Recognizing Love

I hadn’t read a book like Recognising Love for some time and I believe this one is perfect for those who are just now starting to read Pride and Prejudice variations, or for those who want to go back to the simplicity of the genre because it is a clear example of a sweet and romantic what if variation. There are no kidnappings, carriage accidents, marriages with other people, time travelling events or anything of the sorts, it starts with only a small difference in the story and focuses on interpersonal relationships with a simplicity that is beautiful!

The story starts at Pemberley when Mr. Darcy finds Elizabeth visiting the estate with Mr. and Mrs Gardiner. The initial chapters of the book give us a glimpse of the several moments and conversations they might have had during those days until Elizabeth receives Jane’s letter, that is when the “what if” enters this story. So, what if Mr. Darcy didn’t let Elizabeth think he had left her because he no longer wanted an association with her? What if he could not bear to see her suffer like that and told her the truth about his intentions to help find Lydia? What if the Gardiner’s, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy all travelled to London together? What would change if Elizabeth was perfectly aware of Mr. Darcy’s intervention?

After saving Lydia from Wickham, and thinking that by now Elizabeth already loves him, Mr. Darcy proposes for the second time and unlike the Hunsford proposal, this one has a positive outcome. Elizabeth accepts because she believes she will love him with time and is afraid he will not ask a third time, but she is unsure about her feelings and is not able to tell him the truth. From this moment, we will see a lot of Elizabeth’s introspection as she will continuously analyse her own feelings for Mr. Darcy, and that will be the hot topic in the entire novel.

The first part of the book is more slow-paced and I confess that Elizabeth’s uncertainty about her feelings was starting to get to my nerves, especially because I believe that she was already in love with Mr. Darcy at Pemberley, but the second part of the book is more fast paced with several events occurring, including our dear couple coming together to achieve a common goal.

The story becomes more and more appealing to the reader as it progresses and Mr. Darcy’s family becomes a point of interest. I kept thinking what each one of them would do or say, and I was very pleased to see Lady Matlock’s reactions as well as Richard’s and Anne’s. These two were a wonderful surprise and I was happy to see the writer bringing them into the story. Lady Catherine on the other hand was as annoying as she could be, but if it wasn’t for her our dear couple would not have come out of this story with a love so strong, so I have to thank her for that 😉

This book is a clean and very sweet story where Mr. Darcy’s devotion will captivate most readers, he truly is the best of men, and readers who enjoy sweet romances will certainly fall for him 🙂 Recognising Love is proof that simple changes in the story are enough to make readers enjoy the book and I recommend it to those looking for a romance without major angst moments.


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Lizzy Brandon would like to offer one e-book copy of Recognising Love to one of my readers, the giveaway is international will end on the 15th of January. Winners will be announced shortly after that 🙂

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23 responses to “Recognizing Love

  1. Great review! I like how it doesn’t sound like a lot of drama but there were a few surprises. No need to enter me in the giveaway as I already own a copy.

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  2. Shelley Hoisington

    Great review. I enjoyed reading this book. Good luck to those that enter!


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book. I prefer sweet, no-or-low angst stories so I believe this is one I would enjoy. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It sounds like a really sweet story and a great alternative to the usual ‘Pride and Prejudice’ plot we know and love. Count me in to the giveaway!

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  5. Lizzy Brandon

    Thank you for the wonderful review. I enjoyed writing a low-angst story. Good luck to everyone on winning a copy!

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  6. Sophia Rose

    That is a fun place for the variation to start and to have Elizabeth in on prying Lydia out of London.
    Yes, that is interesting how she doesn’t know she’s in love with him yet after his letter and the rescue, but I do like low angst so I will have to keep this one in mind.


    • It’s one of my favourite starting points Sophia, and I do believe she was already in love with him, but she had a hard time recognizing love 🙂 This is definitely low angst, if you like it, this is the book for you 🙂


  7. Glad to hear your thoughts on this variation, Rita..thanks for posting review. Ps. I’ve email responded to your winners post for Victoria’s ” Darcy” audio.. awaiting your response Thx..

    On Monday, 7 January 2019, From Pemberley to Milton wrote:

    > Rita Deodato posted: ” I hadn’t read a book like Recognising Love for some > time and I believe this one is perfect for those who are just now starting > to read Pride and Prejudice variations, or for those who want to go back to > the simplicity of the genre because it is a clear ” >


  8. Maureen C

    Sounds like a lovely story to read on a snow day! I need to put this on my list!


  9. This sounds like an interesting story. I like my share of angst but I also like sweet stories. I have added it to my wishlist. Thank you for the review and for the give away.


  10. Thanks for the lovely review and the giveaway, Rita and Lizzy Brandon! I love the premise of ‘recognising Love’. The Lambton moments are so sad in the original story. How awful to see them separated by Lydia’s folly just as they were starting to build something. Great to see them together sooner than in canon, even if Elizabeth isn’t sure of her feelings yet. I wonder what Lady Matlock, Richard and Anne did :))


  11. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    What a wonderful interview and giveaway. Love the excerpts. Thanks for sharing. Jen Red


  12. Christina Boyd

    I agree!! This one is classic JAFF in the purest form. Changing one major event and seeing how ODC are managed. This story is like everyone’s favorite comfort food—delicious while confident in knowing what you will get. Not to be missed.


  13. Glynis

    I’m not an angst lover as you know so this might just suit me. I do have it on my list so maybe I will move it up.


  14. Berry Campbell Madden

    This seems like an invitation to a pleasant time spent before the fireplace, curled up with some cocoa and a soothing story.


  15. Pam Hunter

    I admit to loving a good angsty story, but I also enjoy a sweet romance as well. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


  16. I read and enjoyed this story. I remember how E. anguished over trying to decipher her feelings.


  17. A lovely review, Rita. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on why you like this type of P&P variations. I prefer a simple romance story instead of angst and high drama.


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