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Hello dear readers,

How are you this week?  It’s been a busy one for me, but I can’t complain as yesterday was my birthday and I felt really cherished by my family and friends 🙂 I’ve received lots of messages from many of you and I want to thank you all for the love you shared with me 🙂

Today I am welcoming an author whom I really like due to the versatility of her work, and we will be sharing an excerpt of her latest novel that has once more proven she can take ODC anywhere 🙂 I am talking about Victoria Kincaid, and this time she decided to take Darcy to LA, more precisely to Hollywood!!!

Have you heard about her latest novel Darcy in Hollywood? If you haven’t you can find the blurb  below along with an excerpt of the book 🙂

I hope you like knowing about this book and that you find the excerpt appealing 🙂 I’m already reading this book and I’m really enjoying it, so a review will pop up shortly too 🙂




Rich and arrogant movie star, William Darcy, was a Hollywood heartthrob until a scandalous incident derailed his career. Now he can only hope that Tom Bennet’s prestigious but low budget indie film will restore his reputation. However, on the first day of filming, he nearly hits Bennet’s daughter, Elizabeth, with his Ferrari, and life will never be the same. Okay, she’s a little sarcastic, but he’s certain she’s concealing a massive crush on him—and it’s growing harder to fight his own attraction….

Elizabeth Bennet has a lot on her plate. She’s applying to medical school and running the studio’s charity project—while hoping her family won’t embarrass her too much. Being Darcy’s on-set personal assistant is infuriating; he’s rude, proud, and difficult. If there’s one thing she dislikes, it’s people who only think about themselves. But then Elizabeth discovers Darcy has been doing a lot of thinking about her.

She might be willing to concede a mutual attraction, but events are conspiring against them and Darcy subject to constant public scrutiny. Do Darcy and Elizabeth have any hope of achieving Hollywood’s elusive happy ending?



You can find Darcy in Hollywood at:








Hello Rita and thank you for having me as a guest! It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog.

One of the tricky things about modern P&P variations is that I must find appropriate professions and origins for the characters, things that are conveniently supplied by Austen in Regency variations. For Darcy in Hollywood, I wanted Elizabeth to have a profession that was very different from Darcy’s (he’s a movie star) so they would need to overcome some fundamental incompatibilities in their approaches to life.

Originally I envisioned her as a recent college grad who was embarking on a career in non-profit organizations, but that didn’t work for a variety of reasons. So eventually she became a pre-med graduate who was applying to medical schools. Her entire family works in Hollywood, so she really is the black sheep—and Darcy finds her equally inscrutable.

The scene below takes place in Elizabeth’s hospital room after she injured her head while narrowly avoiding being hit by Darcy’s car.




“So you have a concussion,” her mother clucked at Elizabeth.

Feeling more than a little muddled, Elizabeth hoped she could avoid a long, involved family conversation. “I’m really tired. Can someone just take me home so I can sleep?”

Her mother ignored this. “I don’t know how you managed to get a concussion on a film set!” she exclaimed. “It’s not like you’re a stunt man…woman…person.”

“Don’t you know?” Lydia said as the other daughters crowded in behind their mother. “She was hit by William Darcy’s car!” Elizabeth winced as her sister’s high-pitched voice jangled her scrambled nerves.

Their mother’s eyes lit up. “William Darcy? Now that was quite clever of you, Lizzy.”

“He didn’t actually hit me.”

Her mother waved this inconvenient fact away. “That is unfortunate, but I’m sure we can still make something of it.” Elizabeth exchanged a long-suffering look with Jane, who had taken the chair by her bedside. “Mr. Darcy did have that scandalous incident, but he is so well connected. Perhaps he could give your career a boost in exchange for a promise not to sue.”

Elizabeth took a deep breath, praying for patience. “I don’t need a career boost from him.”

“I know. Everyone believes they can make it on their own, but in the film business, connections mean every—”

“Mom,” Elizabeth said, trying to keep her voice low as the pain in her head surged back. “I’m going to medical school. Remember? Knowing Darcy won’t matter at all.”

“Medical school? Medical school?” Her mother gaped, aghast, although this was far from the first time she had heard of this plan. Franny Bennet gave her husband a stricken look. “First Stanford and now medical school. Where did we go wrong, Tom?”

Being in the habit of not responding to his wife, he simply shrugged. Being in the habit of not expecting a response, she continued to speak. “I just don’t think it’s practical, becoming a doctor. The world is full of unemployed doctors.”

“There are a lot of good jobs for doctors,” Elizabeth said wearily, wishing she could just sleep.

“Well, I don’t know about that. How useful are doctors, anyway?” Franny Bennet fluttered her hands as her eyes took in the hospital room. “I don’t understand why you insist on this medical school pipe dream when you could have a perfectly good career in Hollywood—a career most people would kill for.”

How many times do I need to explain this? Elizabeth wondered. “I don’t want a career in Hollywood. I don’t like Hollywood.”

Her mother gasped and crossed herself, although they weren’t Catholic.

Elizabeth pressed on. “I’m not an actor or director, and I’m not interested in being on the production side doing makeup or camera work or special effects.”

