand me, Miss Elizabeth. The reward of tradition and stability is knowledge. I know the society of my home. I am sure you know yours.”

“Are you? How can you be certain? Does not every soul have its secrets?”


With that, I let the silence last too long and a blanket of discomfort steals around me. Her company holds me fast, like a pin on an entomologist’s board. Suddenly aware that the table has fallen silent, and all eyes are fixed upon us, my mind races to find an answer. Even Hurst has paused his drinking. I reply as best I can: “I do not claim to know people’s souls, Miss Elizabeth.”


We would love for your readers to help us solve this mystery. To do so, they can answer the questions in this JAFF Mystery Cover Reveal Survey today and tomorrow after Meredith reveals the clues we are sharing with her readers too. The winner will be picked from the group of respondents who answer the questions on this survey correctly. The winner will receive a $20.00 Amazon gift card.


Thanks you, Rita, for hosting this launch post. I can’t wait to share more clues tomorrow at Austenesque Reviews to help readers solve this great JAFF mystery!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this Mystery Cover Reveal! I really believe this was a very creative idea and I am having lots of fun putting the post together 😉

I can’t wait to share with my readers the beautiful cover of your book and your identity! Also, I’m very curious to see how many of them will guess who you are! I don’t want to give any hints, but I think it will not be a difficult task for those who have already read any of your books 😉

Dear readers, I have been very lucky because not only have I seen the cover, but most importantly I’ve read the book, and I must say you will not guess who did it!!! You will travel with Darcy to unexpected places, you will have some suspects, but I can bet you will not guess what is behind this mystery 🙂

I hope you find this idea as fun as I did and that the excerpt piqued your curiosity. Please do not forget to visit Meredith’s post on Austenesque Reviews tomorrow to see a different part of the book cover and obtain more clues to this mystery 🙂

The big reveal will be on Claudine’s blog, Just Jane 1813, on the 9th of March, and you will not want to miss that either!!

Happy findings everyone!


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32 responses to “Mystery Cover Reveal

  1. Christina Boyd

    Lovely excerpt!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beaunorthwrites

    Great Excerpt, this is SUCH a clever idea for a cover reveal!

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  3. Thanks for hosting his first post of clues, Rita!! I hope your readers have a blast enjoying the chance to solve this mystery!! D

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Janet Taylor

    Love this idea! It is fantastic for generating excitement and suspense for the cover reveal. Great job to all! As for the author of the book and the mystery, I’m at a loss. I have one thought on the possible author but it is a guess only. I can think of one who has been writing some mysteries and her mother is an author too. 🙂 The only thing is, the pic in the post doesn’t have the look or feel of her covers. Hmmm….???? Maybe a completely different author is at work here. My curiosity is definitely piqued.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Christina Boyd

    She said HIS — is that a clue or a typo???!???!? ^^^

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  6. karenmcoxbooks

    Reblogged this on Karen M Cox and commented:
    Fun! Mystery cover reveal for a new Austen-inspired release!

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  7. Glynis

    Oh my goodness. I agree with Janet’s idea with the choice of author but having other books by this author as Janet says this is a totally different representation of Darcy so maybe not. Oh well I will await the next clue.

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  8. Very clever idea that has me stumped…will go check out the further clues on Meredith’s post.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Oh my goodness, what a brilliant idea for a cover reveal. I haven’t a clue as to who the author is but I love the excerpt. Guess I’ll have to head over to Meredith’s blog for some more clues.

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  10. pedmisson

    I like it. Congratulations on newest release. Looking forward to the next excerpt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jenettajames

      Thank you! I believe that there will be a couple more excerpts during the tour – hope you enjoy them and thank you for stopping by, Jenetta:-)


  11. Loved the excerpt and the fabulous idea of a mystery cover reveal! I only turned up today and missed all the fun of the guessing game, because I’ve seen the post on Claudine’s blog, but what fabulous news!! I’m so excited that this great book is coming out at last!! HUGE congrats to the author 😉 (just in case she’s still a mystery to anyone).


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