Mr. Darcy’s Legacy – Guest Post & Giveaway

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How are you this week? Have you been reading anything you recommend?

Today I’m bringing to you a different kind of post. Author Florence Gold is visiting to explain a little bit of her journey as an austenesque author, and to give you some intel regarding the publishing of her book Mr. Darcy’s Legacy. I’m not sure if you saw this book on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, but it is being re-published with some major changes in the plot and Ms Gold is here to explain that to all of you.

She is also offering a giveaway of the new version of the book, so good luck y’all! I hope you like the guest post, and I would love to hear your opinion about this book 🙂



Hi Rita,

Thank you much for having me at your lovely blog. I confess I am equally nervous and excited, as this is my first blog post since I joined the wonderful Austenesque community.

I will take this chance to share with you and your readers a little bit about me and my journey in JAFF world.

Writing and reading had been my passion since I can remember. I wrote novels, short stories, poems – my entire life, under the pen name ana damian. Some of my work had been published (quite successfully, I dare say, in another country and another language.)

I consider myself a romantic writer as my favourite background is love.

I adore changing places and styles, inventing plots, I enjoy documenting, and secretly live every love story I draw. I also enjoy changing the epochs but I never went farther back than the 1900s.

For some time Florence Gold was nothing but a sketching, a thought, a tentative attempt. Powered by the friendship with Lory Lillian and my eternal love for Jane Austen, and her extraordinary characters, it grew from an idea to a first novel with the power that only a dream has. While in my country, I have already written some novels, writing a literary text in English was so much different. I struggled in uncertainty and doubts for a while. I used English in my daily job (I am an IT consultant) for many years, and I knew I could write about facts, descriptions, storyline; but could I feel English on a high enough level, necessary to create the specific atmosphere of Pride and Prejudice? Did I know enough about Elizabeth and Darcy to involve them in a plot that was mine, still having the Austen touch?

Jane Austen was indeed a challenge as I quitted the last 100 years I knew and went back a hundred more. It was not an easy adjustment. My plots are flowing around me, I usually live what I write, but suddenly I found myself thrown into a world unknown to me.

Then one day Lory said: Enough talking, just try! (she can be really annoying and pushy at times, you know 😊 …)

It took me less than a month to write the first novel A Struggle for Love, and it was a rather strange process, where I assisted in astonishment at myself writing in English.

For the first novel, A Struggle for Love. I imagined a dynamic plot that sometimes takes nuances of a detective story.

Just weeks before his wedding to Elizabeth, Darcy departs for London to attend some urgent business. After three painful days, neither Georgiana nor Elizabeth has received any news from him. Has he run away, suddenly fearing married life or have more somber circumstances occurred?

The reception was rather good; I slowly became part of the community and I took their reviews and feedbacks with interest and seriousness.

So I gathered my courage and here is my second novel that I am happy to introduce to you all:

Mr Darcy’s Legacy

This novel had a rather unusual story, real adventures added to the imagined plot 😊. As soon as I posted (in hours), I had the bad surprise to receive a review that made me recall the novel and rethink all the plot… as my benevolent reviewer had unveiled in three sentences… the action… So I have the pleasure to present you a reloaded Mr Darcy’s Legacy hoping that all the readers who had bought the first will be able to update to the final version.

Here is the blurb:

Florence Gold’s second Austenesque novel will surprise you with a plot full of love, secrets, and unexpected turns of events for your favourite characters.

Mr Darcy is eagerly awaiting his wedding to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the young woman he considered to be the mistress of his heart. Unfortunately, his family and mostly Lady Catherine and Lord Matlock are against this union, giving rise to countless rumours and speculations. London society enjoys scandal enough to embrace such an unexpected one, trapping Darcy and Elizabeth in a net of gossip that affects their tranquillity.

While their love grows stronger and their future seems it will be filled with connubial bliss, a letter from Darcy’s past shatters their present, making him question everything he has known his entire life. Is he prepared to open his heart and his mind to such a tormenting revelation? Is London’s Ton ready to accept such a disclosure, or will it turn it into a new subject for more disturbing rumours?

Will a gentleman such as Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, who takes pride in his family’s past, accept that his legacy is not what he believed it to be?


So, while I am eagerly waiting to see what the readers will have to say about my new book, I am working hard. In the next months I intend to mix “ana damian” and Florence Gold into a novel based on Jane Austen’s novels, that takes place in 1916. It is a powerful story, involving all the significant circumstances of that period and focused on the changes into the women’ condition over the century that passed since Jane Austen’s time. I know it is an ambitious project and I am completely wrapped in it. I hope to have the chance of talking more of it once it is finished.

You can now find the new version of Mr. Darcy’s legacy at



Florence Gold would like to offer to my readers 3 ebooks of Mr.Darcy’s Legacy. The giveaway is international and will end on the 24th of June. To apply just comment on this post and let us know you think about the blurb.

Good Luck everyone!


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29 responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Legacy – Guest Post & Giveaway

  1. J. W. Garrett

    I applaud your venture into the JAFF [Jane Austen Fan Fiction] community. I also realize it is difficult writing when English is not your first language. You then had to tackle and translate it into Regencyesque language… I feel for you.

    I also want to give you credit for pulling the book and revising it. Bless you, for having the courage to do that. Fans of the genre are very protective of Austen’s work and her characters. They will let you know in a heartbeat what they think. I hope you were not offended. We have seen authors who acted badly when a review pointed out a problem. You have earned much respect for not doing that. Thank you.

    Perhaps there will be an opportunity for you to have an English speaking person, one who is familiar with the Regency era, its traditions, and language, proofread for you. Just a thought.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns in writing JAFF stories. You have risen in my esteem and I wish you all the best in your writing career. Thanks for the generous giveaway and special thanks to Rita for hosting this post.


