President Darcy, Excerpt & Giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’m sure that by now you already know I am a huge fan of audiobooks, so I’m very happy to host Victoria Kincaid today to let you know about the release of two of her books on audible, President Darcy which I have loved but not reviewed yet (another great reason to relive it through the audio version), and The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy narrated by one of my favourite narrators, Stevie Zimmerman.

She is bringing an excerpt of President Darcy which I hope you enjoy, and also a giveaway of the two audiobooks, so you know the drill, comment on this post to apply for the giveaway, but most of all, share with us your opinions, wishes and love for all things Austen 🙂 If we all do that, we are bound to have a lot of fun 🙂




Hi Rita,  Thank you so much for welcoming me back to your blog!  I recently released audiobook copies of President Darcy and The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy, two of my most popular books.  President Darcy is narrated by Lucy Emerson, who does a wonderful job with the characters and the lighthearted moments in the story.  You can hear a sample of her narration here.  The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy is narrated by Stevie Zimmerman, a very popular JAFF narrator who also did The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth.  You can sample her narration here. And please enjoy an excerpt from President Darcy below:


“Intellectual lightweight.”  The phrase niggled at Darcy’s memory.  Where had he heard it recently?

Not that it mattered anyway.  He’d probably imagined any connection between them—wishful thinking brought on by too many lonely nights in the Residence.  First, she babbled, and then she acted like he’d killed her cat.  Perhaps she was just a strange person.

Then he recalled he had used the phrase in describing Elizabeth to Hilliard.  And somehow, she had heard him.

No wonder she had been icy and distant.  Darcy was lucky she hadn’t flung a drink in his face. His cheeks heated and his chest tightened as he imagined her overhearing his uncensored remarks.  Now that he knew she wasn’t a pampered rich girl, his comments were even more egregious.  He grappled with an intense desire to leave the room—or hide behind one of the eight-foot-high floral arrangements.

The proper course would be to follow Elizabeth Bennet and apologize.  But he certainly couldn’t chase after her, Secret Service agents in tow, begging for a moment of her time to explain—what, exactly?  He couldn’t claim he hadn’t meant the words; there was no denying he had said them.  She probably wouldn’t even listen to a convoluted explanation about his annoyance with Hilliard, let alone believe it.

However, it was equally unimaginable not to apologize.  Darcy started after her, but a hand on his elbow pulled him back.  Bob Hilliard yet again.  One glimpse of the man’s white-lipped frown and tense shoulders prevented Darcy from voicing his complaints.

Without a word, Hilliard pulled Darcy to an unoccupied table, where they were immediately joined by Caroline.  Hilliard handed Darcy a scotch on the rocks—a bad sign. Hilliard spoke in a low tone.  “Sir, we have a potential situation on Twitter.”

Darcy frowned at Caroline, who handled social media.  His predecessor in the office had been a disaster on Twitter, but most of Darcy’s tweets—posted by his social media staff—were about his policy positions.

“Not your Twitter account,” Caroline clarified.  “There’s a guest here tonight by the name of Lydia Bennet.”  Darcy couldn’t recall which sister she was.  “She has a picture of herself with you.” Darcy shrugged; people posted pictures with him all the time.

“She also complains that you ‘threw shade’”—Bob used air quotes—“at her sister Elizabeth. Supposedly you said ‘she is stupid and not pretty enough to dance with.’  It’s been retweeted 800,000 times.”  He checked his iPad.  “Wait a minute…800,015.”

Darcy was suddenly nauseated.  Not only had Elizabeth overheard, but her sister had tweeted it? “That’s what I said when—” Hilliard nodded knowingly.  Darcy gratefully gulped scotch before scowling at Hilliard.  “That area should have been cleared before we talked.”

Hilliard grimaced.  “The Secret Service should have cleared it, but apparently they didn’t check the ladies’ room.”

Darcy tossed back some more scotch.  “Elizabeth Bennet heard me insult her in person?”  Hilliard nodded, and Darcy stifled a groan.  He had harbored a small hope that she had heard it from a third party.  I’m lucky I got off with a cold shoulder instead of a slap to the face.

The Washington Post wants to know if we have a comment,” Caroline said.

