The 26th of November Giveaway

Hello everyone,

Today was a special day for me because I spent it in Budapest celebrating the birthday of one of my friends. He lives in Lisbon, but he wanted to celebrate is birthday with his friends somewhere else, and I have to say he chose very well! Budapest was amazing and it surpassed all my expectations, we had a great time walking around the city, visiting the thermal baths, buying cute things at Christmas markets and eating traditional food. I cannot wait to repeat the experience and I’m wondering which is the next city he will choose for his next birthday. Where should we go next? Do you have any suggestion?

I flew back to Lisbon a couple of hours ago and realised this day is also special because it’s the day of the Netherfield Ball, so I decided to write something about it and offer one of you a signed copy of The 26th of November by Elizabeth Adams. I’m sure you know I was in the United States last month, and while I was there I stayed a few days with Elizabeth so I was able to get her to sign me an extra copy of the book, and today is the perfect day to offer it.

The 26th of November has a very different premise with Elizabeth being forced to relive the same day over and over and over again. I thought this plot was a genius idea and really loved the book, now I’m wondering what it would be like if it were Mr. Darcy who would relieve this day over and over again, or if in fact he was aware that the day was repeating itself but never mentioned it to Elizabeth. What about a secondary story releasing it too, but keeping it to himself?

What do you think of all these ideas? If you were to read a sequel, what would you prefer it to be? Mr. Darcy’s POV, or maybe even another day repeating itself, and if so, which day would you prefer to see repeated?

The Netherfield Ball has inspired many books and I’m glad it did because I think it is one of the events in the book with more potential. A lot of things can happen before, during or immediately after the ball and the sky’s the limit when it comes to variations. It isn’t too soon in the story, so Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s feelings are already there and the author doesn’t need to go through all those initial interactions (which I’m starting to find tiring to be honest), but it isn’t too late either, so the author has more freedom to play with prejudices and feelings developing them as he wishes.

It is not my favourite time for a variation, that would be the Hunsford proposal. I think it is the best timing because I think that the Hunsford proposal is essential for the characters to built the respect and love they have for one another, but the Netherfield ball comes in second on my ranking for favorite timing for variations.

What about you? What is your favourite timing for a variation?

Join me in this conversation to be included in the giveaway of the signed copy of The 26th of November. All comments will receive an entry and the giveaway is open until the 5th of December. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced here shortly after. Please do not forget to stop by to see if you were the lucky winner, unfortunately if I do not receive a confirmation via email from the winner I will have to choose another winner.

Good Luck everyone!



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36 responses to “The 26th of November Giveaway

  1. Mary Preston

    The Netherfield Ball does lend itself for variation beautifully. Lots of what if…..


    • That’s what I think too Mary. While I was writing this post I was thinking that a murder during the ball would be a great premise! Would love to see them all stranded there until the murderer is caught 🙂


  2. schilds

    I like a variation around the proposal so much could change the outcome. I also like reading from Darcy’s POV.


  3. Claire Ferguson

    The Meryton Assembly or Hunsford Proposal!!


  4. Leeza

    There are so many variation possibilities. Certainly the ball is one. I’m always fond of the time Elizabeth spends with the Gardiners and the trip to Pemberley. That’s one of the joys of P&P, it allows so many openings for anyone to jump in and make it their own.


    • It’s true, I don’t know any other story with so many possible variations as this one. Every single detail can change everything! I also like variations after they meet at Pemberley, that would be my third favorite timing 🙂


  5. evamedmonds

    I have loved Elizabeth Adams’ books but have not read this one. I like a book from Darcy’s POV. Why not have a November 26th book for him? I would like to see a book beginning right after Mr. Collins’ proposes and Elizabeth refuses. There have been books from this point in the story line, but it would be fun to read from Darcy’s POV.


    • That’s another starting point inalado love Eva, I love it when darcy comes to the rescue because he can’t accept that Elizabeth will be married to Collins. Rumors and recklessness starts that way and it is one of the best book beginning I’ve ever seen. And I would love a 26th of November from Darcy’s POV too 🙂


  6. I LOVE that photo of you with that gorgeous building in the background. What is it? I have that book and enjoyed it. Good luck to all.


  7. Maureen C

    All of the above-mentioned places are great for variations. Variations taking place at Pemberley are definitely fun. And variations from Darcy’s POV are always interesting. I love the Groundhog Day scenarios. Having that scenario at Rosings for the Hunsford proposal would be entertaining.


  8. I would love to see a sequel where Mr. Darcy has to relive the same day over again but at a different point in time. Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. Deborah

    There are 2 places I love variations centered around. 1 is the Meryton Assembly and the other is the Netherfield Ball.


