The Giveaway Winners are…

Hello everyone,

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I already have lots of things planed but they will not be outdorsy so I won’t have many pictures to share with you. But I do hope I’ll have some spare time to read, so maybe next week I’ll be able to share some opinions on interesting books 🙂 I’ve started reading other genres but I always have P&P in the pipeline.

But I digress, the purpose of today’s post is to share the winners of some giveaways I hosted at From Pemberley to Milton this month. I was very lucky to have welcomed Leigh Dryer and Jenifer Joy to promote the release of their books The Flight Path Less Traveled and The Remarkable Miss Darcy.

The Flight Path Less Traveled is a sequel to The Best Laid Flight Plans, a modern P&P adaptation that is highly recommended by some trustworthy friends. I decided to interview the author, Leigh Dreyer, and we discovered that she is actually working on book three in the series, so this is a good time to start reading the first two.

The Remarkable Miss Darcy is the last book of A Meryton Mystery series which I absolutely love! This last book focuses on Georgiana, but Darcy, Elizabeth and their offspring are pretty much present, so this seems like the perfect way to end the series. My favourite book was the previous one, but I recommend reading them all in the correct order.

I would like to thank these ladies for their generosity, and all of you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂 And now, without further ado, the lucky winners are:


The Flight Path Less Traveled

*** Mary***


The Remarkable Miss Darcy

*** Marie Jones***

*** Vesper***

*** Glynis***

*** Rellaenthia***



Congratulations ladies! I hope you enjoy reading these books 🙂 Can you please send me your addresses to ritaluzdeodato at gmail dot com so that your prizes may be sent to you?

Happy Reading!


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10 responses to “The Giveaway Winners are…

  1. J. W. Garrett

    Congratulations, everyone!! Enjoy!!


  2. Mary

    Do my eyes deceive me or is that my name beside the ‘winners’ section?
    Have I really won Leigh’s new book?If so,thank you! I’m delighted!!!

    If possible,and if it’s not too much trouble,is there any chance I could get the book from the U.K. Amazon site? If not,no worries!

    Thanks again to both you and Leigh.



  3. sheilalmajczan

    Congratulations. Enjoy.


  4. Sophia Rose

    Yay, gals! Happy Reading!


  5. Thank you for hosting the giveaway, Rita, and congratulations to the winners!


  6. Debbie Fortin



  7. shelby6666

    Congratulations to the winners.


  8. leighdreyer

    Congrats to all the winners!


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