Freebies & Books on sale – Updated List II

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It appears that more and more authors are reducing the prices of their books to help us pass the time during the isolation period. Because this list keeps growing and changing, I thought you may like another update, so here it is 🙂

P.S – You can tell I have lot’s of time in my hands can’t you?


Jane Austen Fan Fiction currently FREE

Ditching Mr. Darcy – FREE

Book Blurb:

What would you do if you crashed your car into a ditch and woke up as the main character of your favorite book? What if nothing happened the way it was supposed to? What if you met the dreamiest romantic hero in literary history and yet you fell in love with someone else instead? What would happen if you never woke up again? What would happen if you did? Elizabeth Baker is about to find out.


Ruined Forever – FREE

Book Blurb:

Mr. Collins is rightly angered when Elizabeth Bennett refuses his honorable offer of marriage.

Sadly that is the last emotion he experiences. Which gives the gossips of Meryton a delightful piece of news to gossip over – Miss Elizabeth Bennett has pushed her cousin, her father’s heir, down the stairs to his death!

Elizabeth Bennett, Murderess? Oh, shocking, shameful scandal.
Someone must speak for her before she is ruined forever.
Fortunately, a new arrival in the neighborhood – a Mr. Darcy – read law at Cambridge and is willing to be of use to Miss Elizabeth.
Book Blurb: 
Bestselling author Staci Hart is back with a brand new romantic comedy and clever spin on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Meet the Bennet brothers, get to know Longbourne, and fall in love in this steamy enemies to lovers romcom.
Everyone hates parts of their job.
Maybe it’s the paperwork. Maybe it’s the day-to-day grind. Maybe it’s that client who never knows what they want, or the guy who always cooks fish in the microwave.
But not me. I love every corner of the Longbourne Flower Shop, every flower, every petal, every stem. I love the greenhouse, and I love Mrs. Bennet, my boss. I love creating, and I love being a florist. I don’t hate anything at all.
Except for Luke Bennet.
The Bennet brothers have come home to help their mom save the flower shop, and Luke is at the helm. His smile tells a tale of lust, loose and easy. He moves with the grace of a predator, feral and wild. A thing unbridled, without rules or constraint. When he comes home to save Longbourne, I almost can’t be mad at him. Almost.
He doesn’t remember that night I’ll never forget. That kiss, touched with whiskey and fire. It branded me like a red-hot iron. But it meant nothing to him.
Everyone hates part of their job, and I hate Luke Bennet.
Because if I don’t, I’ll fall in love with him.
Book Blurb: 
In the latter part of the 1800’s, George Wickham, decorated military officer, family man, and pillar of the community was inspired to pen a collection of anecdotes describing his recollections of the events of his life and the nature of English society between 1790 and 1849.
It appears that his motivation to record these narratives came originally from his wife, Lydia Bennet Wickham, who seems to have been distressed at the treatment her husband received by the amateur historiographer of the Bennet family, Miss Jane Austen.
Whatever the reason for creating this history, Wickham himself deemed the account to be too scandalous to be released publicly in his own lifetime, but made arrangements for the texts to be published posthumously, noting in his own words that “a hundred years hence, or thereabouts, even the descendants of our good Prince Regent might be able to read such a tale with a wince and a grin, mourning the sad state of affairs that existed in the United Kingdom of yore, excusing the author his foibles and eccentricities, and finding some amusement in the various sketches of personages and events therein.”
Sadly for the world of literature, Wickham’s narratives, which offer an illuminating counterpoint to the works of his contemporaries such as Miss Austen, were not in fact published in the years after his passing, but instead were lost to posterity, locked away in an archive that has only recently been discovered on the grounds of Cambridge, the venerable institution at which Wickham once studied.
The full text is being edited and prepared for general release to the public, in accordance to what appears to have been Wickham’s final wishes, but I have taken the liberty of releasing this particular account a trifle early, on behalf of the unique value it may have for readers interested in the affairs of those persons whose lives formed the basis for Miss Austen’s historiographical accounts.
In short, this narrative, as recounted by George Wickham, sheds light on an heretofore obscure, but terribly important incident in the lives of the Dashwood sisters, an event that, had it gone differently than it did, might have marred forever any chance at future happiness that those two gentle souls stood to gain by their mutual acquaintance with Colonel Christopher Brandon.
In her history of the Dashwoods, Miss Austen recounts that the Colonel once remarked apocryphally to Elinor Dashwood, in reference to John Willoughby; “we met by appointment, he to defend, I to punish his conduct.”
For an explanation of this cryptic remark, and an account of how the matter was resolved, the following narrative may be of some small use in illuminating this mystery, and is thus presented for your consideration.
Book Blurb: 
This short story stars Jane Austen’s Bennet family in a tale of wit, wisdom, love, and brandy.
A chance encounter in an inn has unwelcome repercussions for Elizabeth Bennet’s impending marriage to Mr Darcy.
Book Blurb: 
When John Barton falls for the elusive Anne Hayter, he turns to one man in particular for courting advice. Unfortunately, that man is Mr Bennet of Longbourn: a world-weary gentleman who prefers his books to ballrooms.
What follows is a heartwarming tale full of wry humour and wisdom, set against the backdrop of the first half of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

The Madness of Mr. Darcy – FREE 

Book Blurb: 

The year is 1832 and regrets beleaguer Fitzwilliam Darcy. All he ever cared for has been taken from him: his pride, his sister, and his true love, Elizabeth Bennet. Now, having nearly murdered a man in a fit of rage, he might lose Pemberley, too. More than just his home, his very identity is at stake. In desperation, he seeks the help of Dr. Frederick Wilson, owner and proprietor of Ramsey House, a madhouse for fine ladies and gentlemen. Is Darcy’s confinement the inevitable end to his tortured descent, or will he rediscover what he lost in the most unlikely of places?


Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Present  – FREE

Book Blurb: 

The Madness of Mr. Darcy continues a year into Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s marriage. Old demons are laid to rest, but fear of losing his newfound happiness continue to haunt our hero. Learn how old and new friends prosper and see what the future holds for Pemberley. Will the Darcy family maintain the traditions of the previous generations, or will stewardship of the land pass to another clan?


Being Mrs. Bennet – FREE

Book Blurb:

Can fandom go too far?
Alison Bateman adores Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice. Within the book’s pages she finds escape from everyday strife, that is until she becomes one of its characters. Instead of the beloved heroine of the novel, Alison transforms into her silly and ineffectual mother, Mrs. Bennet. Not one to be idle, she uses her new role to try and curb the unruly behavior of the youngest Bennet daughter, never suspecting the consequences her meddling will have on the romance at the heart of the novel. A story of survival in a fictional universe, Being Mrs. Bennet is a lighthearted take on Austen’s classic tale.


Darcy in Wonderland – FREE

Book Blurb:

The worlds of beloved authors collide as Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Austen’s immortal hero, finds himself thrust into the topsy-turvy world of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.
Many years have passed since Elizabeth Bennet became mistress of Pemberley, and the Darcys’ six children stand testament to their enduring love. As the eldest prepare to enter the world, Alice, the youngest and most intrepid of the brood, ensures that life at Pemberley never grows dull. Her curious mind and penchant for mischief often prove trying, but never more so than when her father follows her down a mysterious rabbit hole, disrupting his orderly world in ways never before imagined. A treat for the young and the old, Darcy in Wonderland is both an adventure and homage to two of literature’s greatest minds.


And Who Can Be In Doubt of What Followed? – FREE

Book Blurb: 

Have you ever wondered how Caroline Bingley learned of Mr. Darcy’s engagement to Elizabeth Bennet, what Colonel Brandon did to win Marianne Dashwood’s heart, or who discovered Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Clay in flagrante? Alexa Adams seeks to answer these questions and more, delving into the details at which Jane Austen only hinted to develop the unspoken underbelly of her six major novels.


Emma & Elton – Something Truly Horrid – FREE

Book Blurb: 

Few heroines evoke such diverse emotions as Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse, for whom readers profess everything from disdain to devotion. In “Emma & Elton”, Alexa Adams explores what might have befallen the supercilious Miss Woodhouse if she were made aware of Mr. Elton’s affection prior to his proposal. This short story was first published on Adams’ blog in tribute to Halloween, and though you’ll find no ghost or ghouls gracing its pages, tenderhearted Janeites be warned: here lies “something truly horrid”.


Jane & Bingley : Something Slightly Unsettling – FREE

Book Blurb: 

In Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy says that Jane Bennet’s “heart was not likely to be easily touched.” What if he was correct? Written in tribute to Halloween and published serially on Alexa Adams’ blog, “Jane & Bingley: Something Slightly Unsettling” explores the events of the first volume of Austen’s most beloved novel from the perspective of a far from tender Jane. Gentle Janeites, proceed with care, lest you find Mr. Bingley’s “angel” has fallen.


Becoming Mrs. Norris – FREE

Book Blurb:

Fanny Price’s Aunt Norris is one of the most despised characters Jane Austen ever created, but how did she become so repulsive? Becoming Mrs. Norris explores the events that occurred before Mansfield Park, when Sir Thomas Bertram was courting Miss Maria Ward. This “Twisted Austen” tale was written in honor of Halloween and was first published serially on the author’s blog,


I Am Lady Catherine – FREE

Book Blurb: 

Delve into the subconscious of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Jane Austen’s most memorable and reviled grande dame. I am Lady Catherine explores her history as a young woman and mother, continuing through the events of Pride and Prejudice, recalled from her perspective. This is the forth book in the Twisted Austen series of novellas, written in honor of Halloween, in which Austenesque writer Alexa Adams explores Austen’s timeless tales through an unconventional lens.


Young Wickham – FREE

Book Blurb:

Meet the Darcy family fifteen years after the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice. Anxious to assist a sister in distress, they invite Lydia’s eldest son to come live at Pemberley. Can young Wickham rectify the wrongs of the past, or is history doomed to repeat itself?


Pride & Prosperity – FREE

Book Blurb:

Can a gentleman change his manners and a lady change her mind?
IF it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a great fortune must be in want of a wife, mothers will go to great lengths to see their daughters have a real chance of marrying him.

Pride & Prosperity is a charming novelette inspired by Jane Austen’s highly esteemed story Pride & Prejudice.


A Fairy’s Human Love Experiment – FREE

Book Blurb: 

It’s February 2018 and Eva is voicing happiness about her engagement. Dana isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, Eva is convinced that Dana’s editor is far more than just a close friend but can’t work out why her little sister is hiding it. It’s a good thing, right? Being in love? Mark may annoy her at times, but love is something that you should hold on to. Even if love and passion are often central motives for murder.
The feelings swirling around the two create a scent that leads the fey world to their door. Literally. Their tangled love-lives and lack of emotional openness have given a bored fairy social researcher a path to some complicated new humans to experiment with.
She also seems to be a big fan of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and is without care for natural laws or reality.
It’s safe to say that her involvement causes chaos and has both sisters scrambling for a way to resolve the situation
But how do they do it?
How do they keep it secret from the rest of Belfast, from the rest of Northern Ireland- hell from the rest of the world?
Finally, what choices will you make throughout this trilogy?
You get to choose the ending of the second story and get three choices in the third. Choose wisely, but also have fun!


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 0,99$


Overhearings Less to the Purpose – 0,99$ 

Book Blurb: 

At Rosings Park our hero Mr. Darcy overhears Elizabeth disclose her true opinion of him to her friend Charlotte Collins. Her opinions were rather less favorable to him than he had anticipated.
Well he can’t let her think that.
Certainly Darcy had been awoken from the delusion that he might maybe offer marriage to this woman by hearing her true opinion of him. It had been like a splash of cold water on the face. But he could not abandon the field while Elizabeth Bennet existed in the world and despised him. He must charm her into liking him, at least a little, before he could leave Rosings Park.
Alas for our hero Mr. Darcy, he is not very good at charming women, even when he wants to…
For her part Elizabeth finds Darcy’s increasingly desperate attempts to gain her favor ridiculous. But perhaps that is not a bad thing, for she dearly loved to laugh.


