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Good Morning everyone,

Ya’ll know how much I love book covers so you can imagina how excited I am to be revealing the cover for C. P. Odom’s new book called Perilous Siege.

The cover is quite different from anything I have ever seen, and I believe that is because of the premise which is also something quite different and intriguing! Before revealing to you the cover, why don’t you take a look at the blurb?


What is the Siege Perilous, and how does it affect the lives of everyone in the Regency universe of Pride & Prejudice?

When a man dressed in bizarre attire suddenly appears in a field on his Pemberley estate, Fitzwilliam Darcy has little inkling of the many and startling changes this man’s strange arrival will have on his life, his family’s lives, and indeed, his whole world.

Mysteriously sent to the Regency world of Pride and Prejudice, this refugee from a future Armageddon is befriended by Darcy. How will the presence of Major Edward McDunn influence the events of Jane Austen’s signature work, especially the tangled courtship between Darcy and the complex and endearing Elizabeth Bennet?


Now that you know what the book is about, you are ready for this revealing and beautiful cover!

Perilous Siege_front (1).jpg

What do you think about it? I loved everything about Darcy and who I am assuming is Colonel Fitzwilliam, they are just like I imagine them! And did you notice Elizabeth in the back next to the carriage? It may seem like a small detail, but I absolutely love how revealing this cover is, it makes me very curious about the book and if I saw this on Amazon without even knowing the author or the blurb I would have been drawn to it! The contrast between the soldiers clothes to the regency characters on the back makes me want to read it the book immediately! I also enjoyed the fact that the title’s font has a military backgroud, what do you think about that?

But it was not just the front cover that convinced me, look at the back cover. Isn’t it even more intriguing?

Perilous Siege_wrap cover_cropped (1)

Who is that other man on the back cover? He looks like a sorcerer doesn’t he? And what are they doing? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely intrigued!

The blog tour should start next month and I’m looking forward to the guest posts that may tell us a little more about this book 🙂

In case this is the first time you have heard about C.P. Odom, you can get to know him a little better now by reading his first person author bio.



By training, I’m a retired engineer, born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Sandwiched in there was a stint in the  Marines, and I’ve lived in Arizona since 1977, working first for Motorola and then General Dynamics. I raised two sons with my first wife, Margaret, before her untimely death from cancer, and my second wife, Jeanine, and I adopted two girls from China. The older of my daughters recently graduated with an engineering degree and is working in Phoenix, and the younger girl is heading toward a nursing degree. I’ve always been a voracious reader and collector of books, and my favorite genres are science fiction, historical fiction, histories, and, in recent years, reading (and later writing) Jane Austen romantic fiction. This late-developing interest was indirectly stimulated when I read my late wife’s beloved Jane Austen books after her passing.  One thing led to another, and I now have three novels published:  A Most Civil Proposal (2013), Consequences (2014), and Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets (2015).  My fourth novel, Perilous Siege, should be published in the second quarter of 2019. I retired from engineering in 2011, but I still live in Arizona with my family, a pair of dogs (one of which is stubbornly untrainable), and a pair of rather strange cats.  My hobbies are reading, woodworking, and watching college football and LPGA golf (the girls are much nicer than the guys, as well as being fiendishly good putters). Lately I’ve reverted back to my younger years and have taken up building plastic model aircraft and ships (when I can find the time).


You can find Colin at:

Colin Odom’s Facebook page:

C. P. Odom’s Amazon page:

C. P. Odom Goodreads page:

C.P. Odom Meryton Press page :




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14 responses to “Perilous Siege – Cover Reveal

  1. The cover is ineresting. I did notice Elizabeth near the carriage. The story sounds very intriguing.


  2. Glynis

    I do have his other three books so am really looking forward to this one! Obviously it involves some sort of time travel but whether it is to help or hinder the traveller is yet to be seen.
    However it sounds like he certainly helps the situation between Darcy and Elizabeth so he’s ok in my book!
    Maybe he can despatch Wickham?
    Thanks for this reveal Rita, I am impressed with this cover.


  3. I have read the author’s other books so I am interested in this, and I like the cover


  4. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Well, I have never read D.P. Odem so this looks like a great introduction. Thanks for the preview. Will check it tout.


  5. J. W. Garrett

    I love that cover. Man, that was amazing. Our Colonel would be very interested in military discussions with this new character. I think he would be intrigued by the military garb as well as the weaponry. I can’t imagine where this story is going or why Elizabeth would be with these guys if they aren’t already married. I guess I will just have to grab it and see. Thanks for sharing, Rita.


  6. caroleincanada

    I too love a beautiful cover and this one certainly fits the bill! Definitely has that ‘uniqueness’ that draws me in. Not only that, the premise is extremely intriguing and one I am sure I will want to read! Now I think I better get going on reading Mr. Odom’s other books! Congratulations to you for hosting the reveal Rita and Congratulations to Mr. Odom on his upcoming release!


  7. Ginna

    Colin’s stories are terrific! Glad to know that we’ll have another one to read.


  8. Hi all. I’m the author of “Perilous Siege,” and I appreciate the comments I read. To be honest, as J.W. Garrett said above, “why would Elizabeth be with those guys?” Actually, it’s Georgiana! Elizabeth isn’t even a gleam in Darcy’s eye! As for the front cover, it’s from a scene early in the book, as is the back cover. Meryton Press was kind enough to let me do the artwork for the covers (with help from my editors, who gave me some really good suggestions!), and the cover artist did the formatting. Including the USMC logo on the spine! She surprised me with that one. So I can’t do any complaining about the cover, can I? I hope the readers enjoy this one.


  9. And I almost forgot to thank Rita for doing this cover reveal. You know, all the people who contribute their own time to blogs like this without any recompense don’t get enough credit. So, THANK YOU, RITA!


  10. Janet T

    Congratulations, C. P. Odom. You did a terrific job with your cover. Ellen finished it off with the typesetting and the USMC logo on the spine. That is the perfect touch! I’m looking forward to reading this one. It sounds different and I’m intrigued.

    Thanks for hosting, Rita!


  11. Mary

    Love the cover!! Yes,it raises more questions than it answers,and undeniably leaves us querying this being’s presence!! Definitely intrigued!!
    Next of luck with your new book,Mr Odom.
    Rita,thank you for brining this book to our attention.


  12. Thank you, Rita, for your lovely cover reveal post and comments. I think this is a P&P variation that will receive a lot of interest due to the unique storyline.

    I hope your readers enjoy this tour!!


  13. suzanlauder

    What an intriguing cover, and so detailed! I can hardly wait until the blog tour reveals more tidbits about this book. I’m more curious than usual, which is great.


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