Unwrapping Mr. Darcy Review & Giveaway

Unwrapping Mr. Darcy is a sweet modernization that is perfect to read during December first because the story begins in that period, and second because everything in the story transports us into a Christmas environment. I could feel the winter breeze and Christmas excitement that comes with the Secret Santa described in this book, and always had a feeling of cozyness that made me keep reading until I reached the last page.

In Unwrapping Mr.Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, a recently hired attorney, hears Mr.Darcy, the head of the company, making a remark about how she was only hired because she is the sister of the girl Bingley is dating and feels he is diminishing her merit. This sets the prejudice that will be present in a big part of their relationship, but after that remark Mr.Darcy starts paying attention to her and realizes she is in fact the only woman capable of steering any type of feeling in him, so he decides to change her opinion of him.

He convinces Bingley to rig the Secret Santa to be able to surprise her and based on the advent calendar presents her with small but thoughtful gifts every single day until Christmas. He does it expecting that this gesture will change her perspective of him and also give him the chance to have an actual conversation with her, but you know Elizabeth Bennet, it will tho be that simple 🙂

Every single gift shows just how attentive and caring Mr. Darcy is. He is the perfect gentleman and the man most of us wish she would one day call her husband. I felt for him with each gift and word and he is the main reason why I loved this book so much.

I’ve also loved Elizabeth and was pleasantly surprised with Bingley and Jane who were the perfect secondary characters. I loved watching the four of them together and their interactions always made me want to jump into the pages of the book and join their dinners. Their little matchmaking was funny to see and I’m glad Jane opened Elizabeth’s eyes on Christmas Day because that led to my favorite scene in the entire book!

Whickham makes a small appearance but I was happy to see that he was not a cause for conflict, his small part was an interesting detail but it did not lead us away from the interactions of the main characters and I appreciated that.

The end of the book is very rewarding as the author took the time to show readers just how happy our dear couple is. We have a glimpse of their happily ever after and I’m sure most readers will particularly love this part of the book.

I really enjoyed reading this story and recommend it to all readers who want a cozy, entertaining and romantic story, but be prepared to be swooned by Mr.Darcy, he is irresistible!

You can find Unwrapping Mr. Darcy at:



Have I made you curious about this book? I hope so, it is the perfect book to read during Christmas Time, and it may even inspire you to buy less expensive but thoughtful presents for your loved ones! Mr. Darcy did a great job at that 😉 Anyway,  if I have made you at least a little curious please follow the blog tour. You’ll be able to read excerpts, guest posts and much more in all the below mentioned blogs 🙂 And of course, there will be more chances to win the amazing giveaway prize, have I mentioned there is also a giveaway?


By now you know this book is all about gifts, and L. L. Diamond brough some with her 🙂 She is offering several goodies listed below:

Unwrapping Mr. Darcy Giveaway: (complete list of all the wonderful goodies)

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Good Luck everyone!


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20 responses to “Unwrapping Mr. Darcy Review & Giveaway

  1. Glynis

    I’ve just finished reading this Rita and I absolutely loved it. I had to laugh at Grunt’s antics but Darcy made me cry, I felt so sorry for him. Elizabeth is as stubborn as always until Jane and Bingley sort her out. Another winner,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not much of a cat person, and I really have to praise Elizabeth for her patience with Grunt, but he was funny 😉 I loved this darcy, didn’t you Glynis?


      • Glynis

        No I’ve never had a cat although I don’t mind stroking them and I used to look after my neighbour’s cat when they were away.
        As for this Darcy? Definitely swoon worthy once he got over his initial bad mood caused by Wickham as usual.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Glynis! I’m so thrilled with the reviews for Unwrapping Mr. Darcy! I appreciate your review so much as well!


  2. This story sounds really great!! Love Christmas and JAFF & of course => cats!!! This black beauty looks adorable, shame she is not included in this fabulous set if gifts ;D


    • My daughter would never forgive me if I included him in the giveaway 😉 She already scolds me for making him a bit naughtier in the book than he is in real life. A lot of his characteristics are the same as Shadow’s, which is what made it fun. Thanks, Jo’s Daughter!


  3. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it, Rita!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful review!


  4. This sounds delightful!


  5. suzanlauder

    Rita, you’re right, this book gives all kinds of thoughtful little Christmas gift idea, but the book itself would be a wonderful gift. Your review is a gift to Leslie, who wrote such a winning story and put such a fantastic cover on it. Best of luck to Leslie and obrigada to you, Rita.


  6. J. W. Garrett

    Fabulous review Rita. Thanks for hosting today. I grabbed the book on pre-order and started reading it as soon as it downloaded. It was so sweet. I agree with the above review that said Darcy was so sweet. I really felt for him because Lizzy was so stubborn. When he was finally able to open up and said what was in his heart, oh man, it was swoon-worthy.


  7. schilds

    Are you sure the cat can not be included? I look forward to reading this one . Thank you for the giveaway.


    • LOL! I’m sure he’s not included (My daughter would KILL me!!). He can be a pest, but he’s definitely a cute one. I thought I’d managed to open a can of tuna without him noticing today, but as soon as I dished it out on my salad, he skidded across the kitchen counter. He has the hearing of a bat!


  8. Dung

    Reading it now and enjoying it! Love Grunt’s antics. I have a black cat as well and they do love boxes and shinny things. You definitely feel for Darcy. Elizabeth is just so stubborn and hard headed at time. Looking forward to finishing it! Congrats on the new release, we’ve been voting multiple times on the Cover Wars as well!


  9. evamedmonds

    This books sounds so good and what an incredible giveaway!


  10. Thank you for sharing your review. I am very much looking forward to the holidays and am ready to read books that take place during this time period.


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