The Pilgrim – Cover Reveal

Hello dear readers,

How are you today? I am very happy because today I get to publish one of my favourite type of posts. Guess what? It’s cover reveal day!

I am even happier because the person who designed the cover we are revealing today is Janet Taylor, and I’m sure you know by now that I am a big fan of her work. She is incredibly talented and her covers are always classy, designed with superb taste, and always reveal small details about the story in them, which I consider a plus in a cover.

Today we are revealing the cover for Don Jacobson’s The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion which has just been released for pre-sale today, so if you are a fan of Don’s wonderful work, you can pre-order it asap on Amazon.

Before actually revealing the cover, we would like to share a little insight of the story and give you some more information about the cover.



“My life has been very much like an unfinished painting. The artist comes to the portrait day-after-day to splash daubs of color onto bare canvas, filling in the blanks of my story. Thus grows the likeness, imperfect as it may be, which you see today.”

                                          Lydia Fitzwilliam, Countess of Matlock, letter to her sister

                                                         Elizabeth Bennet Darcy, March 14, 1831.


Does it matter how a man fills out his regimentals? Miss Austen never considered that query. Yet, this question marks the beginning of an education…and the longest life…in the Bennet Wardrobe saga.

Lydia Bennet, Longbourn’s most wayward daughter, embarks on her quest in The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion. This biography reveals how the Wardrobe helps young Mrs. Wickham learn that honor and bravery grow not from the color of the uniform—or the gender of its wearer—but rather from the contents of the heart.

In the process, she realizes that she must be broken and repaired, as if by a kintsugi master potter, to become the most useful player in the Bennet Wardrobe’s great drama.

The Pilgrim explores questions of love, loss, pain, worry, and perserverance. All of these are brought to bear as one of the silliest girls in England grows into the Dowager Countess., a legend within the Five Families.

This 151,000-word novel is the seventh, and next-to-last, volume in the Bennet Wardrobe Series. Each book along the way has revealed more about how the mysterious Wardrobe has led Miss Austen’s Bennets to learn that which they need in order to take part in its ultimate mission.

As Mirta Ines Trupp, author of The Meyersons of Meryton notes:

Multifaceted and nuanced, The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion, speaks to the verities of life. Once again, Don Jacobson has combined the essence of Pride and Prejudice with an esoteric story line and the universal themes of redemption and forgiveness in this well-crafted narrative.”

The cover design by Janet Taylor offers readers insights into the great themes which run through the life of the young woman who has to pass through many veils to arrive at that place where she has learned that which she needs.

The band of roses across the bottom bears particular significance—the three roses with tears—as Lydia and the readers experience love and loss. Those who obtain a copy of the paperbound book will discover even more important iconography…the spine roses (also weeping), the kintsugi cup, the overarching presence of the Wardrobe, and the ribbon and music…that brings the visual and the word together.

Perhaps, though, the most powerful representation of Lydia’s long pilgrimage as she passes through the Wardrobe’s Universe is Maxim Vorobiev’s Oak Fractured by Lightning. Here the artist offers a visual metaphor for the ineffable loss he experienced in his life. Lydia is broken and reconstructed after facing trials of similar potency.


Are you ready for the cover revea of  The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion? We’ve been talking about it, but now it is time for you to be the judge 🙂


What do you think of this cover? Isn’t it beautiful and proof of an excelent taste? Janet Taylor never dissapoints, and in my opinion the roses across the bottom do  give it a very beautiful touch.

But as you know, for me the back covers are just as important as the front covers, so I have to share the full cover with you so you may observe all the details!

What do you think about it? It made me very intrigued because there is something dark and profound about it. As this is never how I imagine Lydia to be, I believe this book must bring another layer to her character, which makes me want to read it.

If you want to know more about the Wardrobe series, please follow Don Jacobson and check his amazon page 🙂 His books are truly wonderful and well built so they definitely deserve your attention. 

As mentioned before this book is now available for pre-order and will be delivered to your kindle on September 10th.



Don Jacobson has written professionally for forty years. His output has ranged from news and features to advertising, television and radio. His work has been nominated for Emmys and other awards. He has previously published five books, all non-fiction. In 2016, he published the first volume of The Bennet Wardrobe SeriesThe Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey, novel that grew from two earlier novellas. The Exile is the second volume of The Bennet Wardrobe Series. Other JAFF P&P Variations include the paired books Of Fortune’s Reversaland The Maid and The Footman.”

Jacobson holds an advanced degree in History with a specialty in American Foreign Relations. As a college instructor, Don teaches United States History, World History, the History of Western Civilization and Research Writing.

He is a member of JASNA-Puget Sound. Likewise, Don is a member of the Austen Authors collective (see the internet, Facebook and Twitter).

He lives in the Seattle, WA area with his wife and co-author, Pam, a woman Ms. Austen would have been hard-pressed to categorize, and their rather assertive four-and-twenty pound cat, Bear. Besides thoroughly immersing himself in the JAFF world, Don also enjoys cooking; dining out, fine wine and well-aged scotch whiskey.

His other passion is cycling. Most days from April through October will find him “putting in the miles” around the Seattle area (yes there are hills). He has ridden several “centuries” (100 mile days). Don is especially proud that he successfully completed the AIDS Ride—Midwest (500 miles from Minneapolis to Chicago) and the Make-A-Wish Miracle Ride (300 miles from Traverse City, MI to Brooklyn, MI).


