Promised by Leah Garriott

Promised is the perfect regency novel for Jane Austen fans because the characters and the plot are similar enough to remind readers of Darcy and Elizabeth, but also different enough to keep them interested and intrigued.

In this book the lead character is Margaret Brinton who was deceived and jilted by her fiancé whom she believed to love. Consequently, after losing her faith in love, she decides that marrying someone she could never love is the recipe to protect her heart from being wounded again. With that in mind, she attends a notorious matchmaking party where she will meet two man who will change her life, Mr. Northam, a rake she is set on marrying, and Lord Williams, a gentleman she is set not to love. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

I was very intrigued by Lord Williams in the beginning of the novel, his opinions and the mystery behind his personality made me want to know more about him, and it wasn’t until half of the book that I started to lose interest in his character. I trully loved his character up to a point, but I could never quite comprehend why he fell in love with Margaret whose stubbornness and dislike for him appeared to be exaggerated, and I had some issues with the reason why he initially pursued her.

Margaret’s quest to marry without love seemed natural given the circumstances, but her obstinacy in marrying Mr. Northam and her continuous refusal to accept her feelings for Lord Wiliams became hard to believe as the story progressed. Unfortunately, she failed to captivate me and that was definitely the biggest quibble I had with this book.

The relationship Margaret has with her entire family was something I appreciated immensely. Her parents are so different from the Bennet’s that it is impossible not to love them, especially her mother. But my favourite relative was her brother. I loved their quarrels and games, and especially loved to see Margaret putting some sense in Daniel’s mind. Their relationship was definitely my favourite in the entire novel and a plus to the consistency of the book.

The writing style was also something I liked in this book. Leah Garriot definitely has talent for writing, keeping the reader guessing and engaged with the story in a light and diverting manner. Even though the main characters were not as captivating as I would have liked I will certainly be looking out for Leah Garriot next novels which I am sure will be as well written as this one was.

Overall Promised is an incredibly well written book that Jane Austen’s fans will certainly appreciate. The last chapters are particularly romantic and proved the author is capable of captivating readers who enjoy well-written romances.

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Margaret Brinton keeps her promises, and the one she is most determined to keep is the promise to protect her heart.

Warwickshire, England, 1812

Fooled by love once before, Margaret vows never to be played the fool again. To keep her vow, she attends a notorious matchmaking party intent on securing the perfect marital match: a union of convenience to someone who could never affect her heart. She discovers a man who exceeds all her hopes in the handsome and obliging rake Mr. Northam.

There’s only one problem. His meddling cousin, Lord Williams, won’t leave Margaret alone. Condescending and high-handed, Lord Williams lectures and insults her. When she refuses to give heed to his counsel, he single-handedly ruins Margaret’s chances for making a good match—to his cousin or anyone else. With no reason to remain at the party, Margaret returns home to discover her father has promised her hand in marriage—to Lord Williams

Under no condition will Margaret consent to marrying such an odious man. Yet as Lord Williams inserts himself into her everyday life, interrupting her family games and following her on morning walks, winning the good opinion of her siblings and proving himself intelligent and even kind, Margaret is forced to realize that Lord Williams is exactly the type of man she’d hoped to marry before she’d learned how much love hurt. When paths diverge and her time with Lord Williams ends, Margaret is faced with her ultimate choice: keep the promises that protect her or break free of them for one more chance at love. Either way, she fears her heart will lose.

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Though she earned degrees in math and statistics, Leah Garriott lives for a good love story. She’s resided in Hawaii and Italy, walked the countryside of England, and owns every mainstream movie version of Pride and Prejudice. She’s currently living her own happily ever after in Utah with her husband and three kids. Leah is represented by Sharon Pelletier at Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.




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5 responses to “Promised by Leah Garriott

  1. Sophia Rose

    It does sound delightful. LOL, yes, she does sound like she held stubborn a bit long, but glad there was so much more to enjoy about the story.


  2. Mary


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Such a pity this book was a little disappointing
    and Lord Williams’ character left a lot to be desired.
    I understand why some of the content irritated you.
    Here’s hoping your next book choice is a more enjoyable


  3. Thanks for hosting this stop and for taking the time to read and review Promised.


  4. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about Promised and it sounds most intriguing!


  5. Thanks for an insightful and enjoyable review, Rita.


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