Unwilling – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Mr. Bennet discovers his days are numbered, so he immediately begins to set his affairs — and his five unmarried daughters — in order. Knowing they will fare best should at least one of them find a suitable husband, he cannot refuse any respectable suitors.
The high-spirited Elizabeth suspects something isn’t right in the halls of Longbourn, but nothing prepares her for a certain haughty gentleman from Derbyshire. While Mr. Darcy is exceedingly wealthy and handsome, in Elizabeth’s eyes, he is also proud, high-handed, and insulting. And unfortunately, desperately in love with her.
Suddenly, Elizabeth is forced to rethink her previous opinions. And accept a choice she never had the chance to make.


Green Card – 0,99$ 

Book Blurb: 

William Harper has it all: looks, money, power. There’s just one tiny problem—he’s about to be deported. He needs a green card. Fast. An American wife is the easiest way to get one. But where will he find a woman to marry him on such short notice?
Elizabeth Barrett is a full-time student, part-time dog walker, and weekend tutor. With a roommate who just ran out on her and neck deep in tuition payments, she needs money. Now. Harper just might make her an offer she can’t refuse.
He thinks he’s worked out the perfect deal, she thinks she’s signed up for an easy job. Neither of them bargained for the ride of their lives.
**This book was inspired by Pride and Prejudice, but is not a retelling or a variation of P&P.**


Meryton Vignettes – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

In this collection of six short stories, the people of Pride and Prejudice move on, grow up, and explore paths not taken. Time leads these beloved characters down roads of self-discovery, courage, and heartbreak.
And sometimes the journey takes them to surprising places.


Desperate Hearts – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

In this “what if?” variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find true love in a story that starts off with our dear couple happy and hopeful.
Until, that is, two villains – each for their own reason – launch a plot to separate them.
Darcy is broken-hearted and sure he has lost Elizabeth, but things are not always as they seem. It is up to Darcy’s loyal cousins to unravel the mystery and reunite our dear couple.
As they do, a long-hidden family secret is revealed to explain why Elizabeth is her mother’s least-favoured child.
This story is a clean read and suitable for any age.


Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit – 0,99$

Book Blurb:  

When Darcy proposes to Elizabeth at Hunsford, she declines his proposal with courtesy instead of anger, and he is left to discover on his own why she will not marry him. How can our beloved couple find their way to each other when Darcy doesn’t know what she holds against him?


Phi Alpha Pi – o,99$

Book Blurb:

Lizbeth has a busy senior year ahead of her, balancing her goals to complete the year as president of her sorority, writing an honors thesis, graduating, and decide her future plans.  Love isn’t something she’s even thinking about. That is until Wil, a new transfer student, pushes every one of her buttons. Lizbeth finds Wil to be rude, snobby, and judgmental. Even though she tries to avoid him, he seems to be everywhere, scowling when he sees her in classes and at parties. That is, until his Thanksgiving proclamation of love. That causes Lizbeth to reconsider how she sees the world and Wil. Even though she rejects him, there are still six more months until graduation! How is Lizbeth going to make it through the rest of the school year? How did she miss his true feelings? Will she be able to reconsider her own?


Modern Persuasion – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Eight years ago Emma Shaw picked her career and family over the man she loved, Fredrick Wentworth. Since then she has built a career in publishing and spends her free time making sure her father and sisters are taken care of. Fredrick has spent the same years building his career as a screenwriter under increasing public scrutiny as a celebrity. When the editor of Fredrick’s first book is injured, Emma is forced to travel with Fredrick on his book tour.


Becoming Lady Darcy – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

As a direct descendant of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Elizabeth Darcy spent her childhood wandering the halls of Pemberley. Now a tourist attraction under the watchful eye of curator Joyce Hutchinson, every room contains reminders of the timeless love story as it seeps through the history of the great house.

Lizzy has given up trying to find love, but things get tricky once Hollywood director, Matthew Wickham, the father of her daughter Harriet, returns to the Derbyshire estate to begin filming Jane Austen’s classic novel, bringing with him a very famous, very aloof actor, who catches her eye. But Benn Williams has his own secrets, and Lizzy finds that history seems to be repeating itself, despite her attempts to resist it.

Dipping into key events in history, ‘Becoming Lady Darcy’ combines a variety of techniques to tell the story, as we move throughout the timelines of five obstinate headstrong girls who called Pemberley home.


Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

The love affair behind Jane Austen’s classic, Persuasion, rests at the heart of this retelling from Captain Frederick Wentworth’s point of view.
He loved her from the moment their eyes met some eight years prior, but Frederick Wentworth is determined to prove to Anne Elliot that she made a mistake by refusing him. Persuaded by her family and friends of his lack of a future, Anne had sent him away, but now he is back with a fortune earned in the war, and it is Anne, whose circumstances have brought her low. Frederick means to name another to replace her, but whenever he looks upon Anne’s perfect countenance, his resolve wavers, and he finds himself lost once again to his desire for her. Return to the Regency and Austen’s most compelling and mature love story. Jeffers turns the tale upon its head while maintaining Jane Austen’s tale of love and devotion.


Lessers and Betters – 0,99$

Book Blurb:  

Lessers and Betters asserts that class is an imaginary distinction conferring no better manners on the haves and no lesser nobility on the have-nots and that the deepest human emotions are universal and ignore wealth or status.
Now for the first time under the same cover, discover the paired novellas that explore the remarkable events of November 5, 1815 when the Cecil Governess, Kitty Bennet, was grievously injured as she defended her charge. What rests behind the attack? Readers of Lessers and Betters will experience a unique literary unique approach that offers both gentry and servant perspectives presented in their own self-contained novellas.
Of Fortunes Reversal: A brisk Hyde Park morning is shattered by a child’s scream. How two gently-born adults react in those next few desperate moments sets the plot in motion that is a unique reconsideration of the traditional Pride and Prejudice memes. Of Fortune’s Reversal is a novella-length tale based upon an inversion of Mrs. Bennet’s exclamation that with one good marriage, the other girls would be thrown in front of rich men. What if the well-wed sister was neither Jane nor Elizabeth?


