Captain Wentworth’s Christmas Wish

Christmas time is here and it is becoming harder and harder to choose which books to read, so this year I decided to choose something a little different, and instead of reading only Pride and Prejudice Christmas variations, I picked up a Persuasion Christmas novella.

In Captain Wentworth’s Christmas Wish I found all the characters I love from Persuasion in a cosy setting that transported me immediately into the book and this magical season. The story starts after Louisa Musgrove’s accident in Lyme but it is around Christmas time and not only is Anne Elliot to stay at Uppercross for Christmas, but also Captain Wentworth is to spend this time with his sister. They meet in Somerset and realise their old feelings are still pretty much alive, but they are both unaware of the others feelings, so after reflecting on their situation, Captain Wentworth wishes he had repaired things with Anne Elliot when he had the chance.

This wish comes true and we find ourselves reliving what could have happened when Captain Wentworth returned to England two years after his proposal to Anne Elliot. By this time he was already a Captain of the English Navy but he was still too angry with Anne for being persuaded to end their engagement, but what if he wasn’t? What if he had been more open and forgiving? That is the new facet we will see in this book.

This premise is quite interesting and I really love the way the author developed it, but I did find Captain Wentworth too forgiving, I know this is what the author intended, but it seemed a little out of character and for that reason I could not relate to Captain Wentworth as I usually do.

I would also have preferred to see more interactions between these characters, the ones we saw were really good, but because there were not that frequent the book lacked some emotion in my perspective. Despite that I did find it a pleasant book and I do recommend it to those who love Persuasion.

The setting is really good, the environment is very cosy and it is a very romantic story without much angst.

What I loved the most about it was the uncertainty of what would happen. This book is not predictable at all, or at least I could not predict what would happen next and was surprised on occasion. It is a short novella so it can be read in a cosy afternoon while you enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you love Persuasion, I do recommend it, I loved spending time at Kellynch with these characters


You can find Captain Wentworth’s Christmas Wish at:


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9 responses to “Captain Wentworth’s Christmas Wish

  1. Sophia Rose

    It sounds like a sweeter, softer version for the holidays. It does have more swoon value when he has to fight his bitterness, I agree. I’ll have to go hunt this one up because I love Persuasion stories. 🙂


  2. I have not read Persuasion but, you make it sound very appealling. Thank you.


  3. DeborahDeborah

    I enjoy Persuasion very much so this will be added to my wish list.


  4. J. W. Garrett

    My goodness. I love a good Captain Wentworth story. Sigh. I just love him. Great review, Rita.


  5. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    I love stories about Wintworth and look forward to reading this one. Thanks so much for your post.


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