    • Florence Gold

      Hi and thank you so much for your supportive comment! I do appreciate any comment and I learn from reviews! (I am really upset only when a reviewer gives away the entire plot in a spoiler that ruins my work, but this is another issue 🙂 🙂 ) Please be sure that one of my first concerns, when I started to write, was the language difference. I do not translate but write directly in English. I spent over 20 years writing in English for my business, but venturing into JAF world is another story:-) … And I do have an excellent editor – Regina – who has great experience in editing and in JAFF and tries to make my writing smoother … When she did not succeed – it was my fault! 🙂 To that, I added several applications to check for Grammar and typos 🙂 I am doing my best to make sure people will enjoy my tentative attempts, among the hundreds of brilliant JAFF books. And, since it is available in KU, I hope it is tolerable enough to tempt people to give it a try.:-)


  2. Glynis

    Hi Rita! I’m currently reading Taking Another Chance by Brenda Webb which I’ve just started. My last read was an ARC of The Colonel by Beau North which Christina sent me. You really must read that one Rita! It’s definitely different but compelling.
    As for this book? It sounds very mysterious so I have added it to my list. I hope whatever the secret is it doesn’t come between Darcy and Elizabeth, I do prefer them to fight problems together. Well I will no doubt find out eventually.
    Thank you for this introduction.


    • I am all for different and compelling at the moment Glynis, and I know that I will love The Colonel! I still have a few in the pipeline, but I will try to read it ASAP! Thanks fr the suggestion 🙂


    • Florence Gold

      Hi Glynis! Thanks for commenting. I assure you nothing will interfere between Elizabeth and Darcy – quite the opposite! 🙂 Good luck with the giveaway!


  3. Maria Thomas

    I think it would be extremely difficult to write a novel in a second language so kudos for being so brave. Hope it is a great success for you.


    • Florence Gold

      Thanks so much for the support. There are some challenges to write in a second language, although I have been using English in my job for more than twenty years. Good luck with the giveaway!


  4. I am so glad this book has been put on my radar. Congrats on the revised version’s release and thank you for a chance to win a copy!


  5. evamedmonds

    I am curious to know what revelation does Darcy learn about? Are Lady Catherine and Lord Matlock up to something? Thank you for the giveaway.


    • Florence Gold

      It is not so much about Lady C or her brother … They do have a role, but not a big one. The revelation is truly powerful but has only little to do with them. Good luck in winning a copy. Until then, the book is in KU too 🙂


  6. Leah Pruett

    Congrats on the rerelease! Thanks for the chance to win a copy, but for now, I am gonna snag it in KU!


  7. Mary

    Hi ladies,

    First of all,may I say that I admire your courage in withdrawing your book,making the necessary changes and venturing forth on this great literary adventure again.
    Secondly,I must admit that your book sounds very intriguing and has definitely piqued my interest. Can’t fathom what secret is present but loitering with intent on destruction, but I’m looking forward to finding out!
    Best of luck with your book! ☘️
    Rita,my dear,thank you for hosting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Florence Gold

      Dear Mary, thank you for your support. Glad you find the description intriguing and I hope you will give it a try. Good luck in the giveaway.


  8. Pam Hunter

    Welcome to JAFF! I loved the blurb and can’t wait to read the whole book. Thank you for the chance to win a copy!


    • Florence Gold

      Pam, thanks so much for the warm welcoming! 🙂 I have been around for many years but just got the courage to writing in the genre. 🙂 Good luck!


  9. I hate it when reviewers tell the plot of the book, I never do. Looking forward to finding out what theletter is about


    • Florence Gold

      Hi Vesper. I must admit it was very frustrating, since I tried to keep the “secrete” and suddenly someone revealed it. But still, I think the book is worth a try, as the story of Darcy’s legacy is an interesting one.


  10. Dung

    Congrats on the re-published novel. The book blurb sounds interesting. Looking forward to reading it.


  11. Congrats on the rerelease. I have added it to my very long wish list as it sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the generous give away.


    • Florence Gold

      Thanks so much for your support and interest. It is a pleasure to be on this blog and to be able to offer several copies of my book. Good luck in winning one!


  12. I have the utmost admiration for folk like you, Florence. Not only are you writing and publishing in a second language, but you took that brave decision to re-issue your book, too. Well done, you! I think it’s awful when reviewers reveal key points in plots without any spoiler warnings. This book sounds rather intriguing and I’m so curious as to what the revelation about Darcy is. Best wishes for the future.


    • Florence Gold

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will still find the plot interesting or catching, despite those indiscretions. I am waiting with much interest your opinion!


  13. Mary Coble

    This mysterious letter has me intrigued. I look forward to seeing what it is about. – I have just gotten the KU version.
    I have read your first book and look forward to this one.
    Thanks for the story and chance to win my own copy.


    • Florence Gold

      Dear Mary,
      It is always a huge pleasure to find a reader waiting for one of my new novels. It means a particular bond already exists between us! I wish ‘that letter’ to be at the level of your expectation and at the end of ‘Mr Darcy’s Legacy’ you will look forward (again!) to the next. Good luck in winning one of the copies!


  14. foreverHis

    The blurb is mysterious and intriguing. Will be putting this book back on my wish list. Thanks for the opportunity to win an e-book.


  15. Congratulations on successfully publishing your new novel, Florence! Is Florence Gold a pen name or is it your real name? The blurb excites me and make me wonder what the legacy is and how it will affect Darcy. Your next book really sounds intriguing and I like the concept. Best of luck in writing it.


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