  10. I don’t have a preferred place in time for a variation. As long as it is well written I can go for anywhere along the way. Reliving the same day sounds like it could be a really fun read.


  11. Patricia Finnegan

    I like the idea of the ball being the choice. I would also choose maybe when Lydia ran off with Wickham or when Elizabeth first visited pemberley with her aunt and uncle with Darcy repeating that visit over and over again.

    Thank you for giveaway opportunity!


  12. Mary Coble

    Any time Lizzy questions her opinion of Darcy is worth re-living – the Netherfield ball, her visit to Pemberley. I think it would be great to have the same event from both Lizzy’s and Darcy’s POV. I like having insight to what Darcy is thinking.
    Thanks for the give-away..


  13. virginiakohl

    There are so many possibilities, it is hard to only choose one 🙂

    Although, I also enjoy stories from other character’s POV as well as those centered around secondary characters (it’s nice to learn more about them)


  14. Glynis

    Budapest looks amazing. So glad you enjoyed it Rita. I really couldn’t make any suggestions for further travels as I can’t travel much myself. Maybe they would enjoy Pemberley? 🙂 🙂
    I have the kindle copy of this lovely book but would love a signed copy for my book shelves.
    I would love to read this from Darcy’s POV (but then I would love anything from his point of view) however I think it is pretty perfect as it is.
    Thanks for sharing Rita and I hope your friend truly enjoyed his birthday.


  15. Loved 26th of November and love your holiday pics! The one with the hat especially (OK there are 2 with the hat, but you know what I mean 😀 ). Please don’t enter me in the giveaway, just popping by to say hi and to leave some love for Elizabeth Adams’ awesome Groundhog Day. Poor Lizzy :)) . What a fun read that was!


  16. caroleincanada

    Looks like you had a great time! Oh to choose! What about Mr. Collins’ proposal??? Now that would be a nightmare of a Groundhog Day!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Sharon Legg

    Oh, Elizabeth, this sounds intriguing!! One of the areas to put in a day lived over that I find many possibilities! Can’t wait!


  18. Mr Darcy’s POV for sure!! Maybe him actually being half concious of the day repeating itself and seeing Elizabeth’s efforts!!!
    I would love something like that!!

    If not, I think repeating the day of proposal at the parsonage will be hilarious!! In this case his POV until it works 🙂


  19. Christina Boyd

    I loved this book! Own it. So don’t enter me—but had to have my share of the conversation.


  20. Agnes

    I’m Hungarian and a native of Budapest – I’m thrilled that you liked it! I can see you viited the Castle and the Matthias church – I hope you saw a little of the Danube riverside with the bridges and the Parliament. Prague would be a great choice for a similar visit – great cultural and artistic heritage and delicious traditional food.
    As foo variation starting points in P&P, I, too, like the Netherfield Ball because there is a confrontation between Darcy and Elizabeth, although a somewhat veiled one. Apart from the obvious dramatic choice of Hunsford, I also like variations set during the winter in London (bringing Elizabeth there with or instead of jane). by that time, all elements of the conflict are in place so all the depth of it can be explored (at Netherfield, Bingley hasn’t abandoned Jane yet). Also, the Gardiners can play a greater role, which is usually heartwarming. The other one I particularly like is during Jane’s illness at Netherfield. There are many interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth, related word by word by the author, with many misunderstandings and even several innuendos. Also, they are under sthe same roof for several nights, which allows for clandestine nighttime meetings, library or billiards room scenes etc.
    Thakns for the giveaway!


  21. Dung

    Love seeing and reading about your adventures Rita! I love Elizabeth Adams’ writing especially this novel. It was great to see what Elizabeth did each day when there were no consequences. Such a fun read.


  22. Pam Hunter

    I loved this book and would be thrilled to win an autographed copy! Thanks for the chance!


  23. Beatrice

    I always prefer Mr Darcy’s POV, but when you ask what point of P&P I’d most enjoy a variation of, it would be when Lizzy and he meet again at Pemberley and Lambton. Both have already had “Ah ha!” moments and are so close to reaching out to each other; it would be grand to witness their overcoming their reserve to connect during that time and actually communicate what is in their hearts – regardless of the disruption of Lydia’s elopement.
    Thank you for the generous offer of a signed copy of the book. I’m in Canada; would that be a problem if I won?


  24. Wow, your friend has a fun way to celebrate his birthday in a new city each year. I wish I could be like him. I actually don’t have a favourite timing when a variation have a starting point. I am in awe how JAFF authors come up with different ideas even though they begin at almost the same point.


  25. Amanda Frank

    I think it would be a great idea to see it all from Mr. Darcy’s POV. I would almost like to see him try to explain that this all just happened to Elizabeth on one of the days and see how she responds.


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