An Eventful Year in Dervyshire – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

What unexpected and exciting events will shape the lives of our favourite residents of Derbyshire, not to mention the Wickhams and Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Can Bingley and Darcy successfully join forces to wrest success and survival from an array of threatened reversals and cataclysms? What scandalous news will spread afar, disturbing the (incomparably outrage-prone) sensibilities of Lady Catherine? Will some of the skeletons in the closet of Her Ladyship’s husband creep out to dance before the eyes of her family?


For Peace of Mind – 0,99$

Book Blurb:  

Elizabeth Bennet has thrown away her one and only chance at marriage, or so her mother laments over and over again until finally, to restore a measure of peace to his house, Elizabeth’s father sends her to London to stay with relatives.
Fitzwilliam Darcy has fled Netherfield and its enchanting neighbour, hoping to hide away in town until his heart is no longer in danger of being lost to Elizabeth.
Neither expects to see the other. In fact, after having been so harshly insulted at the Assembly, Elizabeth rather hopes that with Darcy’s departure from Netherfield, she has seen the last of the arrogant man.
However, it is not to be.
When a chance meeting throws the tantalizing Elizabeth and haughty Darcy together, how will each respond to the other? Will her opinion change? Will Darcy get a second chance? Or will the plans and desires of others keep them apart forever?


In Netherfield Library – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

n Netherfield Library – Pride and Prejudice – Brought to Netherfield to care for her ailing sister and kept there by an ongoing rain-storm, Elizabeth Bennet seeks refuge from Caroline Bingley’s perpetual gossip in the library – but she is not alone in her desire for peace. Fitzwilliam Darcy is surprised to find an able chess opponent in Elizabeth, and as the pair debate strategy and novels they find a rapport they never previously imagined.
Mr Bennet Pays a Call – Pride and Prejudice – Despite his insistence to the contrary, Mr Bennet is eager to meet the newest arrival in Hertfordshire, and arranges to call on the party at Netherfield without the interference of his wife.
One Dance at the Assembly – Pride and Prejudice – When Mr Darcy overhears his opinion of Elizabeth Bennet being discussed by that lady herself, he decides to remedy his bad manners immediately: even if that means inviting the lady in question to dance.
Almost a Collision – Pride and Prejudice – Elizabeth loves to walk, even when the weather is a little inclement. She is less prepared for a London carriage hurtling down the pathway, narrowly avoiding crushing her but sacrificing its wheel in the process. Unfortunately, its owner, Mr Darcy, is more concerned with his carriage and the disruption to his journey than the mud-covered young woman who is responsible for the accident.
Henry Crawford’s Redemption – Mansfield Park – Henry Crawford gave up his plans to become a better young man when Fanny Price spurned his hopes of marriage. Will a chance encounter with another young lady encourage him to persevere in his reform?
The Rumour of an Engagement – Persuasion – Captain Frederick Wentworth is enjoying a meal with his sister and friends, when he overhears words that ruin his appetite. “Miss Elliot is engaged to be married.”


Recognizing Love – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Accepting Mr. Darcy’s proposal and allowing him to assume a love she does not yet feel pains Miss Elizabeth Bennet but she is certain she can love him…in time. After all of the miseries he endured to salvage her youngest sister’s reputation, how could she not come to love such a man?

Unfortunately, Lady Catherine arrives, bringing even thornier complications. With the many objections Darcy’s family will have regarding his marriage to the daughter of an unremarkable country squire, what more trouble can Lady Catherine stir up should she learn Elizabeth’s secret?

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, what will Mr. Darcy do when he learns his beloved has accepted him although her heart is not engaged?


A Lesson Hard Learned – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Shortly after Elizabeth Bennet refuses Fitzwilliam Darcy’s offer of marriage, he becomes convinced her reproofs were correct and determines to become worthy of her love. His attempt to arrange a “chance” meeting is successful and they cross paths in London.
Soon afterwards, Darcy sails for Virginia to retrieve his newly widowed cousin, who has found herself stranded in a country on the verge of war with her native land. Once there, he suspects her sights are set on him as her next mate. Even worse, his journal—which details his feelings about Elizabeth—is accidentally posted to Elizabeth. Can he return to England, convince her he has taken her opinions to heart, and win her love before she receives it?
The impulsive Elizabeth Bennet is injured while touring a Derbyshire estate with her aunt and uncle, and circumstances find her at the home of Georgiana Darcy while she recuperates. While there, Elizabeth realizes she is in love with Darcy, but will he arrive home and assume the worst about her after finding her living at his estate?


Dreams & Expectations – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

While staying true to the characters of Jane Austen’s much loved tale, this novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than Austen did in Pride and Prejudice.Although family and society expect Fitzwilliam Darcy to ignore his heart and “marry well,” soon after entering Meryton, he falls in love with the woman of his dreams. The problem is, while she is perfect for him in disposition, the lady is far below him in everything that matters to his peers and relations: wealth and connexions.
Past experiences have convinced Miss Elizabeth Bennet that marriage with a gentlemen of high social standing would be out of the question. However, against her better judgement, she cannot turn away from the man she loves, and enters into a friendship with him.
Fate, mystery, and intrigue bring them together again and again in Hertfordshire, Rosings Park, coastal Broadstairs, and London.
Will Elizabeth and Darcy listen to their consciences and continue on simply as friends? Or can they overcome the confines of duty, the malicious designs of others, and their own scruples, and allow the yearnings of their souls to guide them, instead?
A sweet Regency romance blended with mystery and adventure. No graphic love scenes.


