And the winners are…

Hello everyone,

Some of the giveaway winners we recently announced at From Pemberley to Milton already had the prizes they won, which means we needed to select other names. Today I’m happy to announce new winners for Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor, Gerogiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and also the winner of a Julia Daniels book. If you saw my last post you know that Julia Daniels is working on her third North and South novel and that she was offering my readers any book from her portfolio, which includes not only North and South variations but also other romances from different eras, the winner may choose any of those books. I would like to thank all of you for your support and all these authors for their generosity!!

An now, without further ado, the randomly selected winners are:


Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor

*** Caroleincanada***


Georgiana Darcy: A Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice


*** J.W. Garrett ***


Julia Daniels ebook – Winner’s choice

***Pam Hunter***


Congratulations everyone! I hope you enjoy your prizes 🙂 Can you please send me your address to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that the books may be delivered to you?

Happy Reading!



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7 responses to “And the winners are…

  1. Sophia Rose

    Wow! A lovely group of winners and wishing you all happy reading!


  2. Congratulations. Enjoy your books.


  3. caroleincanada

    Thank you so much! I am thrilled to have won this book!!! I will send you my details in an email shortly! Congratulations to everyone!


  4. Congrats to all the winners!


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