Christie Capps’ novellas have become my go to books when I need an easy fix, they provide me pleasurable moments when I’m feeling down and I consider them a sort of comfort book if that is a thing. Her stories are clean, well written, romantic and with the perfect length for this type of book, so when I saw that she had released a new novella called Henry I did not resist and bought it for a moment of need. The moment of need came and I ended up enjoying this story vey much!

Henry is a beautifully written novella that takes place shortly after the Meryton Assembley when Mr. Darcy is visiting Mr. Bingley at Netherfield. In this variation Mr. Darcy has an adorable puppy named Henry who keeps finding his way into Longbourn and Miss Elizabeth’s company. Mr. Darcy is forced to fetch Henry on a daily basis and that forces him to be in Elizabeth’s company quite frequently. The reader gets to see their pride and prejudice at hand on the initial encounters and even some confrontation, but slowly and due to their shared love for Henry, those initial perceptions start to disappear and their feelings start to change.

Every time Henry finds Elizabeth she is reading a book and Christie Capps actually wrote excerpts of the book so we accompany the story Elizabeth is reading, these shifts between Elizabeth’s reality and the story she is reading was my favourite part of the book. In what reminded me of Austen’s Northanger Abbey, the heroine is pulled into the pages of the book she is reading and we are pulled along with her. The similarities of what she is reading and her own life are obvious and we cannot wait for Elizabeth to see that too, and to learn from what she is reading. I felt completely pulled into the story inside the story and this was absolutely incredible! I really loved the writing in the first Christie Capps novella I read over a year ago, but I believe the writing in Henry even surpasses that.

Henry is a sweet and captivating novella and I recommend it to all my readers.


You can find Henry at:



and on Kindle Unlimited


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7 responses to “Henry

  1. I really enjoyed this story.

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  2. J. W. Garrett

    I have it and LOVED it. What a cute story.

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  3. This is such a charming story! It deserves all the love. Thank you, Joy, for giving us such happy stories! We all need that. ❤

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  4. I loved this story. It put a smile on my face. 😃

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  5. I appreciate your review so much, Rita. I’m so happy you liked my little fluff ball. He’s an amalgam of real pets belonging to friends who adore their 🐶 dogs. Henry truly was a joy to write.


  6. Sophia Rose

    This one sounds like a cutie. And, yes, comfort reads are a definite thing. 🙂

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  7. I enjoyed this story also. Thanks for sharing.

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