The Sweetest Ruin

In the Sweetest Ruin you’ll find William Darcy, a handsome british workaholic flying to Las vegas in an attempt to escape his overbearing family who has been worried with his health after he had a medical crisis caused by stress. It is in Sin City that he will meet Elizabeth Bennet, a cocktail waitress working at a casino, and that his life will change forever.

With a Vegas setting that did not captivate me, we find 2 characters who did not remind me of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.Their love story was sexy but not so much a love story and I never felt any intensity of feelings nor did I understood why they fell for each other, however their scenes together are definitely electrifying and I think readers who like a little spice in a book may love their interactions.

I truly enjoyed how the author played with the secondary characters, how she changed them a little from what we know in order to make the story more interesting, particularly Lady Catherine. who was not what I expected at all. Jane seemed to have switched places with Caroline when it comes to personality and that was an unexpected twist as well.

Another aspect I liked about this book was Elizabeth’s background and family, it is very different from what we are used to and I consider that very befitting to the story.

This novella can be read in one day and has some interesting scenes but it was not my cup of tea and definitely not a Pride and Prejudice modernization as I was expecting. I would consider this more of a Pride and Prejudice inspired story that will appeal to readers who enjoy sexy modern romances, and I believe I would have rated it higher had I not been expecting a P&P modernisation.

That being said, if your looking for a sexy short story, this book is for you.

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5 responses to “The Sweetest Ruin

  1. Sophia Rose

    I appreciate you making the distinction between a book that is a modernization as to a book that tips the hat to a classic since I can alter my expectation if I pick it up. A Jane acting like Caroline? Well, well… LOL


    • For me the issue with this book is precisely the expectation. I was expecting a JAFF modernization and I didn’t find it. I think the author should have mentioned that this was Austen inspired because that is more accurate in my point of view, and as you mention may attract other types of readers.


  2. I rated it a 3.5 star review. Thanks for sharing with us. I understand your points.

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  3. Mary

    Great review,Rita! I understand where you’re coming from and why you didn’t connect with these characters.
    A P&P inspired story,but definitely not a variation on a much loved book.
    A little too spicy perhaps,without the necessary essentials in terms of characterisation.
    I’ll pass on this one,Rita.


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