Her mother sniffed. “I suppose there’s no harm in fostering that delusion a little longer.”

“It’s not a delusion.”

“If you say so, my dear.” Her mother leaned over the bed and patted Elizabeth’s hand in a most irritating manner. Turning to Lydia, she spoke in a loud stage whisper. “She does have a concussion, the poor thing.”

Elizabeth clenched her fists in the sheets, knowing the only way to stop the argument was to change the subject. If only I had been born into a different family.

“Are you ready to leave the hospital?” Jane asked.

Bless her. “As soon as the nurse brings a wheelchair. Will you drive me home?” she asked her sister. “I’m supposed to have a responsible party with me for the next twelve hours.”

Jane squeezed her hand. “Of course.”

I can always rely on Jane. Elizabeth’s eyes stung; apparently head injuries made her maudlin.

A gleam in her mother’s eye suggested she was about to return to the subject of Darcy. Quickly Elizabeth asked, “How did the table read go?”

“Lydia was magnificent!” their mother gushed before anyone could say anything else. “Her line reading about the meatloaf was so nuanced.” She nodded approvingly at her youngest daughter. “I knew that adding a little more irony would create the subtlety the line needed.”

Lydia preened at the compliment while Kitty slouched into her customary pout. Mary was just as happy to be ignored by their mother since she was quietly steering her career toward being a camera operator, but Kitty resented not getting her share of maternal attention.

“Mom, you weren’t at the table read,” Jane pointed out.

Franny shrugged. “Lydia told me all about it.”


 is offering a very generous giveaway. On this stop you can either win a $10 Amazon Gift Card plus eBook or Audiobook of winner’s choice which will be

Victoria Kincaid would like to offer one of my readers an ebook copy of Darcy in Hollywood. This giveaway she is promoting is international and will end on July 10.

To apply to it all you have to do is comment on this post and let us know what you thought about the excerpt. 

Good Luck Everyone!



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34 responses to “Darcy In Hollywood- Excerpt & Giveaway

  1. This excerpt is so funny! I really feel sorry for Lizzy. Her family are awful as always! I hope she escapes them. 😉 Looking forward to reading this, Victoria. Count me in to the giveaway and hope your new release does well.


  2. sheilalmajczan

    June 29th was my birthday so we are close on that. I have been eyeing this book and wanting to read it. Would love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance. Happy Birthday to you.


  3. sheilalmajczan

    Oh, that excerpt comment: So we have a family business and Elizabeth is opting out. I wonder how Darcy “almost” hit her? – Was she diving out of the way and head her head on another car or on the pavement? If she has graduated Stanford Mom should be resigned by now to her daughter’s choice.


  4. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    This looks like a fun read! Thanks for sharing here!


  5. pedmisson

    Thanks for the giveaway. Wow, poor Elizabeth, her family is too much. Does she still live at home? Or could she and Jane live together? Looking forward to next post.


  6. Enjoyed the excerpt. So interesting seeing my favorite characters in this environment.


  7. Tamara

    Interesting excerpt, I’ve seen this around and was interested to know more about it so thank you for sharing!


  8. Don’t put my name in the giveaway hat, Rita. I’ve already read this new story from Victoria and yes, the Bennet family, en masse, are just as embrassing as ever! The transfer from Regency England to 21st century Hollywood works really well and the sub-plots will knock your socks off!


  9. Glynis

    Poor, poor Elizabeth! It’s as if Mrs Bennet isn’t listening 😳😂. Hopefully Jane can keep the rest of the family away while Elizabeth recovers! (Especially Mrs Bennet and Lydia!)
    Obviously Lydia will soon be a top starring actress (in her mind anyway).
    I hope Darcy soon realises how different (and perfect) Elizabeth is. I so look forward to reading this book and look forward to your review Rita.
    Happy you enjoyed your birthday 🎂


  10. Leeza

    P&P in Hollywood? Such potential. I can’t wait to read this.


  11. Whizzz! Poor Elizabeth! I hope I win your book!


  12. Ginna

    I can see that I will be chuckling and snorting a lot while reading this book. I’ll have to make sure that I’m not in public when I do so!


  13. Mary

    P&P through Hollywood eyes? Sounds intriguing!
    Best of luck with your new book,Victoria!
    Rita,cheers for hosting.


  14. evamedmonds

    It doesn’t matter what decade the Bennet’s appear, Victoria Kincaid always transports them beautifully. The Bennet family continues in their true character. Loved the excerpt! Can’t wait to read more. Thank you for the giveaway.


  15. Buturot

    I have read Darcy as a president, now a Holywood actor. With the excerpts I read, looks like its going to be another engaging modern P & P variation. I had to laugh at Elizabeth’s internal thoughts about her family. Thank you for the excerpt. Looking forward to reading the story.


  16. Love the way you’ve captured the dynamics of the Bennet family and transported them to 21stC Hollywood!


  17. Dung

    It’s always interesting to see how the Darcy & Elizabeth plot line falls into a modern story line. Looking forward seeing how it plays out. Congrats on your newest release!


  18. This is interesting. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the give away.


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