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Good Afternoon everyone,

How are you this week? Have all your children returned to school? I don’t know if in your part of the world they re-start school in the beginning of September but here they do, which means traffic is back to normal 😦 It’s time to say goodbye to summer and accept that my commutes will now take one hour to each side once more. The positive side of it is that I will re-gain more time to listen to audiobooks 🙂 And speaking of which, did you know that Victoria Kincaid launched two other books on Audible? That’s right, y’all will have more audiobooks to add to your list! But I’ll let her discuss that with you 🙂

Hi Rita, thank you for having me back for a visit! Today I’m sharing exciting news with your readers: I’ve recently released two audiobooks recorded by the wonderful Stevie Zimmerman!   Stevie does such a great job with the voices of all my favorite Pride and Prejudice characters that I love listening to her narrate. You can click on these links, Darcy vs. Bennet and When Jane Got Angry, to hear samples of the narration. Below are excerpts and details about a double giveaway for both audiobooks!


Darcy vs. Bennet

He took her hand and led her out toward the edge of the veranda where there was fewer people and cooler air. They stood by the balustrade, catching the evening breezes. “Thank you for the dance.” William was a little breathless. “It was most enjoyable.”

“Thank you for asking me. You are an excellent dancer!” She could not help smiling at him.

But his face was solemn, almost as if he was concentrating on something. Without taking his eyes from hers, he slowly brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, lingering far longer than was strictly polite. A shiver shot through Elizabeth’s entire body. He did not relinquish his hold; he turned her hand over and bent his head to gently kiss her palm. Thank goodness I am wearing gloves. If he were kissing my skin, I might burst into flames!

“I must see you again, fair Elizabeth.” he breathed. “Where can I find you so I might obtain permission from your father to court you?” His head was still bent over her hand, but he glanced up through his lashes.

Elizabeth could not quite stifle the thrill of excitement at the thought of being courted by a man such as this. But she forced herself to ignore the sensation. “I am afraid it is impossible, sir.”

He straightened, regarding her with a frown. “Are you promised to another?” His voice had a new hoarseness.

“No, but—we are from different worlds.”

The lines on his forehead deepened. “You are a gentleman’s daughter?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” She cast about for a reason that would not reveal her identity. “I am not from Sussex.”

“Neither am I,” he responded promptly. “My family has an estate in Derbyshire. Where do you reside?”

She opened her mouth to say “Hertfordshire” and only just remembered that she should not reveal anything. It was all too easy to forget herself in this man’s presence!

“It matters not. It is in every way impossible. I am sorry.”

He appeared so crestfallen that Elizabeth considered revealing the true reasons they could not meet again. But if the Berwicks discovered that Louisa Green and her friend had insinuated themselves into the ball, it would be a great scandal, risking both women’s reputations—and likely earning William’s disgust as well. It was best if she departed while he still thought well of her.



You can find Darcy Vs Bennet on:


and here is my review



When Jane Got Angry

Many other women would be angry with Miss Bingley, Jane supposed. Lizzy. Lydia. Her mother. But Jane was the sister who did not make a fuss. She did not demand. She did not protest. Papa called her “the quiet one.” Jane could be counted upon to bring Mama her tea when she had an attack of nerves. Or to mediate any dispute between Kitty and Lydia. To remain calm no matter what happened. That was who she was.

Even when your friend was revealed to be false.

Of course, none of this could be shared with the maid. “Are you at all acquainted with Miss Bingley?” Perhaps Maggie had heard some rumors; Jane could conceive no other reason to raise the subject with her.

“No, miss. Not at all. But I am acquainted with Mr. Bingley’s valet, Joseph. That is to say, Mr. Harvey.” The girl colored faintly. She had red hair and the very pale skin that often accompanied it.

Jane felt a faint spark of hope, although she did not know how Maggie’s acquaintance might benefit the lowly Miss Bennet.   “I see.”

“Miss Bingley gives her brother a world of trouble. He has complained about her to Joseph.”

“Do you know if Miss Bingley encouraged her brother to leave Netherfield?” The words were out before Jane could have second thoughts. She should not be gossiping with her aunt’s maid, but the question was one she often had wondered about—and it was such a relief to share her woes with a sympathetic listener. Aunt Gardiner attended to Jane’s anxieties, but she was very busy with her children—and often inclined to give advice about “forgetting” Mr. Bingley. Jane did not believe such a feat was possible.