Falling for Elizabeth Bennet – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet is a singular young woman. Daughter of an overbearing mother, and sister to a handful of independent women each seeking their own fortunes through marriage, she is determined to only settle for a partner who can not only ensure the prosperity of her family, but who will also cherish and respect her for who she is. However, Elizabeth has a secret which has the potential to cause untold difficulties in her search. Will the mysterious Mr. Darcy, a wealthy young man with no shortage of responsibilities and expectations, be able to overlook what she perceives as her failings and accept her wholeheartedly as his own?
Follow Elizabeth and her sisters, as well as Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham, the Bingleys and almost all the other characters from Pride and Prejudice as they attempt to unravel the labyrinth of the human heart.
Set against the backdrops we all know and love from dozens of adaptations, reimaginings, and the source text itself, Kummoung’s vision of this historical romance taps into the hidden lives of the Bennet family like never before. For fans of Pride and Prejudice, this romantic and perceptive novel offers new insights into the much-loved characters, and shows sides of them they had perhaps never before imagined. It’s a tour de force of imaginative and interpretive fiction, and one which is sure to be taken to the hearts of old fans and newcomers alike.


The Mystic Blessing – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

While taking a solitary ramble on her father’s estate, Elizabeth Bennet finds an injured woman, cares for her, and helps her return to her camp. For her exceptional kindness, Elizabeth is awarded a mystic blessing, bestowed through magic.
Forgetting the incident, Elizabeth thinks it merely odd when she begins to receive drawings in the mail with no return address—until she recognizes these same scenes as they become true events in her life. Through the blessing, circumstances bring Elizabeth and Jane Bennet to Ramsgate, where they meet Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy, along with a charming young man named George Wickham.
Will Elizabeth’s efforts to reshape future events alter her destiny?


 All Hallow’s Eve – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Since ancient times, every Halloween, the ritual of Sanun is performed, freeing the dead to interact with the living for one night. One Evil Soul discovers a way to hide from the Return, remaining on Earth to meddle with the fates of the living. As the centuries pass, It begins to search for the High Priestess, intending to force her to do its bidding, no matter the cost.
Appearances can be deceiving, even in Regency England. To most, Elizabeth Bennet is simply the second daughter of an insignificant country squire, but in truth, she is High Priestess and leader of an ancient cult secretly co-existing alongside British society. Confusion reigns when she learns that the man she despises, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is her Soul Mate, assigned to protect her from Evil. Can they work together to preserve the future?


Promises – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Adapting characters from Jane Austen’s much loved tale, this novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than Austen did in Pride and Prejudice.
Through their fathers’ friendship, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet as children. Over the years, their feelings for each other grow and they promise themselves to each other, but unfortunate circumstances and interfering family members seek to keep them apart.
Will misunderstandings and mistaken impressions divide Elizabeth and William forever?


Longbourn’s Songbird – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

South Carolina, 1948 – Elizabeth Bennet is looking forward to a life of few surprises on her family’s farm. Longbourn is a place of comfort and quiet security, a haven from the heartache of her past, where she can sing to heart’s content, comfortable in the cage she’s built for herself.

When Charles Bingley buys the property neighboring Longbourn Farms, his best friend Will Darcy sees an opportunity he can’t miss. The postwar economy is booming, and the young, ambitious tycoon is determined to reap the benefits…until a chance encounter in the Netherfield woods changes everything, making him question the man he is, and the man he wants to be.

If Will can look beyond his own rigid expectations, can Elizabeth learn to forgive and live fully, free from her cage? Longbourn’s Songbird is a vivid reimagining of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, shining a spotlight on the opportunities and injustices of postwar America, a spellbinding tale of loss, of love, and of letting go.


The Colonel – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

This isn’t a love story, but the end of one. The story of two ships forever passing in the night. This is the story of my father and the woman he spent most of his adult life loving, a woman who was never really his.”

1950: After letting his chance at love with Elizabeth Bennet slip through his fingers a second time, Richard Fitzwilliam loses himself in women, whiskey, and war as he tries to forget what he left behind. Putting oceans, continents, and decades between himself and his heartbreak, Richard seeks his future, only to be pulled back to the past again and again.

2002: Shaken by recent events, Ben Fitzwilliam has left everything familiar behind, walking away from his relationship, his Manhattan apartment, his career as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to return to his family home in Annapolis, Maryland. Struggling to navigate a world that makes less and less sense, Ben finds purpose where he least expected it: in his father’s private letters. With the help of Annapolis PD Officer Keisha Barnes, Ben attempts to uncover his father’s secrets, heal the rifts those secrets caused, and find the answers he seeks on far shores.

Spanning decades, continents, wars abroad and wars at home, The Colonel is the anticipated companion to Longbourn’s Songbird.

Content Warning: This book contains themes that may not be suitable for some readers such as PTSD, Addiction, Suicidal Ideation and Violence.


Modern Love – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

“Love at first sight wasn’t meant for millennials,” thinks Alice Aberdeen: art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast. Alice is among the recently dumped and only wants to keep her nose to the grindstone until she finishes her degree. Her sister has other ideas and sets her up with new-in-town Will Murphy–tall, dark, and aloof. To say it wasn’t an instant attraction is an understatement: He finds her abrasive, with her sharp tongue and don’t-screw-with-me attitude. She thinks he’s excessively reserved, too damn serious. But the more time Alice spends with Will, the more their slow burn begins to thaw her heart. A man of two worlds, half-Irish, half-Indian, Will feels at home with Alice. He soon realizes her tough shell is hiding extensive scar tissue–from her addiction and recovery to her spectacularly bad ex-girlfriend to the loss of her mother. Modern Love isn’t a story about love at first sight but learning to love yourself before being able to see the one you love.