How soon was too soon to leave his own state dinner? This had been a series of fiascos.  “They want us to respond to a tweet from a high school student?”

Caroline consulted her phone.  “Her profile says she’s at GW University.  The Post wants to know if you actually said her sister was ‘ugly and stupid’ and if you said it to her face.”

“No!” Darcy practically yelled.  “I would never—” Several heads pivoted in their direction; Darcy lowered his voice.  “Obviously I didn’t know she was there.”

Caroline frowned.  “Her father is a big donor.  Can we issue a denial?”

Darcy’s predecessor had been notorious for his falsehoods, and Darcy had been scrupulous at avoiding any appearance of being less than truthful.  It was one of the ways he had gained the public’s trust and restored faith in the presidency.  “No,” he said wearily.  “I did say it.  I haven’t lied to the press before.  I’m not starting now.”

Caroline took notes with brisk efficiency.  “We can say ‘no comment,’ but perhaps we should get someone working on damage control.”  She shot a quizzical look at Hilliard, who nodded.

Darcy rubbed the back of his neck where the headache had now taken hold.  He couldn’t help imagining Elizabeth’s reaction when he had uttered those words.  How had her face looked?  What had she thought?  Had he made her cry?   God damn it!  Darcy scrubbed his face with his hands.  “Can I issue an apology?”

“What?” Hilliard’s voice squeaked, and Caroline barked a laugh.

“I was irritated at you.” He waved at Hilliard.  “And it was an insensitive thing to say.  I didn’t even mean it.”  Darcy’s breathing constricted just thinking that she might believe those ill-considered words.  They were beneath him and beneath the office of the president.

“No, you can’t apologize!” Hilliard hissed.  “An apology would only confirm that you said it. That would be the surest way to transform this into a media circus.  It would be breaking news on the cable stations.  Rule number one of the presidency: don’t admit mistakes.”

“Stupid rule.”  Darcy hated to maintain a façade of infallibility.  Presidents were human and made mistakes.  Pretending otherwise was idiotic and counterproductive, but admitting to errors gave your enemies too much ammunition.  He gripped the scotch glass so tightly that his fingers turned white.

“If we don’t say anything, it will likely die down,” Hilliard said.

Darcy stretched his neck, willing the muscles to loosen.  Hilliard was right, but still.  “Can I at least apologize to Elizabeth Bennet?”

“Why bother?” Caroline asked sharply.

He drained the last of the scotch and slammed the glass down on the table.  “Because it was rude and inaccurate.  She’s neither stupid nor ugly,” he growled at Caroline, not even caring when she drew back slightly.

Hilliard shook his head sadly.  “No.  You can’t apologize to her.  It would be the first thing she’d mention if the media contacts her.   It would be best if you didn’t have any conversations with her at all.”

Darcy thumped the glass on the table, startling Caroline. “Great. Just great,” he muttered to himself.

Elizabeth would continue to believe that he thought she was unattractive and dumb, and the whole world would think he’d insulted a woman he barely knew. And he’d been barred from speaking with the most intriguing woman he’d met in years.

Sometimes being president sucked.



President Darcy

President William Darcy has it all: wealth, intelligence, and the most powerful job in the country.  Despite what his friends say, he is not lonely in the White House.  He’s not.   And he has vowed not to date while he’s in office.  Nor is he interested in Elizabeth Bennet.   She might be pretty and funny and smart, but her family is nouveau riche and unbearable.  Unfortunately, he encounters her everywhere in Washington, D.C.—making her harder and harder to ignore.  Why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Elizabeth Bennet enjoys her job with the Red Cross and loves her family, despite their tendency to embarrass her.  At a White House state dinner, they cause her to make an unfavorable impression on the president, who labels her unattractive and uninteresting.  Those words are immediately broadcast on Twitter, so the whole world now knows the president insulted her.  Elizabeth just wants to avoid the man—who, let’s admit it, is proud and difficult.  For some reason he acts all friendly when they keep running into each other, but she knows he’s judging her. 

Eventually, circumstances force Darcy and Elizabeth to confront their true feelings for each other, with explosive results.  But even if they can find common ground, Mr. Darcy is still the president—with limited privacy and unlimited responsibilities—and his enemies won’t hesitate to use his feelings for Elizabeth against him.  