“I don’t know, but I can ask.”

Jane said nothing, torn between her need to learn the truth and her quite proper desire to avoid gossip.

She caught another glimpse of her wan reflection in the mirror. What did it signify? “No, it matters not. My path and Mr. Bingley’s are unlikely to cross again.”

Maggie’s reflection—standing behind Jane’s—frowned. “Why is that?”

“We do not run in the same circles, and Miss Bingley seems inclined to discontinue the acquaintance.”

Maggie shook her head, making her red curls bounce. “Och, people of quality make everything so hard. If I liked a fellow, I would just go up and knock on his door.”

Jane stifled a laugh. “Would that it were so simple.”

Emboldened, Maggie stepped a little closer to Jane and lowered her voice. “I could ask Joseph about Mr. Bingley’s schedule so you might find him and speak with him.”

Jane gave the maid a sad smile. “I thank you for the offer, but I could not possibly approach Mr. Bingley. It would be unpardonably forward.”

“But if you was to know where Mr. Bingley would be, you could arrange to encounter him—all accidental like—with him none the wiser.” Such deviousness would never have occurred to Jane. Her mouth hung open as she stared at Maggie. “Like, if he was riding in Rotten Row one day, you could be, too,” the maid clarified.

“I do not own a horse,” Jane said softly.

Maggie waved this objection away. “That was just an example. He could be going any number of places. Gentlemen like him do, you know.”

It was a tantalizing suggestion. Jane was tempted to accept Maggie’s offer just for the opportunity to lay her eyes on Mr. Bingley one more time. But if she should converse with him—and if he remained ignorant of her presence in London…? Then perhaps he might pay the Gardiners a call, and they could renew their acquaintance.



You can find When Jane Got Angry on:


and here is my review



Victoria Kinkaid would like to give my readers a chance to listen to these recently released audiobooks so she is offering two separate giveaways, one for an audio copy of Darcy vs. Bennet and one for a copy of When Jane Got Angry. Please let us know in the comments which one you would like to receive and why to apply to the giveaways. They are open until the 15th of September and will be announced shortly after.

Good Luck everyone!


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21 responses to “Victoria Kincaid on Audible & Giveaway

  1. I would love to own either of these books on audible but my first choice would be When Jane Got Angry since I love stories where Jane is more assertive.


  2. kneyda

    I think I would choose Darcy Vs Bennet. Loved both books though! Thank you for the giveaway.


  3. BeckyC

    Wonderful post. I would like a chance to win Darcy vs Bennet because it is one of the few audiobook from Victoria that I do not yet have.


  4. evamedmonds

    I would like to win either audiobook, but my first selection would be Darcy vs. Bennet. I thoroughly enjoyed both excerpts, but I wonder how Darcy will find Elizabeth again? Perhaps at the Meryton Assembly when he insults her when in reality he had wanted to court her. It is also good to see Jane getting angry at last!


  5. Wendy Essenburg

    I would love Darcy v. Bennet- I am just now getting into the variations and continuations and listening to it would be such a gift!


  6. KateB

    I loved When Jane Got Angry, I haven’t read Darcy vs Bennet yet. Either of these audiobooks would be great if I won. Thanks


  7. Maria Thomas

    I think I’d love to read a book where Jane got angry so I’d choose that one.


  8. Heather Y

    I’d love a copy of Darcy vs Bennet, I just can’t get enough Lizzy and Darcy!


  9. sheilalmajczan

    If I must chose one it would be Darcy vs Bennet. I have read both and enjoyed them but I am always up for listening to a book on Audible while I walk.


  10. Buturot

    Thank you for the excerpts. I love P & P , and the Audible books I have, I kept replaying the scenes where Lizzy and Darcy has interactions. I must have replayed each P & P variation 3 times at least. So I would choose Darcy vs Bennet. Thank you for this chance


  11. Buturot

    Had been collecting some Audiobooks and would love to have Darcy vs Bennet if get to be chosen. Love FD and EB interactions


  12. I would love to hear ‘When Jane got angry.’ It sounds brilliant!


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