London Holiday

London Holiday started out as a light comedy novel but as I continued reading, it surprised me by becoming a tender and enchanting romance.

Nicole Clarkston has shown with this book an incredible ability to diversify her work maintaining a consistency when it comes to the writing quality and character development. The angst in this book is very low and London Holiday could not be more different from These Dreams, but it is equality good due to the quality of the dialogues, the tenderness of the scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth and the perfect pace and connection between all plots. These Dreams remains one of my all time favourite JAFF books but I believe the tone in London Holiday is much more consensual and will appeal to a bigger range of readers being a perfect romance between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Nicole Clarskton didn’t lose time with unnecessary secondary characters in this novel as it is very Darcy and Elizabeth centered, and as always her prose allowed us to see their feelings grow and to accompany them in this journey without any effort. The reader doesn’t need to be told what is happening in each of their hearts and minds, the reader is right there with the characters through the authors gripping writing, and not only knows what their are feeling, but also feels it in his heart as well.

The dialogues between Darcy and Elizabeth are witty and perfect in every way, everything is proper between them, and their flirting, when it happens, is natural and believable. They get to know each other and open their hearts and minds in a most tender way that the majority of readers will find irresistible.

Every piece of information and scene appears to fit perfectly in the entire story which seems to have been crafted with great care, and this is one day in Darcy’s life that no one will forget.

Nicole Clarkston did it again, she brought to her readers an effortless masterpiece that reveals how comfortable she is bringing Darcy and Elizabeth to life.

London Holiday is a most engaging and entertaining sweet romance that will easily touch your hearts, it will certainly appeal to the majority of readers and I highly recommend it! It was one of my favourite books this year, and it might as well be yours 🙂


You can find London Holiday at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


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29 responses to “London Holiday

  1. J. W. Garrett

    Delightful review Rita. I loved it too. Thanks for hosting today and don’t you just love that cover. It is so appropriate and they look like they are have such a good time. I think I really like that male model. It is rare to find one with the longer curls. He looks… good. Kudos to our author. Excellent story Nicole.

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  2. Janet Taylor

    Excellent review, Rita, and I couldn’t agree more! I adored this story and thought it was such fun finding Darcy in this unusual situation. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  4. What an amazing review, Rita! I am absolutely giddy that you loved it. This book was something of a departure after These Dreams, but I had SO much fun with it, and Janet’s cover just reflects that so well! Thank you for posting your review!


  5. caroleincanada

    Wonderful review Rita! I too absolutely loved this story! The cover is just perfect too with such a handsome couple and ties in perfectly with the story! Congratulations to all!!!


  6. Mary

    Loved your review of this wonderful book!
    I agree,this story will appeal to a lot of readers,immersing us,as it does,in a romantic comedy,making us privy to delightful interactions between ODC.

    The cover matches the spirit of the book perfectly,allowing us a glimpse of Lizzy and Darcy and their adventures while enjoying a joint day out in London.
    I think the models personify Darcy and Lizxy perfectly,capturing her joie-de-vivre and his tendency to safeguard those whom he holds dear.Don’t they make a lovely couple?? Yes,Janet,once again,has done a fantastic job!!
    Rita,thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Wishing you the very best of luck with your book,Nicole!!


  7. I read and enjoyed this story also. Love the cover. The couple are handsome together.


  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book, it certainly sounds wonderful and is now at the top of my wishlist.


  9. sounds like a lovely book



  10. Sophia Rose

    Oh, I do love seeing an author with versatile talent to write books of varying emotional tones and can offer something fresh and fun after a deep and broody one.

    Great review, Rita!


  11. Glynis

    I totally agree Rita. I have just this minute finished this fabulous book and loved every minute. I loved the humour and the growing feelings between Darcy and Elizabeth. I loved how she taught him to enjoy life and how he gave her the respect he knew she deserved.
    I also love These Dreams even though I’m not usually an angst lover, that was another unputdownable book.
    Congratulations Nicole on another winner! 🙂


  12. Thank you so much for this review. Sounds like one I need to add to my wish list!


  13. Nicole’s new book sounds like quite a bit of fun. Janet’s covers are always amazing (I believe the young man is a relative of hers) and this is no exception, giving a definite “holiday” vibe to the story. My Wish Llist just got bigger!


  14. Such a lovely review, Rita! Nicole’s writing style is amazing, she can cover the whole range of emotions, and leave us wishing for more. I’m sure this will be one of my top fave books ever!


  15. So glad to see you loved this one. I bought it as soon as it went live and can’t wait to have a chance to read it!


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