The Journey Home to Pemberley – Review & Giveaway

In The Journey Home to Pemberley the author uses her knowledge of England to take the reader on a journey of their own through the country. Her vivid descriptions will allow the reader to visit the Lake District, Derbyshire, Dorsetshire, and Cambridge without even leaving his home. However, this is not the reason why you must read this book. You must read The Journey Home to Pemberley because it is a captivating, well-written romance that reaches the readers hearts and souls.

In it, Elizabeth and the Gardiners make it to the Lake District and find themselves aiding the rescue of a gentleman who was caught and injured during a horrible thunderstorm. That gentleman is none other than Mr. Darcy, and when Elizabeth discovers that it is him our hearts start to beat faster. Her genuine concern for his welfare and all the actions she takes while at the inn are pure bliss for romantic readers. The initial chapters are therefore very romantic and sweet. The reader will want to stay at that inn forever! But of course they cannot remain there for the entirety of the story and some angst will have to appear at some point.

When it did, I literally screamed at my kindle! I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I couldn’t believe that my favourite character would have to suffer that much once more! Until that moment I couldn’t stop reading because I was loving all the romantic interlude and dialogues I was seeing, but from that moment on I couldn’t put the book down until Darcy was happy once more.

Of course, the journey to happiness will not be simple, but fate will help and these characters will meet one another several times after the disruption in their relationship. Their last encounter at Pemberley is absolutely perfect! It kept me awake for much of the night because every sentence and every paragraph had to be read over and over again. The environment in which they meet is perfect. Their reactions are perfect. Their dialogues are perfect. What can I say? The entire chapter is perfect!

There are talented authors who write staggering books and average authors who work hard and write acceptable books. Joana Starnes falls into the first category and The Journey Home to Pemberley is once more proof of that. She doesn’t need far-fetched plots to capture the reader’s attention because her prose is enough to have that effect. This book captured my attention since the initial chapter where we see a thunderstorm come into Darcy’s way, until the couples reunion at Pemberley after the long journey they took throughout the country.

The only quibble I had with this book was the ending that seemed to drag a little. I understand most readers will love to see the main characters enjoy their bliss, as well as to know the fate of the secondary characters, but to an angst addict such as myself, it seemed a little too much. Despite this, one of my favourite aspects of the book was Darcy’s pure joy in the final chapters. It was hard to feel his pain during the angst part of the book, but the joy the author was able to transmit in the end was worth it. This is in fact one of Joana Starnes best characteristics as an author, she is able to make the reader feel everything the main characters are feeling, and that I would say is the best feature of this book! The emotion that is transmitted to the reader is compelling and will make everyone keep reading until the very end.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants a well-written and riveting romance. It is not overly angsty so I think it will appeal to readers who prefer a lower dose of angst, and it has a very interesting twist in Lydia storyline. The consequences of Lydia’s actions on her family are also very different and I liked this innovation, especially to Mrs. Bennet’s character.

Summing up, this is one of my favourite books this year and I recommend it to all types of readers.

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Joana lives in the south of England with her family. Over the years, she has swapped several hats – physician, lecturer, clinical data analyst – but feels most comfortable in a bonnet. She has been living in Georgian England for decades in her imagination, and plans to continue in that vein till she lays hands on a time machine.

She is the author of eight Austen-inspired novels (From This Day Forward ~ The Darcys of Pemberley; The Subsequent Proposal; The Second Chance; The Falmouth Connection; The Unthinkable Triangle; Miss Darcy’s Companion; Mr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter and The Darcy Legacy) and one of the contributors to the Quill Ink anthologies (The Darcy Monologues, Dangerous to Know and Rational Creatures). They are all available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback, and some in Audible too: Joana’s Amazon Page.


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51 responses to “The Journey Home to Pemberley – Review & Giveaway

  1. Jan Ashton

    Great, insightful review, Rita! My TBR pile just gets higher and higher. I will be adding Joana’s book, of course.

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    • It’s SUCH a wonderful review, Rita! Thank you!!!
      Mine too, Jan! Thank goodness it’s all in Kindle, otherwise I wouldn’t have room to move for books. Thanks for adding mine to your TBR list. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for coming to read Rita’s fabulous review!