Contact Info:

Don Jacobson’s Amazon Author’s Page

Goodreads Author’s Page (with blog)

Author Website (with blog)

Twitter (@AustenesqueAuth)




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37 responses to “The Pilgrim – Cover Reveal

  1. donjacobsoncarpediem

    Thank you Rita…I am thrilled to be here today! Look forward to all of the comments!


  2. This is indeed another beautiful cover from Janet Taylor! I love the use of the roses and the multi-colored fan. Congratulations to Don for his latest book.


  3. I started this series but never read all of them. Maybe it is time to go back and pick up where I left off. That’s the problem when the next book has not yet been released and you go off to read something else. The cover is beautiful.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      SM…The tapestry is woven tightly…and there are a number of paths to take in the 6 books leading to this one. I hope you do look back and enjoy. Look forward to your comments.


  4. caroleincanada

    Like you, Rita, I love a beautiful cover (front and back) and Janet has certainly brought her ‘A’ game with this one! Can you just ‘see’ Lydia using that fan to make her point? Oh, I believe everyone will be in for a moving and enlightening journey as Lydia faces her trials and tribulations. And dare I say, come away loving her. Congratulations Don!


  5. kneyda

    I really like the cover. She seems like Lydia to me.


  6. Sophia Rose

    Oh yes, that is decidedly a stunning cover and I enjoyed getting the back story for how it came about. Congrats to Janet and Don!

    Can’t wait to read this one.


  7. Janet Taylor

    Lydia’s story is a wonderfully poignant growth experience, and I came away loving her. What a transformation she makes! These stories flesh out the original Bennet daughters, and allow them to become inspiring and forceful women. I have loved every book and this one is no exception. Now I look forward to the final finishing book! Thank you, Don, for taking us on this journey. Thank you, also, for allowing me the opportunity to make your covers help tell your story. It has been and is, an extreme pleasure.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      You are one of the cloud of angels who looks over my shoulder as the story grows. Thank you for your “creative juices!”


  8. Jan Hahn

    Love the cover! And this sounds like a fascinating story for Lydia! Congratulations, Don, on releasing another book in your remarkable series.


  9. The cover is very captivating.


  10. Buturot

    Wow such a nice cover. Wonder how Lydia is in this book, how she handles things. Thank you for the glimpse of this new book.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      We will see the forces that shape Lydia throughout her life…that turn her into the Bennet who will do what her father asks.


  11. What a gorgeous cover for a lady out of time. You can’t exactly place her because she is a girl of many facets. Congratulations on your new lovely, Don. I know what it cost to write this book and I know it will touch the right notes. Best wishes with the “silliest girl in England,” all grown up and looking spectacular!


  12. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Don Congratulations on another release. Janet’s cover is amazing! Best Wishes. Looking forward to reading your tale.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      JR…Lydia’s story will lead us, I pray, to that high country toward which the Wardrobe has been pointing us. Thank you.


  13. Glynis

    I definitely love this cover. From the blurb this seems a perfect reflection of the story. Well done Janet!
    I haven’t read any of these books yet. In the case of a series I like to know that all are available before I start. It seems there is one more to come?


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      Yes…I would imagine that, given the way in which the story unspools before me as it tells its truth, We are looking at a mid-2020 release date. I would hope that readers begin the series and work through the (7 now) books looking to build the Wardrobe’s universe as they move along toward the final end.


  14. What a beautiful cover! I love how the colors interact with the dress. And the look on this young woman’s face is so intriguing. It fits perfectly. Well done, Janet! Don, I look forward to beginning this series! I’ve not read them yet, but they sound so interesting.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      Thank you so much. Please begin your Bennet Wardobe Journey with “The Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey.”


  15. J. W. Garrett

    That is so Lydia. What a beautiful cover. Man… I know you are losing buttons from your shirt, Don. You must be so proud. Janet is a genius and it is a piece of art. Congratulations, and many blessings on the launch and success of this book.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      Not sure about buttons…but hair? Yes! Our covers are such a perfect example of the collaborative process. Look forward to your thoughts on the latest here.


  16. Michelle H

    Don and Janet, you’ve really outdone yourselves on this cover. Nothing but perfection. It is SO Lydia. You know from the rest of the series, hints that she has gone through, and will go through many a refining fire. And this cover shows her the refined, like silver, woman she will become. I’m truly half agony, half hope over this new book. Just like the rest I know they will grab hold of me and leave me a limp rag at the end, and happy to be there. Knowing you Don, there will be triumph too.


    • donjacobsoncarpediem

      You make me blush with your excited anticipation. I do hope that the truths found in “The Pilgrim” do bring you a deeper appreciation of how the Wardrobe has wrought its magic upon all Bennets…known and lost. This one was the hardest to write for it cut closest to the bone. I write best when I access my own inner truth, my own feelings. “The Pilgrim” does that much as each of the Mary, Kitty, and Thomas books also did. Thank you for your ongoing support!


  17. Mirta Ines

    The cover is stunning! I was immediately drawn in. Best wishes and continued success!


  18. What a gorgeous cover, Don!

    Congrats on the upcoming book, I can’t wait to read it!


  19. Buturot

    Such a lovely cover. Congratulations on the release of your book. I know it iwill be another great story


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