Holiday Mix Tape – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Anne Elliot prefers to stay out of the spotlight, content to be the academic middle daughter of a scandalous politician. When a new family and an old love move to the neighborhood, Anne finds herself reluctantly pulled out of her shell and confronting her past.

When ex-Marine Eric Wentworth receives an unexpected invitation, his curiosity gets the better of his pride. It’s been nearly a decade since he walked away from his old love Anne Elliot, and he’s certain the spark is all but fizzled out. Time has changed them both, but Eric is beginning to realize that some change is good, and some sparks never completely die.

Anne and Eric have to get through the holidays before they can reach an understanding, but with tabloid reporters and tricky family dynamics in the mix, their Happily-Ever-After might just be Happily-Never-After.



The Forgotten Sister – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

The third Bennet sister, Mary, steps into the spotlight in this graceful retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

As a middle child flanked by two pairs of closely bonded sisters, marginalized by her mother, and ridiculed by her father, Mary Bennet feels isolated within her own family. She retreats to her room to read and play the pianoforte and, when obliged to mix in society, finds it safer to quote platitudes from books rather than express her real opinions. She also finds it safer to befriend those who are socially “beneath” her. When wealthy Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley glide into her sisters’ lives, Mary becomes infatuated with an impoverished young musician, the son of her old wet-nurse, who plays the fiddle at the Meryton assemblies.

It is only after her sisters tease her about her “beau with the bow” that Mary is forced to examine her real feelings and confront her own brand of pride and prejudice.

An elegant accompaniment to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, The Forgotten Sister plucks the neglected Mary from obscurity and beautifully reveals her hopes and dreams.


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 1,99$


Mr. Darcy – A Man of Honour – 1,99$

Book Blurb:  

This story asks several questions. What if Mr. Darcy came into Meryton with the idea of seeking a wife and was first attracted to Jane Bennet? What if Jane Bennet was not a sweet, kind young woman everyone thought she was? How would things play out for Darcy and Elizabeth when he found out his error after he was engaged to Jane?


Mr. Darcy’s Dilemma and Delight – 1,99$

Book Blurb: 

This story is inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The course of the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy takes a sharp turn when Elizabeth is viciously attacked. Mr. Darcy comes to her rescue even though she is devastated and does not wish to be helped by anyone. This non-graphic tale follows the pair through the pain, anguish, and fear follows the beloved characters for Austen’s novel as Elizabeth heals and Mr. Darcy tries to come to grips with the consequences of the assault on Elizabeth. Some of the characters show themselves in a different light and help in the journey while others remain the same or worse to try to cause more trouble along the way.
This non-graphic tale follows the pair through the pain, anguish, and fear that follows the beloved characters of Austen’s novel as Elizabeth heals and Mr. Darcy tries to come to grips with the consequences of the assault on Elizabeth.
Some of the characters show themselves in a different light and help in the journey while others remain the same or worse to try to cause more trouble along the way.


Quite the Opposite – 1,99$

Book Blurb:

An unexpected encounter between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is the beginning of a deeper relationship between the two. It also causes Mr. Darcy to re-examine many of his lifelong beliefs about friend and foe alike. With Elizabeth’s encouragement, Mr. Darcy discovers that much of what he thought was true in the past was a web of deceit. How will he react to this knowledge as it is unveiled? Will he be able to right the wrongs he caused in believing the lies? Will what he uncovers damage the blossoming romance between him and Miss Elizabeth?
This story contains a non graphic scene of attempted sexual violence.


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 2,99$


The Darcy Monologues – 2,99$

Book Blurb:

“You must allow me to tell you…”
For over two hundred years, Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy has captivated readers’ imaginations as the ultimate catch. Rich. Powerful. Noble. Handsome. And yet, as Miss Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is established through Elizabeth Bennet’s fine eyes, how are we to know his mind? How does Darcy progress from “She is tolerable: but not handsome enough to tempt me” to “I thought only of you”?
In this romance anthology, fifteen Austenesque authors assemble to sketch Darcy’s character through a series of re-imaginings, set in the Regency through contemporary times—from faithful narratives to the fanciful. Herein “The Darcy Monologues”, the man himself reveals his intimate thoughts, his passionate dreams, and his journey to love—all told with a previously concealed wit and enduring charm.
Stories by: Susan Adriani * Sara Angelini * J. Marie Croft * Karen M Cox * Jan Hahn * Jenetta James * Lory Lilian * KaraLynne Mackrory * Beau North * Ruth Phillips Oakland * Natalie Richards * Sophia Rose * Joana Starnes * Melanie Stanford * Caitlin Williams


Dangerous to Know – 2,99$

Book Blurb: 

Jane Austen’s masterpieces are littered with unsuitable gentlemen—Willoughby, Wickham, Churchill, Crawford, Tilney, Elliot, et al.—adding color and depth to her plots but often barely sketched. Have you never wondered about the pasts of her rakes, rattles, and gentlemen rogues? Surely, there’s more than one side to their stories.
In this romance anthology, eleven Austenesque authors expose the histories of Austen’s anti-heroes. “Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues” is a titillating collection of Georgian era short stories—a backstory or parallel tale off-stage of canon—whilst remaining steadfast to the characters we recognize in Austen’s great works.
What say you? Everyone may be attracted to a bad boy…even temporarily…but heaven help us if we marry one.
Stories by: Karen M Cox * J. Marie Croft * Amy D’Orazio * Jenetta James * Lona Manning * Christina Morland * Beau North * Katie Oliver * Sophia Rose * Joana Starnes * Brooke West
Foreword by: Claudine di Muzio Pepe


Rational Creatures – 2,99$

Book Blurb:

