Master of Her Heart

What if a 21st century student from Oxford was transported to the 19th century industrial city of Milton to study the society of that time as a preparation for her thesis?

And what if she encountered and fell in love with John Thornton while she was there?

Would there be hope for such a love? Would it ever work?

I found the premise of this book very interesting, after all who wouldn’t want to go back in time and meet our romantic hero? Even better, who wouldn’t want to become his love interest?

The initial chapters of this book were very refreshing because having the presence of a 21st century character allowed the author to use a lighter language that was pleasing and agreeable to read, but as the story progressed it became too distracting to me because it started to be incongruent with the setting of the story. The main character, who is an historian, continuously says words such as “nope” which obviously raises the attention of the people form the 19th century and I would like to think that an historian going back in time would pay more attention to these kind of words that clearly did not exist back then, especially as she is specializing in this time period.

Also, she seems to forget the rules of propriety of Victorian England by asking Mr. Thornton to kiss her without any arrangement between them, and he seems a little out of character by not only kissing her, but not raising too many issues with the fact that she had kissed other people in the past.

I really liked the premise of the book and the the last chapters were also very innovative and refreshing to read in a N&S variation. The author did a great job in the development and adaptation of John Thornton’s character in the last chapters, I won’t say how or why because that would be a big spoiler, but that was very well achieved and if readers can forget about the rules of propriety of Victorian England they may enjoy this book very much.

Unfortunately I could not, and I was really upset by the behaviour of the female character especially as she was an historian, so this was only an ok read for me that clearly took an innovative approach.


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6 responses to “Master of Her Heart

  1. Sophia Rose

    I can see why those social slip-ups would get you testy especially since a historian definitely would know better. Fun time travel premise, though.

    Great review, Rita!

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  2. Mary

    I fully understand why this story,especially the main character’s behaviour rankled with you,as I would feel the same!!
    I think the historian should have shown more consideration for the social
    mores of the time and acted properly in her mannerisms and interactions with the other characters.
    As much as I love N&S,I don’t think I’ll be adding this story to my TBR list anytime soon.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Hmm, I’m in agreement about the historian’s behaviour. I could forgive a few slips when she first arrives in the 19th century but to carry on doing it? It’s a shame you couldn’t like it more, as there’s not nearly enough N & S based fiction around.

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  4. Oh dear, that’s disappointing! I am with you, the odd slip, especially when you first find yourself in another time, is understandable, but continued mistakes would be annoyjng. I would also agree that Mr Thornton is likely to have rigid principles, being Victorian.

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  5. This sounds so intriguing, but you’re absolutely right, that kind of behaviour in a historian has the potential to be very annoying. I’m pretty sure it would annoy me too. I’m sure the reader would have absorbed the fact that they come from different centuries without it being laid so thick.

    This was the one thing that I found rather disappointing in ‘Lost in Austen’, which was otherwise a gem & I loved it to bits: that since she was so hooked on P&P, Amanda Price would’ve/should’ve made every conceivable effort to sound and behave less modern. I’m sure if any of us would’ve been so lucky as to find a portal, we would’ve put our ‘Regency’ on with a passion. Also, they had toothbrushes as far back as 1707 😀


  6. I also read this story and wish there were more variations on N&S. Thanks for sharing. Good review.


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