2019 Achievements & 2020 Goals

Hello everyone,

It’s the last day of the year, and even if people usually say time flies by, to be honest, I think 2019 took a long time to come to an end! I don’t feel the year went by very quickly, on the contrary. When I think about what I did in the beginning of the year it feels like it was ages ago!

Professionally speaking it was a great year! I started the year in a new position within the company and so far I’m loving my new role, my new colleagues and my new boss. In 2020 this new position will require I travel quite often to Oporto, so I may be a little more tired and have less time to create content for the blog, but I promise to give my best to maintain the number of posts I’m currently doing. Plus, all those days away from home will probably mean more time to read, which is always good 🙂

Personally speaking the year had a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs, but I guess that all depends on how we look at life, right? After all, I am still here and I am in good health, so I should not be complaining! I wasn’t able to visit my favorite country in the entire world (after Portugal of course), but I did visit some new countries that I have also enjoyed immensely 🙂

I started the year by visiting the UK where I finally travelled to Steventon, re-visited Lyme Park and saw Gilliam Anderson on a theatre play; did a road trip through some of the less known Balkan countries, namely Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kosovo and even went to Asia to relax in Thailand for a week.

Visiting these five countries was an incredible experience and increased my number of countries visited to 27 but they do not replace a visit to the United States (remember I said I didn’t visit my favorite country this year?), so one of my 2020 goals is to go back to the states! I even bought a scratch map of the United States to motivate me.

It’s looking great so far, but in April I hope to increase it by adding Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. I’ll probably drive through Pennsylvania and Ohio but that doesn’t really count, does it? I’m also hoping to return to California to visit a couple of places I missed the last time I was there, making it the first state I’ve visited twice 🙂

I would love to go to Washington, Montana and Wyoming in September but…I’ll need to manage my budget and vacation days very well in order to do that.

Anyway…enough of those personal goals. You’re here because of literary stuff! And Literarily speaking, this was a very different year from my previous, and that’s because I managed to achieve one of my goals! (I know, achieving one is not much of a victory…but well…)

In 2019 I had established 4 goals:

  1. Dedicate more time to the blog and re-design it to have an archive with all my posts always available
  2. Read more non-austenesque books (5 was my goal)
  3. Read more books in Portuguese
  4. Read more paperbacks

Can you guess which one I achieved? I clearly didn’t dedicate as much time to the blog as I should have, on the contrary, I kind of went awaol for a while in the months of April and May. I only read 2 books in portuguese this year, so, I didn’t read much in my native language…and my paperback pile remains pretty much the same. So when I said my year has been very different from my previous years, it’s because in 2019 I was actually able to read several non-austenesque books! I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but I really needed to read something a little different, and to be honest I got addicted to the Stargate novels from Fandemonium. If they had more good ones, I would probably continue reading them, but unfortunately, I started with the best, and I don’t think they have many more I’ll enjoy.


I read a total of 42 books this year, and 11 of them were not Austenesque. The other 31 books were mainly variations of Pride & Prejudice but I also read 2 Emma sequels, 2 Persuasion adaptations and of course, 2 North and South books.

Next year I think I’ll stick to Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion because truly those are my favorite Austen books and I’ve already convinced myself that there is no point in trying to read anything Emma related…I really don’t like Emma (sorry Emma fans).

Taking into consideration I completely failed to achieve most of my 2019 goals, in 2020 I MUST conquer them, so my first reading goals of the decade are:

  1. Re-design the blog and create an archive containing all my posts (in an organized manner)
  2. Read more books in Portuguese (I’m starting to feel I’ll never achieve this one)
  3. Read at least 5 paperbacks

And I’ll add a 4th one to accommodate my latest inclination:

4. Listen to at least 12 Austenesque Audiobooks

Overall, I’ll try to read 35 books. That’s been my goal in the last years and I’ve always been able to achieve that, so I don’t want to get over confident and establish a goal I won’t be able to complete. I will also try to read older books but I’m not making that a goal, I’ll just try to go back and read some of the amazing books I’ve missed over the years. With so many books coming out every month it’s becoming harder to keep up, and that means the TBR piles are never really overcome, so I’ll try to reduce it by reading some of the older books and not adding many of the new releases.

I’ve been very surprised in the last couple of years to read books that were published in previous years and that were absolutely amazing! When you see the 2019 favorites list I’ll publish in the beginning of the year, you’ll notice that many of those books were not released in 2019, so I’m hoping to continue finding incredibly good books from great authors 🙂

What about you? What will be your 2020 reading goal or goals? Do you have any particular one you would like to achieve? Any particular type of book you want to dedicate more time to? Please let me know, I would love to know what you’re planning to read next year 🙂

Whatever your goals are, I hope you will be able to achieve them and that you have a WONDERFUL 2020!!!

Happy New Year everyone!


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9 responses to “2019 Achievements & 2020 Goals

  1. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    Loved reading of your travel and reading plans. Here’s hoping they come to fruition!!

    I hope to read a healthy mix of crime,thriller,psychological and of course,JAFF.
    I grow tired of reading from just one genre so I tend to dip into whatever takes my fancy at any given time!!

    Happy New Year,Rita,to you and those you hold dear!! 🎉🍹


  2. Sophia Rose

    I love that you got to visit so many places and read some great books this year. Look forward to seeing your list of favorites. I know you feel badly that your goals got pushed aside, but they are the sort of projects and reading goals that can be done in 2020 just as well. Cheering you on toward a good year of work, travel, reading, blogging, and life, Rita! 🙂


  3. J. W. Garrett

    I hope you are able to manage more travel/vacation days. You had a marvelous map of the US and you have more states to fill in. Yay!! Blessings on the new year and I hope all the best for you. Happy New Year!!


  4. Glynis

    I really don’t know how you manage to fit it all in, especially with a full time job!
    I have made a list of TBR which I hope to get through and there are a few new books that I hope to get soon. Plus there will obviously be more coming out (including our Joana book 😉) so I’m not sure if I’ll have much time for anything else. Obviously the majority will be about Darcy and Elizabeth and of course I have to keep up with my re reads!
    Oh and I plan to breathe now and again.
    Happy New Year Rita!


  5. Rita, I’m so impressed with your travels! 5 new countries this year alone! Wow! And I love your new map – especially the beautiful images that appear when you scratch off a state!

    I love your goals for your blog and reading! I’ve never tried setting specific goals like that…but I might try to in the future. And I think writing them down and sharing is a good idea because it makes you more accountable!

    Best of luck with all you hope to achieve for 2020, friend!


  6. Thanks for sharing all this with us, Rita! So sorry about the downs in 2019. Sending lots of hugs and hope 2020 is much better in every way. Have a great New year, my friend, and see you soon, fingers crossed!


  7. Don’t know how I missed this post! I’m envious of all your travel in 2019, but I’m guessing travel in 2020 has been put on hold. When you achieve coming to the US and get to Michigan, let me know!


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