Conceit & Concealment

Conceit and Concealment is amongst my all-time favorite books but I never got a chance to review it, so I am doing it now in the hopes that those who, for some reason, have not read it yet, may consider adding it to their to be read list.

You may ask why you should read this book, well; for starters, the historical component of this book is an unbelievable addition that will get readers hooked to the story from the start. Not only will readers want to know what is happening to the main characters, but most of all, they will want to know what will happen to the country and the resistance. In this book England is at war with France, the French army has actually overpowered British troops, and entered English soil ruling it on behave of Napolean. You may think you will stand by the English people who have apparently lost the war, but I must warn you that readers will have a hard time picking sides because they are shown both sides of the conflict and both arguments will seem valid. You may want to choose the side of our heroes, but you will definitely understand that on the other side you have people who are just following orders, and for whom you start to grow a lot of sympathy. I found this a beautiful aspect of the book, and even if I didn’t research a lot to know if there is historical accuracy, I am sure the author did a lot of research because she made me love reading every single historic aspect that was depicted in the book.

Most readers want to know about the writing style and romance present in the book, of course, and even if I didn’t start with that aspect, they are both incredibly good! The dialogues are witty and engaging and I would personally love to have those type of discussions with Darcy. Moreover, the women are portrayed as thinking beings, and not just as fragile creatures who need to be protected by man. They are intelligent and take action into their own hands. They are courageous and an important part of the plot, which was another aspect I really enjoyed.

The secondary characters aren’t just there to fill the pages either, they are well built with their own backstory, which makes us intrigued at first and in love with them as pages go by.

I haven’t spoken much about the main characters, namely Mr. Darcy, but my, oh my! He is absolutely perfect in this book! I have certainly loved him and how his relationship with Elizabeth was built. We could feel real chemistry between them as we flipped the pages in this book, and even when we thought things would get cold between them, something happened to bring the sparkle back. The depth of their feelings is addictive in this book and readers keep craving for more Darcy and Elizabeth moments. It is one of the most beautiful relationships I have seen in JAFF, and I can say with certainty that most readers will be rendered to it.

I have initially read this book and more recently heard the audiobook so let me tell you that if you prefer audios, the narration makes justice to the quality of the book. All characters are easily distinguished and the accents are very well done. Usually I find accents from different countries annoying in audiobooks because they never seem quite right (in my line of business I hear a LOT of different accents, so I’ve become quite the expert), but that doesn’t happen in this book so I need to congratulate Elizabeth Klett for a wonderful narration.

Conceit and Concealment is a roller coaster of emotions, it is fast paced with something always happening in the narrative, but the author also takes the time to ascertain certain characters feelings and let the reader experience their interactions, making it perfect in terms of balance between action and character development. It is an incredible narrative full of passion, history and supported by strong and well-built characters that will compel readers to turn the pages franticly until the end. I highly recommend this book to all my readers.

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12 responses to “Conceit & Concealment

  1. J. W. Garrett

    Rita, this was an amazing review. I had not yet bought this book until yesterday. Reynolds and several other authors have agreed to donate royalties from certain books for the next week [until Sept 9] for hurricane relief. Austen Variations did the same pledge last year and agreed to do it again this year due to hurricane Dorian.

    Reynolds was so generous in her offer of this book. I immediately grabbed it as I read that 100% of the royalties would go to help those in need. Other authors have also pledged their support by offering other incentives. I look forward to reading this book. Your review helped me a lot with the conflict in subject matter. An occupied England was not something I thought I’d enjoy. Thank you.

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    • I’m glad you got it yesterday Jeanne, not only you helped those in need, but you also got a great book for your collection! I couldn’t recommend it more!!! I truly loved everything about it! I confess that an occupied England is an appealing idea for me. I had never considered it before, but the environment it created for these characters was incredible. The book is incredibly romantic and darcy and Elizabeth’s love story is breath taking. I hope you love it as much as I did 🙂


    • Thank you for spreading the word about the fundraiser for hurricane relief! We really want to get the word out there so we can raise as much money as possible to help the hurricane survivors. I hope you enjoy the book!


  2. Glynis

    I’m sorry I can’t help re the hurricane relief fund by buying this book but I have had it for ages and really enjoyed it!
    There was some nail biting angst at times but I persevered 😉😉 and the romance was my reward 😍. Love your review Rita, and yes this Darcy was just wonderful! I’ve preordered Abigail’s latest so I’m looking forward to that one as well.


  3. Thanks for the amazing review, Rita! And I have to agree that Elizabeth Klett outdid herself on the narration for the audiobook. I’m particularly glad you liked my efforts to avoid making the French into ‘the bad guys.’ One of the challenges I set myself in writing the book was to make it about the characters, not about war or winning, and I wasn’t interested in portraying violence, battles, or jingoism. I’m glad it came through!


  4. This book left me speechless, and that’s saying a lot! It is so impressive how much plot Abigail wove into this book, and how smoothly it all worked together to create a story that had me tied in knots for over a week. Well-deserved praise for a masterpiece of the genre!


  5. Sophia Rose

    I need to catch up on her books and this is one. I love that there is an alternate history element in this one.


  6. I read and enjoyed this book, also.


  7. I’ve been meaning to read this for ages! I was having a hard time choosing which book to buy for the hurricane relief effort, but you’ve convinced me!


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  9. Agnes

    I love all Abigail’s work, but this book is extraordinary. The original idea of alternative history is compelling. I agree about the multifaceted description of the enemy, the question of surrender or resist among the oppressed; how far can one take pragmatism and avoid betrayal, and most particularly, the need not to condemn others’ difficult decisions without walking in their shoes. And YES about the relationship of Darcy and Elizabeth! I hope to get the audiobook soon, since it is praised so much. Thanks for the review!


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