Lost & Found

When Miss Elizabeth goes missing after visiting the Rosings library Mr. Darcy comes to the rescue but finds himself trapped in a secret passageway leading from the library to the Masters room, and it is in this confined space they will come to know each other and develop a special and unique bond.

It is beautiful to see how they connect under the circumstances they are placed in, how they get to know one another in a profound manner. Despite the difficulties they face, they are able to keep their sense of humor which allows this book to be a light romance that will please the most romantic hearts.

Each chapter tells the events from the point of view either of Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy and that change at each chapter kept the story dynamic, stimulating an unputdowable.

I loved Darcy’s character and background that took Wickham’s wickedness into a completely different level, however it was more difficult to connect with Elizabeth because I considered some of her attitudes immature. On the other hand, she does assume that she had some fault in encouraging Jane’s feelings for Bingley which is something I rarely see in a book and that matches entirely my reading of her character!

Once more this Christie Capps novella proves to be perfect for when we need a quick romantic book to read. The story is lovely and we can see how Mr. Darcy’s vulnerability opens his way into Elizabeth’s heart. Reading this book gave me a profound sense of wellbeing and I recommend it to readers who prefer low angst and sweet romances.

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7 responses to “Lost & Found

  1. Sophia Rose

    I haven’t had the chance to read this one, but it sounds like it has some unique points. I always thought it would be fun to see them locked in a closet where they had to talk and sort it all out. Guess locked in a secret passage works, too. LOL
    I’ll have to get this one, for sure. Nice review, Rita!

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  2. J. W. Garrett

    I loved this book and I loved that cover. Heavy Sigh!! I love it when ODC has page time. Well… this certainly put them together. Thanks for hosting Rita.

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  3. caroleincanada

    I just loved this story…she certainly strikes a chord within our hearts every time! Lovely review!

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  4. Mary

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts,Rita! This books sounds like a really enjoyable read,one I’m looking forward to!

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  5. Thank you very much for the lovely review, Rita. I’m particularly fond of this story. I mean, which one of us wouldn’t want to be stuck in a small closet with Mr. Darcy?


  6. I think this is my favourite (so far!) of Joy’s Christie Capps stories. I love that they have no choice but to sit and talk to each other.


  7. I loved this story also…smiling at remembering how ODC is forced to spend some time in close proximity! Lovely. Picturing it while reading was a joy.


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