Darcy’s Redemption by M. A. Sandiford

Darcy’s Redemption is certainly a controversial book that some may find very interesting while others may refuse to read altogether. I found it interesting and stimulating but I admit it is an acquired taste. Readers must accept how different this book is from the majority of the Jane Austen Fan Fiction there is out there, and enjoy it for its own qualities.

In this book the characters are much older, which is a detail I’ve come to appreciate as I grow older myself. Twenty five years have passed since Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth last saw each other at Hunsford, and because they never met at Pemberley, Mr. Darcy didn’t save Lydia. Because of this, the lives of these characters were much altered and they only reunite in 1838 when society is somehow different, and other concerns are brought into the front page.

Darcy’s Redemption focuses mainly on women’s rights, or their lack of, in the 19th century, and it was really interesting to read a book that has more to it than romance. In fact, I would say that the romance is taken behind stage as the main player here is the social revolution.

I was perfectly happy with the direction the author took, but some readers may feel the romance, as well as Elizabeth and Darcy’s interactions, are lacking in this novel.

The characters will obviously have a love story and a happy ending, but their romance is not the main subject of the book. 

As I mentioned before, women’s rights and struggles are the main topic of Darcy’s Redemption and the author chose Elizabeth to convey her message. In this book Elizabeth takes lead on the story and her perseverance and strength of character will certainly conquer every women who reads it.

There are a few details that I believe made this book a great read, namely the evolution of Lydia’s character, her life story and her own redemption. Wickham also surprised me towards the end of the book and I was happy to realize the author was very consistent in the message she wanted to convey. 

What I enjoyed the most about Darcy’s Redemption was that it felt real because the story isn’t a fairy tale, it is based on real people with real lives and real struggles. Life isn’t always perfect and we should learn to take the most of what we get, that is what these characters did, and that is a valuable lesson that can be taken from these pages. They did not live a perfect life, and Darcy and Elizabeth didn’t build the idyllic family with an incredibly large offspring, but they did find their way to Happily Ever After, and for me that was enough.

Darcy’s Redemption is a book of second chances, that shows us that life is a journey with many crossroads and even if sometimes we take a wrong turn, there is always a chance to get back to the main road. I personally enjoyed this book and I recommend it to readers who are looking for something more than a romance novel to read.


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10 responses to “Darcy’s Redemption by M. A. Sandiford

  1. studer.doris@orange.fr

    Hi Rita

    I also liked this book very much!

    I also like your posts From Pemberley to Milton.

    Take care and stay healthy and cheery


    Von: From Pemberley to Milton Gesendet: Donnerstag, 26. März 2020 13:22 An: studer.doris@orange.fr Betreff: [New post] Darcy’s Redemption by M. A. Sandiford

    Rita Deodato posted: ” Darcy’s Redemption is certainly a controversial book that some may find very interesting while others may refuse to read altogether. I found it interesting and stimulating but I admit it is an acquired taste. Readers must accept how different this book “


  2. Sounds like an interesting story


  3. Glynis

    Oh Rita! You know me, I have to have my romance fix between Darcy and Elizabeth!
    I’m a little disappointed that they are so much older when they do finally get together.
    As you recommend it I will add it to my list.
    Stay safe Rita!


    • I did love the book Glynis, but I’m not sure if it is your cup of tea. They are much older when they get together, and they spent around 20 years apart. They do find their way into HEA, but the book is not exactly romantic and it may be a little too angsty for you. I’m not dissuading you not to read it, because I truly loved the book, but I know it is not the usual type of book you like to read 🙂 The first chapters give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll find, so if you find enjoyment in the beginning of the book, you’ll like it 🙂


  4. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    When I first started reading it I though the book was about gifting a
    second chance to Lizzy and Darcy. However when I realised the obstacles
    in their way,it soon became apparent that it wasn’t as straight forward
    as I’d initially thought.
    I assumed that we’d have a book based on their life together,now that they were together. However,the obstacles were serious and quite a lot of page time
    was devoted to overcoming them.
    So,while I like it,it wasn’t what I was expecting.
    However,it’s a worthwhile read,flagging the legal vacuum women were in many years ago.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  5. J. W. Garrett

    Not sure if this will be my cup of tea; however, you gave us options in this most excellent review. I’ve put it on my wish-list and will think about it. Thank you for a most decisive review. It really helps when someone I trust can pinpoint the parts we might like or not. You did that very well. Blessings, Rita. Stay safe and healthy.


  6. Sounds pretty interesting, Rita 🙂
    Thanks for the review


  7. sheilalmajczan

    I have read several other variations which touch on women’s rights. So glad we live in modern times. Don’t know that I will read this as it does not focus on romance but thanks for sharing.


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