Jane Austen: True romantic or rational creature? Her novels transport us back to the Regency, a time when well-mannered gentlemen and finely-bred ladies fell in love as they danced at balls and rode in carriages. Yet her heroines, such as Elizabeth Bennet, Anne Elliot, and Elinor Dashwood, were no swooning, fainthearted damsels in distress. Austen’s novels have become timeless classics because of their biting wit, honest social commentary, and because she wrote of strong women who were ahead of their day. True to their principles and beliefs, they fought through hypocrisy and broke social boundaries to find their happily-ever-after.
In the third romance anthology of The Quill Collective series, sixteen celebrated Austenesque authors write the untold histories of Austen’s brave adventuresses, her shy maidens, her talkative spinsters, and her naughty matrons. Peek around the curtain and discover what made Lady Susan so wicked, Mary Crawford so capricious, and Hettie Bates so in need of Emma Woodhouse’s pity.
RATIONAL CREATURES is a collection of humorous, poignant, and engaging love stories set in Georgian England that complement and pay homage to Austen’s great works and great ladies who were, perhaps, the first feminists in an era that was not quite ready for feminism. “Make women rational creatures, and free citizens, and they will become good wives; —that is, if men do not neglect the duties of husbands and fathers.” —Mary Wollstonecraft
Stories by: Elizabeth Adams * Nicole Clarkston * Karen M Cox * J. Marie Croft * Amy D’Orazio * Jenetta James * Jessie Lewis * KaraLynne Mackrory * Lona Manning * Christina Morland * Beau North * Sophia Rose * Anngela Schroeder * Joana Starnes * Caitlin Williams * Edited by Christina Boyd * Foreword by Devoney Looser


Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 3,99$


A Baby for Mr. Darcy – 3,99$

Book Blurb:

When those you love the most become your worst enemy
Fitzwilliam Darcy is on the run…with a baby!
When an emergency summons Mr. Darcy back to London during the Netherfield ball, he discovers a newborn in his study along with a note. Now, he must guard a secret that could shatter his family and put the child in danger. But that isn’t his biggest challenge. He must find a wife—a woman he can trust with his charge and with his heart.
Elizabeth Bennet’s prospects for a marriage based on love are taken away from her when her father makes a deal with Mr. Darcy, a man she despises. When she learns the identity of the baby and the true identity of the man she married, will their marriage of convenience develop into a love for the ages?
Together they face slander, intrigue, family pressure, and prison. Will their marriage survive? Will the baby thrive? Or, will forces much larger than themselves destroy everything Darcy and Elizabeth hope for?


Love Letters From Mr. Darcy – 3,99$ 

Book Blurb:

How much power is in the written word? Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined to find out.
Crushed beyond measure at the rejection of his proposal, Darcy struggles to explain both the facts and his feelings by letter to the only woman he will ever love. Can such a reticent man find the words to enable Elizabeth Bennet to know the man behind the mask? Will she read his carefully crafted epistle once he delivers it into her hand? Will he catch even a small glimmer of hope?
Affection and respect. Two magical words Miss Elizabeth never expected to hear from the last man in the world she would ever marry, yet they undeniably appear before her eyes in black and white. Devotion and adoration. Humph!
Follow literature’s most beloved couple during the weeks following the disastrous proposal as a series of heartfelt missives has created such havoc in Elizabeth’s heart that she is finally moved to write him back. Will hers be a letter of love as well?
In this sweet 268-page variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we will see love bloom and grow. This is a Regency historical romance from bestselling author, J Dawn King.


Compromised – 3,99$

Book Blurb: 

In marriage-minded Regency England, one simple word can ruin your life. Compromise! can bring down a virtuous maiden, like Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and her entire family along with her.
When Elizabeth finds Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy outside Netherfield, alone and at his most vulnerable, she must make a quick decision to bend the rules of propriety to help him or turn her back on someone in need. Her tender heart reaches out to him and his wounded one grabs hold of her well-intentioned support. Discovery changes the course of their lives as Elizabeth is forced to accept a reluctant proposal of marriage from this man whom she has just barely begun to respect. Can Jane Austen’s most beloved couple reach a compromise that might turn a tenuous friendship into a loving marriage? Will it survive as desperate, unscrupulous, and foolish people alike set compromising machinations into motion for their own greedy ends?
Follow Elizabeth and Darcy in this novel-length Regency romance as J. Dawn King takes them through a sweet variation of Pride and Prejudice where compromises abound and outcomes will surprise you.


The Abominable Mr. Darcy – 3,99$

Book Blurb: 

Mr. Darcy was an enigma… until he spoke. Then, he was the enemy.
Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s eyes are instantly drawn towards a handsome, mysterious guest who arrives at the Meryton Assembly with the Bingley party. The gentleman destroys her illusions by delivering an insult that turns him from Mr. Divinely Attractive to the Abominable Mr. Darcy.
While Elizabeth sets in motion her strategy for retaliation, Darcy plans to win the campaign being waged in the genteel drawing rooms of Hertfordshire. As more players from Jane Austen’s beloved cast of characters enter the fray, complications arise–some with irreversible consequences. Can a truce be called before their hearts become casualties as well? How many times can two people go from enemies to friends and back again before it’s too late?


Friends and Enemies – 3,99$

Book Blurb:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu, 5th Century BCE
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the hero of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has his world turned upside down when his character, of which he is particularly proud, is called into question by those whom he trusts.
Will he learn from his mistakes or remain his own worst enemy?
When he discovers a secret which could destroy not only the reputation of his beloved sister but threatens her very life, he can no longer hide behind his mask of social indifference. Dismaying circumstances will test the strength of his personal beliefs and convictions as well as his devotion to family and friends as a rival from his past determines to ruin him and take everything Darcy holds dear. Out of the flames of adversity, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, once scorned, becomes a beacon of hope.
Can love grow from adversity? Is happiness possible?
In this full-length novel set in Regency, England, true friendships are made, enemies are revealed, and happily-ever-after is on the horizon. Or is it…


Yes, Mr. Darcy – 3,99$

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet’s girlish dreams of love and romance are shattered. Her father has decided she will be the one to secure her family’s future through a marriage of convenience to his heir. Disappointment and sadness weigh her soul when she travels with her aunt and uncle—a consolation before she submits to duty. When she sees the reflection of her heartbreak in the face of an unknown young lady, Elizabeth reaches out to the girl, extending a hopeful outlook she herself has been denied.
Mr. Darcy regrets missing the opportunity to know the pretty stranger who helped his grieving, younger sister rise above her sadness. Hope keeps him seeking her face in every crowd. As time passes it seems the woman he admires might be an ephemeral dream born of his heart’s desire. Darcy finally finds her when he is forced to visit his friend, Mr. Bingley, but is she already taken? Can he restore hope to this woman he barely knows? Will she let him?
Based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this novella, Yes, Mr. Darcy, is a sweet historical romance from bestselling author, J. Dawn King.