  2. Glynis

    Shhhh! Rita! My favourite, favourite part was the happy ending! I don’t like when books just get to the happy ending then finish – I may have mentioned this to Joana so the romantic ending may be my fault? But myself I can’t fault this book at all! Like you I’m afraid I did some shouting in frustration, I also had the odd tear or two (or three!)
    I love Joana’s Darcy in every book but even more so in this one! This is definitely, definitely worth the five stars and more! My favourite of Joana’s books – so far??? 😉
    Thank goodness I already have a copy as I no longer enter Rafflecopter giveaways due to the frustration I’ve previously suffered 😱.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad that was your favourite part, Glynis!! I remember us chatting about it when the three of us met at Pemberley. I think it was then that I told you I was going to go for the Victoria sponge cake approach (a ‘sweet courtship’ layer to begin with, angst in the middle, sweet HEA on top) and you said it would be great if the top and bottom layers could be very close together & maybe even meet in the middle :))

      Didn’t quite manage that 😉 . Seems I can’t write a low-angst book to save my life. But I’m glad that the sweet HEA made the angst more digestible, and sorry you had to shout at your Kindle while you were going through the middle part!

      Maybe I’ll have more luck with toning down the angst in a novella (and I know just the one that should be written soon 🙂 ). I had such a wonderful time brainstorming with you and Rita about that premise! Now I need us to get together in the Pemberley cafe again and go over the details.

      Have a good weekend, and huge thanks to you both for everything!


  3. Sophia Rose

    This one was on my radar since it was announced. I can’t wait to visit that country inn in the Lake District with our characters. You have me nervous about the angst, but I have no doubt there will be some swooning when I get to the end. Enjoyed your review, Rita!

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    • I hope you visit that inn someday, Sophia Rose! It’s perfect! The location is incredibly picturesque, the food is superb and-and-and they have a Darcy suite, complete with a four-poster bed and everything! I haven’t stayed overnight yet, just looked longingly at some pictures. But it has to be done :))

      So glad the book’s already on your radar, and I hope the angst-y part won’t be too much for you. All the best and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  4. Thanks for the review, Rita! So glad you loved the story; it sounds like this book is not to be missed! Congratulations, Joana!

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  5. Terrific review! And I loved this book. And I adore that trailer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was fun to make, Christina. And when I say fun, I mean I’m mad enough to enjoy fiddling with tiny details over and over again. I’m so glad you loved the book and Rita’s great review, and thanks again for hosting me on The Quill Ink on the 22nd. All the best and chat soon.


  6. I hope Lydia’s twist is that she doesn’t marry Wickham

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  7. Laurie McClain

    Very nice review, Rita. Looking forward to reading this book, Joanna is one of the best!

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  8. I wanted to read this book before but after reading your review, it is at the top of my wishlist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  9. Ginna

    Wow! Tantalizing review, Rita. Screaming at your kindle?! I really need to see what THAT was about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wasn’t Rita’s review absolutely wonderful, Ginna? Thanks for stopping by to read it, and I’m glad you were intrigued about the ‘screaming at the kindle’. Best of luck in the giveaway and thanks for taking part.


  10. Jan Hahn

    Great, great review, Rita! I can’t wait to read this book. I love whatever Joana writes.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much, Jan! And I love all your beautiful novels. My first love was ‘An Arranged Marriage’ that touched my soul from “And those reasons are…?” “Mine.” (Not to mention the delicious waking-up scene at the inn ❤ ). And then 'Peculiar Connections' came… Oh my goodness, the rollercoaster of emotions, and what you do to us with your masterful pen! I can't wait for another gem from you!


  11. Buturot

    Thanks ofr the insight on this book. Totally agree with you, I get carried away with the emotions of the characters in her books. very eager to read it.

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  12. Sophia Simeonidou

    Great review! I can’t wait to read this book!

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  13. Kim P.

    Lovely review! I’m definitely adding this to my TBR list!

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  14. Charlotte

    I love to travel through the internet and mostly by books. Your latest one sounds there for really good to me Joanna! I’ve added it to my wishlist 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • There certainly is a fair amount of travelling, Charlotte 🙂 . I also loved that, travelling back in time while I was researching to see what those places might have looked like in 1812 or thereabouts. I hope you’ll like to take this journey with our favourite characters. Best of luck in the giveaway and thank for coming to read Rita’s great review!


  15. caroleincanada

    Fantastic review, Rita! I loved what you said here:

    “Their last encounter at Pemberley is absolutely perfect! It kept me awake for much of the night because every sentence and every paragraph had to be read over and over again. The environment in which they meet is perfect. Their reactions are perfect. Their dialogues are perfect. What can I say? The entire chapter is perfect!”