Can President Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find their way to happily ever after?

You can find President Darcy at:

and on Audible






The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy arrives at Longbourn, intending to correct the mistakes he made during his disastrous proposal in Hunsford. To his horror, he learns that Elizabeth Bennet was killed in a ship’s explosion off the coast of France—in an apparent act of sabotage. Deep in despair, he travels in disguise to wartime France to seek out the spy responsible for her death.

But a surprise awaits Darcy in the French town of Saint-Malo: Elizabeth is alive!

Recovering from a blow to the head, Elizabeth has no memory of her previous life, and a series of mistakes lead her to believe that Darcy is her husband. However, they have even bigger problems. As they travel through a hostile country, the saboteur mobilizes Napoleon’s network of spies to capture them and prevent them from returning home. Elizabeth slowly regains her memories, but they often leave her more confused.

Darcy will do anything to help Elizabeth reach England safely, but what will she think of him when she learns the truth of their relationship?

You can find The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy at:

and on Audible







Victoria Kincaid would like to offer one copy of each of the recently released audiobooks to my readers, the giveaway is international will end on the 4th of March. Winners will be announced shortly after that 🙂

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post and share your thoughts on the excerpt Victoria shared with all of you, and let us know which of the two you would prefer to win.

Also, please do not forget to check the blog to confirm if you were the winner 🙂 Unfortunately if we don’t hear anything back from the winners we will have to announce new winners.

Good Luck everyone!


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15 responses to “President Darcy, Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. Maria Thomas

    Darcy as President? I think I’d vote for him.


  2. Enjoyed the excerpt and felt so sorry for Mr Darcy that he was told he can’t apologize. I would love to win either story but my first choice would be The Unforgettable Mr Darcy.


  3. Glynis

    I love both of these books. President Darcy really suffered for that insult and I wonder why Caroline was so set against him apologising (NOT). As for TUMD? I love books where ODC are together from the beginning so Elizabeth thinking they were married was a new twist on that. Loved it!
    I’m not entering the giveaway as I don’t have audible but thank you for sharing info on these two lovely books Rita.


  4. evamedmonds

    I loved the book President Darcy. How can Darcy correct this mistake and certainly how will Elizabeth respond to him? I would love to win this audiobook but also have liked the second audiobook, too. Thank you for this generous giveaway.


  5. Sarah Maksim

    I LOVED President Darcy and would love to win it. I think he’s in such a tight spot with the insult. Because yes, there are times when it’s not legally or politically a good idea to apologize… and yet personally, it almost always is. It stinks to get stuck in that situation. I enjoyed both books a great deal but I really loved President Darcy (I’m always recommending it to people who don’t read much modern fanfic–it’s just so hilariously funny, and clever, and fun to read! And the Collins character has me rolling every time he’s mentioned.). It would be wonderful to win it and be able to listen to it in the car on my way to and from my workouts.


  6. ForeverHis

    President Darcy sounds like such a wonderful book and since I have read The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy, I already know that book is especially good. My all-time favorite Victoria Kincaid book is “The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth”–it is permanently on my re-read list! I’m a novice with audiobooks (I don’t have any), but would love the try the technology. Please enter me into the drawing for either book. Thank you, Victoria Kincaid. You are an awesome author.


  7. I absolutely loved reading both these books! If I had to choose one I would like President Darcy, Darcy is already my favourite book boyfriend but as president he was so powerful but humble and perfect! The excerpt made me think of the awful situation we now live in where anything can end up on social media. Imagine if Twitter has kept our beloved couple apart 😭


  8. Mary

    Hi Victotia and Rita,
    Must admit I haven’t read any if these books yet!
    I love the assumption,mistaken as it is,that Elizabeth and Darcy are married!
    Mr President sounds wonderful,as I can well imagine how restrictive his life must be,in many ways.
    Just wanted to drop by to wish you luck with these audiobooks,Victoria.
    Stevie is a great narrative and I’m sure Lucy has a wonderful voice too.
    Please don’t enter me in the draw. Thank you for hosting,Rita.


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