The Letter of the Law – 3,99$

Book Blurb: 

One month to find a wife he can live with forever.
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate. If he doesn’t marry within 33 days, he loses guardianship of his sister to his cantankerous aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh. His diligent search within the ton was in vain, so he heads to the country with his mind filled with determination and his heart hoping for love.
Miss Elizabeth Bennet is desperate. Her father’s disinterest in their estate has resulted in concern for the future of her family. When circumstances become precarious, Elizabeth accepts an offer from the last man on earth she suspected would be interested in marriage to her.
Will the hero and heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice find their happily-ever-after when the odds and the wickedest of enemies are against them?
Follow Elizabeth and Darcy in this novel-length Regency romance as J. Dawn King takes them through a sweet adventure where their happiness comes only if they obey The Letter of the Law.


Mr. Darcy’s Mail-Order Bride – 3,99$

Book Blurb: 

Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice meets the Wild, Wild West.
In 1869, females are in short supply in the west while a single man in want of a wife is rare in the east. When lonely Charles Bingley convinces his good friend, Will Darcy, to write a letter offering marriage to Miss Jane Bennet, she likewise convinces her sister, Elizabeth, to pen the reply. Elizabeth is struck by the beauty of the letter and responds by opening her heart to the Oregon wordsmith, who she believes to be Mr. Bingley. It’s love at first letter—for both the couples. Misunderstandings and bad impressions abound as the true identities of the authors are discovered.
In the days following the double wedding, Will and Elizabeth Darcy face challenge after challenge while Mr. and Mrs. Bingley appear to live in wedded bliss. Will Mr. and Mrs. Darcy find their own true love? In this sweet variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we will see open disdain shift to a wary friendship and the wary friendship grow to the tenderest of emotions—or will we?


A Father’s Sins – 3,99$

Book Blurb:

How do Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet overcome the consequences of poor decisions made by their fathers when Darcy and Elizabeth were young?
In A Father’s Sins, Mr. George Darcy, father of an illegitimate child raised by his steward, Mr. Wickham, agreed with his wife, Anne, that the firstborn son of their marriage would be heir to Pemberley. However, Mr. Darcy loved his eldest son, George Wickham, and indulged him by bringing him to Pemberley to live after the death of his wife. His heir, Fitzwilliam Darcy, paid a heavy price for this decision.
Mr. Thomas Bennet, an educated gentleman and father of five daughters, favored his second born, Elizabeth. Unexpectedly, his wife gave birth to a son and heir. Mr. Bennet, at the persistent urging of his wife, chose not to have his youngest children vaccinated for smallpox. When the plague hit Longbourn it devastated their family. Elizabeth paid the heaviest price for this decision of her father.
What happens when Darcy and Elizabeth meet? Will they be able to overcome the consequences of the choices their fathers made? When George Wickham, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. William Collins, and the Fitzwilliam family arrive in Meryton, how will that impact their growing attraction? How does the same decision by Mr. Bennet influence the relationship between Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley? Will love have a chance?


One Love – Two Hearts – Three Stories – 3,99$

Book Blurb: 

“One Love”, legendary in proportions, unites the “Two Hearts” of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Delight in the sweet romance of “Three Stories” from J. Dawn King’s what-if variations inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
The Library becomes the set of a comedy of errors which just might open up the path to endearing confessions between these two hearts as Mr. Darcy takes a golden opportunity to command Elizabeth’s attention while at Netherfield Park. (Novella)
Married! Elizabeth Bennet is thrown into a misadventure when she successfully assists a fellow maiden in distress only to find her own reputation jeopardized. When the only solution is to marry a man she just met, can she find happiness with the kind-hearted, but imperfect stranger? Is love a faraway dream in her new life as Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy? (Novel)
When Darcy receives not one letter, but two from Ramsgate, he immediately drops everything to rush to his sister’s rescue. What will he find at the end of the road? While expecting the worst, this might possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him. (Novella)


I’m certain there might be more sales out there that I’ve missed, but please do share them in the comments so that other readers may know about them.

I hope this has been helpfull everyone!

Happy Reading!


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8 responses to “Freebies & Books on sale – Updated List II

  1. Thank you Rita, for this updated list. I was able to pick up a handful of books I didn’t already have. I hope everyone who doesn’t already own these gets a chance to hear about them, and become familiar with some great authors (in case they don’t know them already, 😀 ) Myself, some of the ones I purchased are me taking a chance on unknowns. That always provides a bunch of possibilities for the future. Right?
    Stay safe, Rita. May you find time to do a little more reading for your own pleasure in these crazy times. Thank you for the work you put into your blog, bringing us the reviews and news of our love affair with JAFF.


  2. J. W. Garrett

    Wow! Thanks, Rita. You’re the best. I think my TBR pile just started to lean a bit. TIM-BER!!!


  3. Sophia Rose

    Love that you’re sending along this list to readers, Rita. Wishing you well!


    • I have some free time nowadays Sophia, and this is something I really like doing, so I’m actually having fun composing these lists 🙂 And I do think it’s easier for everyone to have all the info combined in one single place. Something tells me I’ll keep doing it, because the number of authors who are putting their books on sale keeps growing 🙂


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  5. Audrey

    Thank you for compiling this list! The links make it very easy to buy 😉


  6. Debbie Fortin

    Thank you. There were a few I did not have.


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