    I know I have to read this and soon, but I need to have uninterrupted time (other than sleep), which I don’t have right now! All good things but still. Looks like Joana has done it again!

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  16. Agnes

    I look forward to reading this – Lake District is a lovely and romantic setting! Angst and romance seems to be just the right mixture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a wonderful part of the world, Agnes! I hope you’ll enjoy imagining that backdrop for our deal couple’s courtship, and I’m so glad you think the dose of angst & romance might be right 🙂


  17. suzanlauder

    Thanks for another great review, Rita. It’s expected of Joana’s books. I find that my TBR list just gets in order with an idea of what books I plan to read next, and a new book comes out by Joana and disrupts all that, because her books always go to the top of the list. She’s one of those few writers who will claim that honour in my world. Of course, as a reader, I still have to make room for the plethora of other books, many of which are also great. But this honest review makes us all take notice. Thanks, Joana, for the entertainment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank *you* Suzan, for your wonderful words about my books, you’re so kind! I feel the same about yours too (The Mist of Her Memory’ is such a thing of beauty!). Wish we could’ve met face to face last summer and talk properly 😦 . Thanks for visiting Rita’s blog and please keep writing!


  18. KateB

    Thanks for the great review. Joana had warned me that I’m going to throw my Kindle while reading it, so I’ll start reading it on the one which is already cracked. Congratulations Joana.

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  19. alexandrariverstories

    That was a passionate review and as an angst-junkie myself I fully appreciate it!
    Thank you, both, for the giveaway.
    As for the plot, I expect the worse (and that is the best in my book. 😉 )
    What can I say… I prefer angst in my books than in real life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank *you*, Alexandra, for coming over to read Rita’s wonderful review! I’m over the moon that it was so passionate (love how you put it!) and that Rita liked the book so much. Huge, XXL thanks, Rita, In case I haven’t said that yet 😉

      Ah, that’s music to my ears, Alexandra. So wonderful to hear that you’re an angst-junkie. Same here, I love reading & writing angst, and for the same reason: better in fiction than in RL :))

      I hope you’ll find a pleasing dose of it in my latest book. Best of luck in the giveaway and thanks for this lovely comment & for throwing your name in the hat!

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  20. sheilalmajczan

    Loved this story – read it twice. Highly recommend it.

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  21. Rita, what a great review of this book. I am excited to read this book. I love all of Joana’s books. Just added to my TRP.

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  22. Janet Taylor

    Wonderful review, Rita! You said so many of the things I felt when reading it. Joana can torture like no other and her angst is always palpable. I feel right along with her characters. Now her Darcy, Wow! He is always so swoon-worthy and certainly was in this one, too. She gets in his head and makes him real.

    I must say I’m with Glynis on the ending. I love to read more about their time when they finally get together. I can sometimes feel bereft when we have gone through so much getting them together and when they do, it’s over. It always feels like something is missing or a bit of a letdown. I guess that’s the great thing about reading these books, we all like different things and still have things in common. It makes for a great mix.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Joana’s novel. It is one of my favorites for this year, too, and definitely not to be missed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Janet, you’re so kind!!! Huge thanks for this!!! I’m SO happy that you loved the book, that you think I can get into Darcy’s head :))) and that you liked the ending!
      Some of my other books finish quite close to the point where ODC manage to work things out, but this time I felt like writing some happy pages after all the drama. I had such a lovely chat with Glynis when she asked why can’t the sweet courtship layer at the bottom meet the sweet HEA layer on top and squeeze the angst out :D. There were also some reviews for my other books that said the same thing, that it would be nice to have some HEA chapters after all the angst, so I went for it this time. But the tiny quibble in Rita’s wonderful review is spot-on – the pace slows in the last chapters. My editor, my proofreader and Debbie said the same. So it’s just as you say, that’s the great thing about reading JAFF, that we all like different things and still have things in common, and it makes for a great mix. It makes for great conversations too, I think, and great friendships. Thanks ever so much for your wonderful words about my writing, Janet and Rita, and for all your support over the years. It means the world to me. ❤


  23. A very detailed review, Rita. Thanks for highlighting some of the main plot that we can look forward to. This review compel me to put it near the top of my TBR pile.

    Liked by 1 person

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